Hi guys, I’ve been following this facebook page for quite a while! It’s about the life of Mumble the chicken. She hatched 4 may ‘15 with no eyes. Though her owner/caretaker was told to cull her because they said her Mumble would never make it, she didn’t. And she’s proving them wrong everyday!

So here are some photo’s of Mumble and her sister Cleo, a photo of when she was a chick and a lovely shot of her feathers!

You go girl!


Energized by Caleb4ever
Via Flickr:
I was just wrapping up for the day when i saw the golden light bath the wings of this beautiful swan and i got the cap back off the lens as quickly as possible before he changed angle and got this.. :-}}} Please view full screen on black. Just press L on your keyboard.. Thanks for looking… :-}}} I will catch up on comments tomorrow.. Sorry I’ve been missing. Ive had computer issues… :-}}}


“For he shall bring a shadow to the sky with his curse, to feed on the people’s darkest and most animal emotions in the name of his creed. Lonesome is his journey as he reduces the wicked to ash and melts into the shadows in the face of those untroubled by such a fiendish image as what lies beneath his mask”

The curse of the Vindicator

This is just a rough sketch, but I do plan on having a full body picture done eventually.

For the record, they’re the same guy.