Faxon was wandering the castle trying to get his bearing again. It had been what seemed like years but was only months, since he had walked these halls. As soon as he rounded the corner though his eyes lit up. There was a sight he had not thought he would see here. “Abel? Is that you?” he asked picking up speed as he ran to the other hybrid. Abel was one of the only other dragon hybrids he had known in his life. “Abel it is me. Faxon!” 

Rude lady didn't like my natural speaking voice, so I used it as "naturally" as I possibly could.

I went in to pick up prescriptions at my local pharmacy today and there was a lady at the counter checking out with her new chipped credit card that she had just activated. The dumb within her didn’t remove the strip with the bank’s info to call or go online and activate it, and I noticed as such and tried to point it out to her. Before I could even get in the full sentence, she cuts me off and tells me that my booming voice is giving her a headache. Now, I was talking at a relatively low volume at the time to begin with, and I had only just begun my transaction. I promptly turned my voice up to the loudest indoor voice I could muster without feeling like I was intentionally shouting at the courteous employee (who had seen the whole thing and was clearly not amused by her either). She glared at me the whole time as I finished paying and I went on my way afterwards satisfied that I had thoroughly ruined her day. The kicker? She didn’t listen to me OR the cashier and insisted that she needed the sticker on the card still for whatever dumbass reason, and forced the poor girl behind the counter to run it manually after wasting several minutes of her time trying and failing to swipe the mag strip since the chip wouldn’t read. I wonder if she’ll ever get her head out of her rectum long enough to get her card to work.

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I caught my follower count at a silly time, and since I didn’t do one for 300 or 400, why not have a arbitrary-number fucking giveaway like all the cooler artists???!?!? THATS RITE. If ur following me, like and/or reblog this before July 31st for a chance to win some SHITTY ART from URS TRULY !!!1!!!!!!11

CURRENT FOLLOWERS ONLY! any new follows are appreciated but this is for the cool people that made up my 420. If u wanna follow now tho, u can always try again whenever I get off my ass and do another! whenever thats gonna be lmfao

Winners will be contacted via ask so make sure thats open. Also be sure if youre reblogging to a side blog, it’s obviously displayed on the front page what your main blog (which should be following me) is, or I won’t know who u are and it won’t count. I dunno how many winners there will be yet SO WE’LL SEE

Note: this giveaway has nothing to do with any actual illicit substances. Please do not contact me about drugs. I cannot help you there. The art you win will also not have anything to do with drugs …unless that’s what you want, I guess?

I hope you like that buncha-different-fonts-and-weed-leaf-clipart graphic design puke I worked very hard on it

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