I caught my follower count at a silly time, and since I didn’t do one for 300 or 400, why not have a arbitrary-number fucking giveaway like all the cooler artists???!?!? THATS RITE. If ur following me, like and/or reblog this before July 31st for a chance to win some SHITTY ART from URS TRULY !!!1!!!!!!11

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Note: this giveaway has nothing to do with any actual illicit substances. Please do not contact me about drugs. I cannot help you there. The art you win will also not have anything to do with drugs …unless that’s what you want, I guess?

I hope you like that buncha-different-fonts-and-weed-leaf-clipart graphic design puke I worked very hard on it

Heading Home || Faxon

Morph was slightly worried when she got the call from the bar asking if she could come pick up Faxon. It seemed he had a bit too much to drink and was lingering around longer than they wanted him too. The small girl made her away out from her apartment over towards the bar as quickly as she could. Moving through the small crowd of people still lingering around the bar at night she found Faxon sitting at the bar. Gently she placed her hand on his shoulder, “Come on Faxon…think it’s time for you to go home.”

47’s Faxon ARAK 21

Sharps Bros.Hellbreaker lower, Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 upper,Mission First Tactical BMS stock on a Law Tactical LLCfolding stock adapter, Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group Grip 23, Battle Arms Developmentcrank lever on BAD-ASS ambi safety, CMC Triggers Corp. 3.5 lb flat bow trigger. LUCID M7 up top, Impact Weapons Components Thorntail 1913 offset adaptive mount with an INFORCE WML.MagGrips, LLC on the Magpul Industries Corp. PMAG. Various parts cerakoted by SG firearms. This is a self contained piston system so it WILL fire folded.

anonymous asked:

Do you see yourself having kids one day?

One day… yes. Why not? I’m always acceptable to change and as much as I enjoy my current life of low levels of responsibilities and high levels of freedom. I think at a certain age I’ll want to take care of someone else. Also, I think my parents would really like to be grandparents one day. 

Bonus answer: As for how many kids? For the longest time I only wanted one little blonde haired - blue eyed swedish boy. Don’t ask why. I just want one. But after thinking about it, I think I want to have 3-4 little ones. I grew up with two brothers and a sister and as annoying as that was I am certain that I would not be the guy I am today without them. I’m not saying being an only child is bad, I’m just saying, I would want to raise my children very similar to the way I was raised. In the hood