Portrait of an elderly man 

Portrait is made on sycomore wood. Material used is tempera. The man is flanked by Egyptian gods; on the right the god Horus and on the left the goddess Hathor. 38 cm high and 22.4cm wide ( 14 15/16 x 8 13/16 inch.) 

Egyptian, made in the Roman Period, around 250 AD. 

Source: Metropolitan Museum

Fayum (or Fayoum) mummy portrait of a young woman with a gilded wreath

Encaustic on wood
Ancient Egypt, Roman Period
A.D. 120-140

During the 1st to 3rd century AD in Egypt, painted panel portraits (more commonly referred to as Fayoum or Fayum portraits) were bandaged over the heads of mummies. These portraits depict the inhabitants of Greco-Roman ancient Egypt in exacting detail. They were finely executed in encaustic paint on wood or stuccoed linen.
Metropolitan Museum of Art