The 6 Finalists are:


  1. @thisnekoisalynx ~ Mixed media Markiplier
  2. @itsdoodlesgames ~ Angry Jack
  3. @superwholockmarkiplier ~Jacksepticeye Skull.


  1. @kijilinn ~ Deep in the Black.(Walking Dead Fan Fiction)
  2. @nyxhikari ~ When Buildings Fall. (BTS Fan Fiction)
  3. @pansexualnoodles ~The Resistors: Battle on BreakPoint.(Star Wars Spin-off)

How voting works:

  • I will choose 3 of the best submissions. 3 Art/ 3 Fan Fiction
  • Then I will put them up the following day (5/29/2017) for my followers to vote. 8:00am-8:00pm(EST) (Votes are to be messaged or sent VIA  ASK)
  • That evening I will tally the votes and whoever has the most votes wins!
  • The WINNER will be announced (5/30/2017 at 10:00am)


  • $20 Steam Card
  • $15 Starbucks Gift Card.*for those coffee junkies*
  • $20 ITUNES Gift Card.
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card.
  • 1 Month Subscription to KawaII Box *Momma’s Treat*
  • 1 Month Subscription to Loot Crate *Momma’s Treat*
  • Jack Merch. (Sam/tees)
  • Mark Merch *if aval*(tees/ ETC)
  • Wade Merch.(tees/ ETC)
  • K-Pop Tee’s from ~ So Aesthetic Shop
  • Festive and Fun pens from~ Kawaii pen shop.
  • Prismacolor (12pk) Colored pencils.
  • Mystery Gift. *Momma picks for you.*

Special note: Just because you didn't make it to the final 6 doesn’t mean your art or writing is crap. You have a gift… and extraordinary gift please don't shadow it with self-doubt. You are all winners and there’s always next time!

Thank you for participating and good luck!

Love  Momma


The Follower Appreciation Week Showcase is now CLOSED!

Thank you all for sharing your artistry with us!

Tonight I will go through the submissions and choose 3 of my favorites, then I will post them tomorrow for you guys to vote. Whoever has the most votes wins a prize!

Voting starts at 8am (Est) please stop by to vote on your favorites!

Thank You,

anonymous asked:

I know you are no longer taking art requests, but I know you draw a lot of art for my favorite Mario series, Mario & Luigi. And I was wondering if you've ever tried your hand at the best cHARA- AHEM. I mean, my favorite dude, Fawful.

i love Fawful so much! So here ya go :P

dungeonraided  asked:

So I love all your Antasma art and wondered if you'd ever drawn Fawful? Because holy moly the bean would look great in your style. Because look at the way you draw Antasma!!! He always looks fabulous!!! 10/10 love all your art and I hope you're having a lovely day!

bruh fawful was like………………..my #1 Boy back in 2013 i used to draw him nonstop

i deleted most of my art of him because its ugly but the style i used kinda became the base for how i draw cog?