Here it is: The fruits of my labors.

I put together a curated book experience for @skelebirddraws since The Raven Cycle is one of my favorite series and I was dying for her to read it and also she said “No, seriously, do that” when I threatened to make her a book box for her birthday, and this is what happens when you challenge me.

The way it works is I devised a plan to have a reading adventure-style guide included in the gift that would explain when to use each item and the chapter it related to! But because I’m a graphic/product designer for my day job, I realized I could make the adventure insert look like one of Gansey’s journal pages, with all the collage and interesting bits about Welsh Kings thrown in. (For funsies scan the page and find all the references! In some places I used quotes and in others I got more tangential) You can see the print in the box in the photos above.

Included in THE EPIC BOX:

-The 4 TRC candles from Novelly Yours (Cabeswater, Manibus, Henrietta, and Gansey)

-300 Fox Way and Excelsior stickers

-Bumble Bee Enamel Pin

-The Raven Boys Book

-How much do you know about Welsh Kings Bookmark

-Earl Grey Tea

-A Fleur De Lis bracelet

-A Perfume sampler that includes scents that I thought matched the vibe of the Book (Raven Spells, Feather Heart, The Reading of Leaves, and Magic and Moonlight)

The idea is as she reads the journal page will make more and more sense to her and also who doesn’t love being told what to do and when right????

Also: @maggie-stiefvater because imma die if she sees this!

“What I wouldn’t give to really turn back time… To spend one more night beneath the stars with my best friends.”
-Aqua (Kingdom Hearts 0.2)

[One of my favourite scenes from the game~ I know it’s a simple scene but it just touched me q w q This is a scanned version btw~]

Ig: @friendly_skeleton

The scale can also represent the balance of heart and mind; when you look at Anubis in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, on the scale he balances a feather and a jar.  The jar holds the heart.  The feather is the mind.  These two have to be in perfect balance in us.


Gnostic Teachings

Top 20 All Time Favourite Fics

Contains muliple ships and fandoms. 
Sterek, Destiel, FiKi, Bellarke, Olicity, McShep, Malec, Hictooth, Bagginshield. 
I should just mention I’ve read all these fic’s MULTIPLE times, like stupid amount multiple. 

1. The Best Years of Our Live, My Ass - ireallyhatecornnuts
Destiel. I read this fic all the time, it’s fanstastic. Love all the family elements, the plot is great, the relationship is cute and totally them. It’s just a perfect fic. 

2. Divided We Stand - KouriArashi
. Also another I’ve read mulitple times, it’s just so good. I could read this a thousand times and never get bored. This is one of the greatest fics (and series) I’ve ever read. 

3. Cornerstone - Vendelin
. Read mulitple times, always amazing, always makes me smile and cry and gives me all the feels. It’s sweet, accurately describes mental illness, it’s got steamy sex scenes and is a little heartbreaking. All you need in a fic. 

4. Angels Among Us - Vaerin
This is always such fun to read. I love all the Asgard chapters, love the chimera, all the squabbling between Angel parents. All The Wing Love! It’s full of fluff and a bit of heartbreak, but it’s amazing! 

5. Our Lives Are Changing Lanes - grimm
I adore this fic, it’s so sweet and I love me some Single Parent Derek Hale. His daughter is a mini version of him and I love Stiles trying to win her over. Also the dates are adorable, and Cop Stiles is amazing! 

6. Hitchups - AvannaK
. One of the best thing’s I have ever read! It starts in the middle of the HTTYD movie, from there it just takes off! Hiccup and Toothless travelling around, growing up, learning to fight and all the mystical creatures! This is just as good as the movies! 

7. Cas, You Had A Baby? - allthebeautifulthings9828
Cas stealing a fledgling and raising it with Dean is perfection. Then they make this little community of baby angels and get the safe, happy life they always deserved. It’s beautiful. 

8. As Luck Would Have It (I’m Already Smitten) - Whisper91
A Perfect Dom-Sub universe. It’s fluffy, perfect amounts of the BDSM universe, and some interesting plot. Love all the Hales and the pack feels. The Liam and Derek / Stiles scenes are too cute! Still a WIP but it’s amazing! 

9. How Dean and Cas Got Fake Married - allthebeautifulthings9828
Clearly this author know’s how to write amazing Destiel fics! While I do kinda wish there were some sexy times, the fic is still amazing without them. I love them living a normal-ish life while still kinda hunting. It’s just great, okay?

10. The Boy and The Beast - Dira Sudis
Derek stuck as a wolf is my favourite. The kind of season 1 retelling with Derek actually kind of earning Scott’s trust, and totally dating Stiles is amazing! 

11. Nightfall - Leletha
. Hiccup got taken as well as Valka. Feral Hiccup not knowing he’s human is amazing. All the dragon talk and how much Hiccup and Toothless adore each other is so cute. I just love this fic, okay? It’s amazing! 

12. Convenient Husbands - Annie D
I just love creature Cas. He’s so snarky and sassy and Dean is happy (which should be canon, he deserves some happy). I love how they interact with each other and the Roadhouse sounds awesome! 

13. Raven Feather, Lion Heart - KiliDurin
Feral Kili is amazing, Fili being all princely is great. The Durin family is awesome and I love all the dwarven culture. Also, friendly warg is everything! 

14. Max Two ‘Verse - heartsdesire456
omg, this series is so freaking cute. Alec adopting baby Max, then Magnus adopting Max and Alec. Max is adorable. I love seeing the Lightwood-Bane’s growing into their little family. It’s sweet and just everything good you could want! 

15. Opposites Attract - goldenlionprince, liddie
This is one of the sweetest fic’s I’ve ever read (and re-read). It’s so fluffy and so unbelievably adorable. Plus, Punk-ish Fili is amazing! 

16. Raising Madison Series - MrsHamill
This series is so great. I love dad!Rodney, and Sheppard is such a good step-dad. The series is all family feels, and amazing Atlantis life. 

17. I’m Not Asking Much Of You - emmylou
This is my favourite Bellark fic. It’s so sweet, and I love the fake-relationship, it’s also kinda sexy at points. Hello, Bellamy giving Clarke a lap dance, then vise versa. Also love the Clarke Raven friendship. 

18. What Happens In Vegas… - redtoes
I’m not super into Arrow anymore, but this fic has always been amazing. It’s refreshing to see a fake-relationship that isn’t incredibly angsty. It’s sweet and has a good plot, all around great. 

19. Convincing A Hobbit - seekerluna
I don’t read much Bagginshield but this is so freaking amazing! I love courting fics, and the drawven and hobbit courting rituals are amazing. Also Fili and Kili being adorably childish. 

20. Settle Down - wearing_tearing, whatthehale
I love mpreg fics, and Daddy!Derek is so cute. Love their building relationship and merging of the packs. Everything is sweet and adorable. 

So there you have it. My All Time Favourite FanFictions! 


Our Quetzalcoatl pins came in and they’re awesome! We already sold out of the limited black and gold variant and the green and red ones are doing well. I couldn’t help but take a picture of him with the rest of the Aztec pantheon pins that we have. The last image is of all our pins and patches that weve made and are available on pur Etsy page.


Anonymous (Kaneki Ken x Reader)

Another one shot haha! Hope you like it…If you have any requests feel free to drop an ask! <3

Summary:  A couple of weeks after you started working at Anteiku you seemed to find little notes in your bag whenever you left work. Filled with curiosity you decide to investigate.(Pre-Aorigi)


‘You’re really beautiful.’

It had started just like that.

After more than three weeks of working at the Ghoul friendly coffee shop, you noticed little notes appearing inside your purse. At first you didn’t take it to mind, thinking that maybe someone is school had dropped it in, or one of your guy friends wanted to tease you.

Still, when you started at it for a little while longer, you noted that you couldn’t recognise the writing style, so it couldn’t have been one of your friends. At least, not someone you knew.

But you dismissed this and threw the note into the trash, forgetting about it all together.

‘I receive so much joy just being able to see a smile in your eyes.’

This note made you ponder a bit as you stared at it frowning. Today at school you kept your bag close, not letting anyone even near it, since you realized that your trash started to pile up from these little messages you received every day.

You re-read the words, feeling a tingle, light as a feather, tickle your heart and your lips unconsciously twitched up into a smile. Even if it was a bit odd, it was still pleasant to know someone thought about you so much.

From the handwriting you finally deducted it was a guy, and certainly none from school since you made sure to check each and every boys work in class today. None of them matched the anonymous fellow that had his eyes on you, and you even frowned when you looked at one of your friend’s classwork.

“Shinji-Kun, your kanji is really ugly” You remember commenting as you examined his paper. The said boy blushed, yelling at you to piss off which you, after a bit more teasing, did.
‘Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don’t know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don’t know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you.’

Sometimes these notes were longer than just a sentence, sometimes they were a page;

‘Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you’re on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when I awaken; I realize that you’ve been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there’s nothing I’d rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you…’

As strange as it would seem, you found a lone head of a daffodil[1] attached to the last note you received. This time you found it in your coats pocket when you left work, since you didn’t bring your bag to Anteiku anymore.

Not to say it wasn’t strange to receive such messages, especially since you didn’t know who this mystery person was. But, you were 100% sure it was someone from Anteiku.

“Hmm, let’s see…” You scratched your (color) head, closing your eyes in thought “Yoshimura?” You shivered at the though, sticking your tongue out in disgust “No, no” You shook your head, shoving the old man into the back of your brain “Uh…Nishiki?” You stared at the words scribbled neatly on the white paper “Nahh~” you shook your head again “No way is Nishiki that romantic.” You snickered, after a moment focusing again “Maybe Renji?” Again, you shook your head “Doesn’t even talk to me…But maybe…? Nah…”

You laid in your bed, the note with a colourful daffodil hovering above your head in your hands. You frowned.

“Enji?” You asked the paper, as if expecting it to reply. It of course didn’t “No no, he’s not that romantic either…Well, sweet romantic, anyway…”

As if something ticking in you, you halted up with a gasp, your heart beating erratic and butterflies exploding all over your chest. With a tint of pink on your cheeks, your hues softened when you gazed at the letters again.

“Kaneki…Ken…?” You asked quietly.

The next day as soon as you were out of school you rushed to Anteiku, leaving Touka behind as she ran after you, yelling “What’s the hurry for?!”

You barged into the coffee shop, the bell ringing loudly from your energetic entrance. Everyone stopped working to look at you, Nishiki commenting on how noisy you were, but you simply ignored him, brushing the raindrops away from your messy (color) hair.

Your eyes travelled around the room, and seeing Kaneki Ken standing in the corner made your heart skip a beat. You noted that he was looking at you, but once your gaze met he quickly looked away and went back to his work.

You herd Touka walk behind you, grumbling. You released your hold on the front door, it almost smacking her in the face as you made your way to your secret admirer.

“Uhm, Kaneki Ken?” You called him softly, standing just a few feet away from him.

He stiffened when you said his name, slowly and nervously turning to you.

“Yes, (Name)-Chan?” He asked with a timid smile.

“Well…” You murmured, feeling your energy go down the drain as your cheeks heated up. You quickly opened your school bag, searching in it for something, making his heart beat nervously as he thought you were about to give him one of the many notes he left for you.

To his horror, you did.

Extending your slender arm, you motioned for him to take the little pink paper you held in your hand. Uneasily, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around your palm, leaving it there for a second before he took the message out of your hand.

You blushed furiously, muttering something incomprehensible and almost fuming from the sparks his touch sent through your body.

Quickly scurrying away, you left him alone with the note.  

Satisfied with your reaction, Kaneki gulped as he looked at the little piece of paper before slowly opening it.

‘I think about you too.’

Was the only thing scribbled in your neat handwriting.

anonymous asked:

I hc that sidon, being the little sibling of mipha, met and was even babysat at times by the other champions. So could you give some thoughts or hc's on lil tiny sidon with the other champions?


- he was too young to really be left alone with a baby but he loves kids and he would entertain sidon when the adults needed him preoccupied

- sidon loved him so much he was always so upset whenever link had to leave

- they often pretended to be soldiers bc 1, link was destined to be one, and 2, he looked up to mipha who was already fairly skilled with the spear


- she adores babies. all babies. they’re the key to her heart

- lots of baby-talk which hindered his speech bc all the zora speak to their children like adults in order to achieve higher articulacy, especially of the royal family

- one time she snuck him out of the domain and she got away with it up to oren bridge before the zora noticed


- he often frightens kids :// but he still loves them very much

- sidon likes to sit on daruk’s back while he does pushups or hold on to his arms and be lifted in the air

- he’s also that historian grandpa that tells sidon stories of the past. sidon’s never uninterested. he loves learning just as much as zelda does!


- he’s not sure what to do with/around children so he’s really awkward and they usually don’t ask him to babysit, but if he’s the only one available in all of hyrule, he’s at least trustworthy

- despite not showing interest in baby sidon, sidon still really likes revali (its probably the soft feathers)

- his heart softens a little every moment he spends with sidon. he soon finds himself struggling to say bye to baby sidon when its time for him to leave

-mod makar

this is another apology. i’m sorry about your skin and all of the cuts, i wish that i could kiss them all away. i’m sorry about your voice and how they belong to someone else. i’m sorry about not listening, i’m sorry for always making you apologize for the stupidest things. i’m sorry about your hair and how you always fixed it up, but to me it was just another day. i should’ve told you that you were beautiful. i should’ve told you that you were my one and only. i’m sorry about your smile and how it’s a bit broken, you have all of your teeth, but not all of your happy, baby, please tell me that you’re no longer mad with me. i’m sorry about love and how badly it changed us, if i could go back, i would make every single mistake all over again. i deserve to be here, to learn. you deserve your current happiness. you’re wonderful. i’m sorry that i wasn’t able to make you laugh more often, i guess my broken home leaked into your tears, baby, do you have fears too? are you insecure too? kurt cobain once said that people aren’t true, i’m sorry that we both fucked each other over. some secrets best left to the worst parts of us, i’m sorry about all of the things i never got to tell you, i’m sorry for making you feel like i didn’t love you. i’m sorry about the way you wore that dress and all i wanted was for you to take it off. mama raised me right, but all I ever did was write my truths down wrong, i guess i’m just another sad song that doesn’t like people to sing along. papa wasn’t around is not an excuse, kind hearted feathers grow from my roots, i’m sorry that i was such an asshole to you. i’m sorry for fucking you instead of making love to you. i’m sorry about being high half of the time when i kissed you. i’m sorry about your story and how i was both an amazing part and a tragedy, do you believe in karma? in some ways, i am the skin around your heart. some days, i can’t get you out of my head. it’ll be a few years pretty soon, but i still have your phone number memorized. you may change up your personality and smile differently. work your dream job and have someone new, but when i run into you and we’re just strangers, i think i’ll always be a little sorry even if you forgive me. i’m sorry, i’m sorry– this is my letter of post skies trying to look pretty, this is my apology of a love that tried to feel gorgeous, this is my sincerity because if i forget to look both ways while i cross the street some day and a man is drunk and high while texting his baby mama and he forgot to get his brakes checked last week because he’s always procrastinating like how i was back in high school when all i wanted to do was write you love letters and he never quite got it figured out, so on his way home from work as he took two more tabs to numb the pain and he looks up and it’s just me, baby, it’s just me– maybe karma has a plan for me.

Death is a meal best served in heaven

She had tattooed painted hips
In her courage she searched for cracked pleasures
Death licked her lips and turned her to feather
She broke her heart just a little too much
It’s her fault her charm attracted the lucky bad type
She had limbs and fingers covered in murder and plastic
She was a nimbus in love with the passion of death
She was a gold flickering cherub and she got nothing
Nothing to lose

Death licked her lips and turned her to feather
Now I’m just counting the bullets until I’ve nothing
Nothing to lose

Fantastical News Everyone!

This just in, I’ve just received word that I’ve been accepted into Vancouver Film School’s Animation Concept Art and Design Program!!!

This is it! It has all come down to this! Years and years of doing what I love and it’s brought me to the next step towards my life goal. I’ve so freaking excited and happy!

There are a few select people I have to thank, for whom I would have not gotten to this point without.  
I’d like to give a special thanks to @slbtumblng@hernyart and @genevievetsai. They have inspired my art to this day and indirectly and directly helped me evolve my style. You guys are the best!

I’d also like to thank @lex-g, @ric-m, and @superion123 for being there for me at various stages of this journey. 

And lastly I’d like to thank all the people who constantly reblog my work! You all made this happen. You shared everything and gave me the go go juice to do more!

Thank you all from the bottom of me heart <3

anonymous asked:

hey Pauline, hope you're well :) do you have a favourite myth? if yes, why is it your favourite? x

I don’t have a favourite myth per se, but rather favourite thematics in mythology. I am particularly fond of all things afterlife-, underworld-, fate-related. It is very telling about the culture involved, very sacred, and always infused with chilling beauty.

- The myth of Osiris : Osiris, killed and cut into pieces by his rival brother Seth, was restored to life by his sister-wife Isis and her handmaidens. They travelled Egypt to find and piece back together Osiris’ body, with the help of other deities. Isis, in bird form, breathed life into Osiris’ body and copulated with him so that he would give her a son, Horus, avenger of his father’s murder and mighty god of kinship. Osiris went on to become the ruler of Duat, the realm of the souls, where he brings balance and justice to the dead.

- The Valkyries : Female riders of great strength and aristocratic descend, who choose those who will fall in battle and are honourable enough to follow them to Valhalla.

- The Rapt of Persephone :  Hades, lonely ruler of the Underworld, claimed the virgin daughter of Demeter as his and gave her his realm and throne as a wedding present. Persephone, descended to Hell perhaps unwillingly, found herself taken with the shadows, and a worthy consort. Her staying in the Underworld half of the year dictates the seasons on Earth.

- Yggdrasil and the Norns : Urðr (roughly representing the past or fate), Verðandi (roughly representing the present) and Skuld (representing the future) live near the roots of the world-tree and are tasked with its survival : they draw water from the well of life and pour it on Yggdrasil roots and branches so that the worlds (the branches) will not rot. 

- The Katabasis and the Nekya : a mortal hero journeys to the Underworld, overcoming terrible obstacles on the way, and returns alive. While visiting the realm of the shadows, the hero will sometimes undertake a Nekya (the practice of conversing with ghosts) in order to find an answer to questions he did not have time to ask before death took his friend away, or to discover what lies ahead for himself. (Orpheus, Odysseus, Herakles, Aeneas among others travel to the Underworld). 

-  The first man to die : Maui, first hero of Māori mythology (? I think), tried to trick Hine-nui-te-pō, goddess of the Underworld, into giving away immortality for mankind. He transformed into a worm and crawled into her vagina (reversing the cycle of birth), but Hine-nui-te-pō woke up and crushed him right then and there, making Maui the first man to die.

- Guardian of the Scales : Anubis, god of the afterlife, weighed the hearts of the newly dead to check if they were worthy of entering Duat. If the souls were heavier than the feather of Truth, their hearts would be devoured the soul-eater, crocodile-headed Ammit. If they were lighter, they could ascend to Duat.

- Ragnarök : Ragnarök is (roughly) a great battle of the gods where most main deities of North Mythology will lose their lives (Thor, Loki, Odin, Freyr), triggering natural disasters and chaos on the world. Ragnarok, however, allows for the birth of a new, purified, fertile world. 

- The Moirai (or Parcae) : the three guardians and rulers of the thread of life, they were even above the Olympian gods. They determine the course of life, destiny, glory, the time of death. They also command to the Erinyes. 


Liam's Tattoos (masterpost)

This is a masterpost of all Liam’s tattoos.  I’ll be updating it as needed!

OT5 Screws (12 October 2012)

Minus Niall who, I maintain, has a screw tattoo-ed on his heart if not on his skin

Everything I Wanted But Nothing I’ll Ever Need (20 October 2012)

“It’s basically that obviously we’ve got a lot of things from doing this and stuff, and there are things that I want, but all I ever need is my family and these four boys right here.”

only time will tell … (October 2012)

The Chevrons (7 November 2012)

“There’s no prizes for guessing what this means … that’s quite obvious.”

ugh, they make my heart hurt

Feather (April 2013)

“The feather was a thing, my mom when I was a kid, we would find feathers around the house and whenever she’d find them she’d say it was my nan that was leaving them there for us to find, which is quite sweet.”

Egyptian Hieroglyphs (August 2013)

Which spell out “Liam”

I Figured it Out … (August 2013)

“It’s not so much what it says, that’s actually some of the new words from one of our new songs that’s not out yet …  that’s actually one from the start of one of the songs, so that’ll come to play later on.”

At least You & I made it on the album … 

Somewhere is a Place that Nobody Knows (May 2014)

He loved a song that didn’t make the album so much that he tattooed it on his arm

+1 Ruth Payne’s 1D tattoo

Ruth is Liam-centric OT5 as fuck

And with that, the Payne family slays


what have i, in earth left,
the mewling of cats growing old, bowls of milk,
a downpour claimed,
abandoned by the window nightly,
until welcoming sun stretches forth its hands.
what am i, a superstition stitched
‘neath various riverbeds of remembering
and making sense out of soil patterns.

but i am: crow
scratching at dust my impermanence,
away from shelter, in flight for swathes,
and time, like blankets, smother.

what have i, in earth left,
wasting craven tongues at the onset
of necessity to speak; brave
when bravery is least needed.
but i am not afraid, i must not be afraid,
must i be afraid? my heart, my feathers’ only dark
wait for day’s contrast — i, i, i.

— A. P.

I wrote a poem and this is my first but I was Feelin It

The mother Sappho guides us with her

Angel wings of eagle feathers and the heart of Aphrodite

Dancing in the stucco and high rises alike we sing

Rejoice rejoice, for entwined are the moon and sun

Lovers and sisters gather, husky and clear voices cry out as our love eclipses the sky

The twilight zone sits in a limbo as the choir sings to our creator

Ethereal limbs entwine as one half finds the other yet eternally kept apart

Trapped by the cruel goddess
Cast into the shade
And content to be kept