You are able to struggle to get high grades, sacrifice things that you love to do just that you can give good reputation to yourself infront of your family and friends, that you are able to withstand the pain of letting go of your beloved ones for the sake that you earn some position and status in the society. Are you this hungry for fame and name?

Are these things worth it when you know its temporary? Have you ever thought how you can struggle too much for the luxury of dunya and not for a minute think of the luxuries of your akhirah? 

Why do you struggle too much for it when its just a matter of days? Why can you not struggle to do something in obedience to Allaah in which it’s reward awaits for you in the akhirah when we will mostly need it? Why can’t you try to do things that indeed will make Allaah pleased with you? Didn’t you know that once you pleased Allaah, that’s true happiness there?

But no even if you have knowledge of that, you continue to disobey Him, you continue walking to the path where with every step is a step towards the end of the road where you will fall down drowning to your doom. 

O you astray soul, let me remind you of what Allāh says in a Hadith Qudsi;

“O son of Adam, I do not forget the person who disobeys Me, so how can I forget someone who obeys Me?”

So ask yourself, when will you start obeying? When will you start walking away from dunya and then journey to the path of Allaah?

It’s never too late, the doorway to Allaah is always open, question is will you enter or lock it away?

In the other side, my brothers and sisters in Islam, most of us face so much struggles because we stand firm to our deen, so i let me tell you that;

I know its been so hard already but you kept struggling because you know its worth it that Allaah is worth everything, so keep a little bit more faith, you’re there, go on, walk on this path to Allaah, and let not anyone discourage you when you revive a sunnah or follow the sunnah.

Do not give up and never give up when you know it is for the pleasure of Allaah. 

in sha Allaah Allaah will reward you for your patience and perseverance.

and He says;

“So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allāh is true: nor let those shake thy firmness, who have (themselves) no certainty of faith.”

[Surat Ar-Rūm 30:60]

and we pray that Allaah sends down His Guidance and Protection upon us that we find in our hearts the love for pleasing Allaah. in sha Allaah.




Words are pretty mindblowing if you stop and think about it. The fact that humans have been blessed with this unique tool to express thoughts, ideas and sentiments. They allow us to connect with others, to express love and hate, to conjur up tales… Weaving what we want with these utterances, be it truth or falsehood. We have this sophisticated tool that no other being on this planet has, yet our egos and arrogance make some of us abusers of it.

To conjur up carefully formulated lies is a dark art. To believe your own lies is a severe illness. And to know that someday those that do so will be held to account and humiliated, is a deep comfort.

Quest for Halal Sustenance - Revealing the Defect

One day Imam Abu Hanifah Rahimahullah sent some clothing that had defects therein to his business partner. He instructed that it should be sold and the defects disclosed at the time of sale. The partner sold the goods, but forgot to mention the defects. The purchaser took possession of the clothing and left, assuming that it was of perfect quality. When Imam Abu Hanifah Rahimahullah heard about this, he gave the entire proceeds of the transaction, which totalled thirty-thousand dirhams, in charity.