Formula 1 fans wanted.

Most of you know by now that I run a website and I run a Favourite Driver feature, which is written by fellow fans. 

What I need though is some more fans who would be willing to write a post on their favourite Formula 1 driver.

I don’t mind if people write about the same driver because everyone’s reasons and experiences will be different. 

If you’re interested comment on here and I’ll get back to you or drop me an email at niawmf1@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks :) 

All eyez on me by Paul SKG
Via Flickr:
McLaren P1 “Is it the world’s best driver’s car? That’s more difficult to answer, because your favourite driver’s car might differ from ours, because moods change and because we haven’t – yet – had a P1, a Porsche 918 Spyder and a LaFerrari in the same place at the same time. Bugatti’s Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is still the straight line and top speed benchmark. It’s the ultimate in last-decade power. For now, though, we know that if we had 100 cars, there would be many days when only a P1 would do. You can’t ask for more than that.”

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Top 3 favourite drivers of all time ?


Take a look, I love Lewis Hamilton, but to this question I’ll answer

1 - Ayrton Senna

2 - Niki Lauda

3 - Gilles Villeneuve

For the multiple anons who have bothered to point this out:

I know you aren’t being mean but here it is. Yes Jules wasn’t my favourite driver but I remember the race and I got fucking scared. I always do when a medical car comes up.

Jules was a brilliant talent and a driver I sorta liked. Even if it was a driver I didn’t like I would still cry.

I want to go join the F1 Medical Team to avoid things like this because NO ONE needs to die doing what they love.

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Name: Alex
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Where I live: conway, arkansas
Time/date: 07/29/15
Average amount of sleep: it’s been very sporadic lately i have no idea

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: das ewige leben
My favourite band: fall out boy
Favourite movie soundtrack: uhh

One thing that ticks me off: bad drivers
Favourite drink: beer
Meaning of my url: the name of a style of shoe you can buy on splatoon
Most used phrases: uh-UHHH,*psst*, jo

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Top 3 favourite drivers from the 90s? Top 3 favourite drivers of the current formula one grid Top 3 favourite drivers from the 80s

top 3 fav drivers from 80s

1 - Ayrton Senna

2 - Alain Prost

3 - Gilles Villeneuve (80-81 although he did something in 70s too)

top 3 from 90s

1 - Ayrton Senna

2 - Gerhard Berger

3 - Mika Hakkinen

top 3 current drivers

1 - Lewis Hamilton

2 - Felipe Nasr

3 - Fernando Alonso

introducing a bit of me, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me ! i’m the shyest person when it comes to making the first move ! :)

my name is margaux, i’m seventeen and i’ve been a f1 fan for longer than i can remember as both of my parents already watched it long before i was born. I’m a french-speaking belgian going to school in dutch. my dad used to run a garage in which i’ve spent most of my first seven years of life, probably when started my obsession for cars and encouraged me to do whatever it takes to become race-car engineer (one day, hopefully) !
next year i’m moving to hamburg for my studies, and i can’t wait !
my favourite drivers are nico hülkenberg and max verstappen in f1, the first because i’ve been following him since his gp2 season and that he never stopped impressing me, and the second because thanks to our ages, i feel “close” to him in some way and am really amazed of what he has already achieved in only seventeen years time. i am a hundred percent sure that both of them will win a world championship one day and i really hate it whenever someone tells me otherwise.
i also love stoffel vandoorne for his talent and his belgiumness (i’m so proud !) in gp2 and nyck de vries in fr 3.5 who’s being really good in his rookie year despite a few disappointments at the beginning of the season. i have a huge crush on roy nissany in the same series because i had the chance to meet him and talk to him a bit and he is the nicest guy i have ever encountered. his smile is also so communicative.
my side passions are writing, photography, horse-riding and karting. i have two stupid cats but i love them.

sorry for these horrible black eyes and plaster on the picture, i’ve just had had a nose surgery, as i had broken it earlier :) i’m wearing my team-wear though, it’s the most important !

When I was 12 years old I had started to watch formula 1 in my town the most people were Vettel or Alonso Fans but I hadnt cared about this.My heart were Beating from the first day on for marussia.
2013 Jules Bianchi were coming in the f1 and he was very soon my favourite driver because of the Team and because he had looked very symphatic

Last season in Monaco,after the race was finish and he was the first times in the points I had cried like a baby.I was unbelievable proud of him and the team.
In the next races he wasnt in the points but I was still proud.
Then was suzuka,I wasnt able to watch the race.When I came home in the afternoon I had asked my dad happy for the result of the race.He told me only that Jules Bianchi had a bad crash but he doesnt know more.The next days I watched always the news and I had prayed for him.

Now I sie in Front of my Laptop,write this Text and cry because of my biggest hero.

Repose en paix
Rest in peace we will never forget you


Hard Driver - The Place of Mystery

One of my favourite Hard Driver tracks, love the synths

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Curious anon: Can you talk through your favourite drivers and why you first started liking them? :3

Good question, anon! 

For some reason, I’ve always supported young, underrated drivers ever since I first started watching F1, two years ago. It’s probably because I like seeing their confidence and their fanbase grow, as they gain more experience with their racing career. This is the main reason why I like Jean Eric Vergne so much because two years ago not many people had heard of his name or see him race but now he has become a lot more popular within the motorsport community and is getting the praise and the recognition that he wholeheartedly deserves. This is the same with Daniel Ricciardo when he was only a rookie in the sport.

Other drivers though like Rosberg and Vettel I’ve only started supporting recently as I have now fully realised how talented they actually are, and I just really like the way their personalities come across in interviews and when they interact with fans.

Thank you! ☻

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Three things to know about you: 1. Who are your favourite F1 drivers of all time? 2. Which other racing series do you follow? 3. Do you have any other social media accounts?

Thank you for asks, I’m loving all of the people asking me stuff :3

1. Who are your favourite F1 drivers of all time?

Sticking with the theme of these asks I’m going to narrow it down to three drivers… 1, Sebastien Vettel. I have followed his career from his Formula BMW days, seeing his first win in the rain at Monza (one of the happiest days of my life), to hearing his teary voice on the radio when he won the championship. His commitment, aggression, determination and humour are just spectacular. 2, Ayrton Senna. I think everyone knows why; his natural ability and god-given powers to push any car to the absolute limit and still be in control, and also the amount of good work he did in his private life and just his overall character are just spectacular. I get goosebumps every time I see that yellow helmet coming through a rainy track… 3, Eddie Irvine. It was close between him and Jaime Alguersuari, but Eddie was my first real F1 love, the guy that I chose as my favourite as a young kid just getting into the sport. Mostly for his Jaguar helmet…

2. Which other racing series do you follow?

I follow GP2, GP3, Formula E to some extent. I try to follow Formula Ford as much as I can, as well as BTCC, Ginetta Juniors. I try to keep on top of most forms of racing but mostly those I named :3

3. Do you have any other social media accounts?

I do indeed. I have Facebook. Just Facebook. I mostly use stuff like Skype or Steam to talk to friends but yes I am on the Facebook :3

Thank you for your asks <3

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What is your name?: sarah

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Favourite artist or band: atm; empires, years & years, all the 90s shit ever, musicals

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Favourite number: 10, been my lucky number for as long as i can remember

Movies I’m waiting for?: FANTASTIC FOUR

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RIP Jules Bianchi. Gone far, far too soon.  I cannot describe my sadness at his loss - and the loss of his talent to F1, yet I am also grateful to have witnessed his driving ability.  One of my favourite drivers now and forever - never forgotten. 

My thoughts are with his family and friends, who for the last 9 months have lived a nightmare - and yet been so dignified and given the public so much time.  I hope they can gain some comfort from the love for Jules from so many.


DJR open day was fun on Sunday. Thank you DICK JOHNSON and team for opening up the workshop for us! Got to see my favourite V8 SUPERCAR driver Marcos Ambrose up close too! #heleftearly 😢 but hey we got to meet Scott Pye.