Finally finished my entry for the Calender of Tales contest that Neil Gaiman is having. Got it in JUST in time, haha.

This is seriously a huge breakthrough for me. I was so scared of entering because Neil Gaiman is such a wonderful human being and an inspiration and ahfhdhg I just had so many feelings about it that I was originally not gonna enter. I just get so nervous around people I admire, so knowing he was probably gonna see art made me want to blush so hard my face would melt off.

BUT LOOK I DID IT AND ENTERED IT AND THIS IS ME SLOWLY GETTING OVER MY ANXIETY, so I’m proud. Even though I would have liked to spend longer on this, I’m glad I got it done in time. Regardless of whether or not I win, or if he even notices, I think I just grew a lot from the act of submitting it.



Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales: February Tale

Check out this short film I made for Neil’s Calendar of Tales:

This was films on the sands of Coney Island Beach. It was my first time bck since Sandy and was surprised to see all of the business usually open all year round, like Nathans closed and boarded up.

The Characters are paper dolls I made and filmed in a similar fashion to the last film I made for December Tale, which you can see here.


The music are original compositions by my good friend Sal Vezzuzo who I usually refer to as Sal 5000.

So I submitted an illustration for Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales, and now that some time has passed, and any insecurity or nervousness has left me, it’s not as bad as I thought. Wow working at Rappler sure levelled up my skills in working under pressure. In producing something good in as little time as possible.

This was for the February tale. I’ve been obsessing over ancient whales and other prehistoric creatures recently, so that was my main inspiration.