Super Smash Con Is Now Open For Registration

Super Smash Con Is Now Open For Registration

A new convention approaches: #SuperSmashCon registration is now open! http://t.co/mRy55qi2pN

— Super Smash Con (@SuperSmashCon) April 28, 2015

Super Smash Con is a huge all-ages convention held this year in Chantilly, Virginia to “celebrate the games we loved as kids– and still love as adults!” From August 6-9th, the event will feature a full Super Smash Bros. tournament and lots more…

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Cartoonist Notes: Provocation

So much has happened, in my mind and in the world. I want to write about everything, more than just a couple of sentences, but stuff comes up or it piles up and end up deciding to leave it for another time. Ni modo, time goes by and if I don’t do it now, I’ll end up not writing anything. Here I go…

In case you haven’t heard, on Sunday May 3rd, two men tried to attack an art gallery in Garland, Texas, for hosting an event that featured cartoons depicting Muhammad. The two men were killed, and afterwards ISIS claimed they had a part in it. Although none of the guests at the event were hurt, there is a similar feeling in the air to that of the attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in France, also for their depictions of Muhammad. These two incidents also brought more attention to cartoons, with more people realizing that they are not just funny images but could be seen as declarations of war.

This Monday I was interviewed by a news channel from San Diego, asking to share my opinion on the incident, since I too am a cartoonist. The reporter asked me a couple of questions, but they only aired a clip where I state that I would not draw a cartoon of Muhammad because I am aware of the taboo of depicting the prophet. Other cartoonists were interviewed, each giving their motives of why they would or would not depict Muhammad. Other people interviewed were a writer and an imam who expressed their disagreement with such cartoons.

One of the things that I said while I was interviewed was that although I won’t draw Muhammad, I wouldn’t  tell other cartoonists to do the same. I love and cherish the First Amendment, it’s why I can draw my opinion freely. Draw Muhammad if you want, but beware of the consequences. Personally, I feel that drawing Muhammad is a cheap shot: a cartoonist knows that depicting the prophet will draw a reaction, but even moderate Muslims disagree with such cartoons. An artist may justify themselves by claiming the cartoon was a jab at radical Islam, but even moderates will feel it. That’s why I am skeptical of all these so-called anti radical Islam people, they don’t seem to know the difference between radical and moderate Muslims, and will attack all of Islam in the process. A word of advice: if you want to make a critique of radical Islam and/or the groups affiliated with it, do your research and know who you want to criticize, don’t drop a general attack to make sure you hit your target, you will have several civilian casualties, so to speak. But, to reiterate what I said earlier, if you feel the need to draw Muhammad be my guest, just be aware of the consequences it could bring.

Featured Event: SK-II’s star-studded Christmas Party in Singapore

Tis’ the season to be jolly indeed! Pourhommeofficial+ was in Singapore last night to witness SK-II 1st ever Festive Christmas Light Up at the Pitera House in Tangs, Orchard. SK-II brand ambassador Godfrey Gao, alongside Singapore’s top local celebrities such as Sheila Sim, George Young, Eunice Olsen were also part of the star studded line up. We then took the party over to the glamourous W Hotel in Sentosa Cove and continued partying with Godfrey et al. So if you ask us, what is the one Christmas must buy present for yourself and your loved ones? It is certainly  the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence 215ml is available at $233 (RRP) and it comes together with a chic compact mirror. (by Nicolas Ken)


SO, UH, GUYS. THIS IS LIKE, AN AMAZING TOOL FOR ANIMATING WITH SAI. I really wish I hadn’t waited so long in downloading it. (I made up for it last night by not sleeping and animating this instead).

Just a short animation of Jack Noir morphing into Bec Noir. I intentionally did not add the sword, tentacles or clown hat because fuck it.

23 frames at 11 fps.

Featured Event: A briefing on the importance of political spending disclosure

Our Featured Event this week, for all you lovers of government transparency, is a public briefing on the importance of political spending disclosure, featuring Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Heidi Welsh of the Sustainable Investments Institute, Prof. Robert Jackson of Columbia Law School, and many others.

The SEC is proposing a rule that would require publicly-traded companies to disclose funds spent with the purpose of influencing elections. We believe that shareholders - and all citizens - have the right to know about this spending.

Add your name to this rulemaking petition to the SEC, and click here to learn more and register for this event on Wednesday, October 30, 2pm, at the Russell Senate Office Building - Room 485, Washington D.C.

See you there!

More on corporate political disclosure:

Read the proposed rule

Check out advocacy group Public Citizen’s work on this issue

CRP researcher Miriam Diemer explains why we need this rule

Dissenting position on the issue

LA Progressive has a new post on http://bit.ly/17gQy2V

Oxy ACLU Panel on Gentrification

Join the Occidental Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in collaboration with the ACLU Pasadena/Foothills chapter, Highland Park Neighborhood Council, La Raza Coalition, and the ASOC Renewable Energy and Sustainability Fund for our first forum of the semester on gentrification.


Space Invaders: Sci-Fi in the Arcade Age

ALIEN (1979) / ALIENS (1986)

Friday, April 24 - 7:30PM, Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Special presentation of rare behind-the-scenes material between films, and discussion with guests from the special effects department.


Kwiqet and the High Flyers

This weekend, the Kwiqet team will be hosting a fun, free event at Radio City Music Hall. Here is the invite we sent to our Alpha users and other fun folks in NYC. 

Join us for Cirque Du Soleil: Zarkana!

Get ready for a summer of FREE fun! In honor of Abextra’s progress over the last six months we’re offering fun, free events in New York City every two weeks.

Come on down and join the “Kwiqet” team for a FREE fun-filled Saturday of acrobatics, mystical quests and magic! Then, you should stay and enjoy the new Cirque du Soleil show, “Zarkana” with us!

That’s right, folks, it’s time for another fun Alpha event, and we want you to bring AT LEAST ONE friend with an iPhone to an absolutely extraordinary, mind-blowing and FREE (we ain’t kidding) experience at New York’s famous Radio City Music Hall, where Neil Patrick Harris was Tony-hosting just last week! (We’ve taken it upon ourselves to collect and bottle each drop of his sweat from the stage; it’s how we plan on being a “Google Killer”).

So next Saturday, June 25th, at 8:00pm we expect to see you all at “Zarkana”–the best Mormon-free show in town. RSVP for a free ticket to Zarkana with the Kwiqet team on June 25th at 8PM. Click here to RSVP.

And if you already are using our app, please share the event via Kwiqet! Did we mention it's FREE?


After admitting that she’s aborted more than once, Michelle Martins better know from the track “Taking It Back” featuring STL  went gospel but it seems everything is not going on well on that side.


So What Happened?

From eyewitness account, Michelle drunk more than she could handle, and as the event was getting hotter, she was getting more wasted until it reached a point she couldn’t control herself anymore and started heading to the stage, forcing bouncers to come in to create way for Talib Kweli who was getting on stage at Ebony lounge.

Below are a series of photos to explain what really happened.

Former Gospel Female Artiste Gets Terribly Drunk at Talib Kwelis Show Yesterday (Photos) After admitting that she’s aborted more than once, Michelle Martins better know from the track “Taking It Back” featuring STL  went gospel but it seems everything is not going on well on that side.

LA Progressive has a new post on http://bit.ly/1HixL5W

For a Better Future for Our Patients: Rally, Tuesday, 14 April

Jen Suh: This historic election (the first in Huntington’s 123-year history) is the culmination of nearly a year of organizing, primarily to restore quality patient care at Huntington. Nurses have faced harassment, intimidation, threats and surveillance to get to this point, and we want to offer our thanks and encouragement to them as they head into the election.

Seen at the Philadelphia Art Book Fair / Saturday, April 25, 2015 / The Philadelphia Art Book Fair is a two-day event that features a range of exhibitors from photography and art book publishers, small and large, to individual artists and institutions, as well as lectures from key artists and bookmakers. Presented by Philadelphia Photo Arts Center & The Print Center #artbook #bookfair #graphicdesign #typography #fresh #$

(at Century 21 Department Store)