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Funimation released a clip for the dub of Book of Circus!

And while it’s great and all (I approve of how the Noah’s Ark Circus characters sound) my biggest question/concern is…


more info + cast lists for book of circus/book of murder can be found here.

can we talk about how Maya Hart is literally the greatest friend in the whole world.

I have seen many tv shows, many movies, many animations and they all had at least one really good friend, but Maya Hart takes the cake.

My favourite thing about Maya is that she actually puts her friends before she puts anyone else because loves them and cherishes them and just cares about them so, so much.

I’m going to name a few things that Maya has done that prove that she’s the best friend there is.

-When Farkle was being bullied, Maya was ready to hurt whoever hurt him.

-When people make fun of Riley, she makes sure that Riley is protected from the mean things they say

-When Zay wanted to impress Vanessa, she immediately thought to help him out without him even asking her to

-When Riley was being bullied, Maya put up with all the things she put her through because she only wants to help her feel better

-When she prayed, she prayed for everyone in the buildings around her to be cared for, she prayed for her mother and she prayed for Riley to have an endless supply of good days (she always keeps other people in mind)

-When Lucas was going to ride the bull, Maya showed how much she truly did care about him, even threatening to never talk to him again if he risked his life that way

-When everyone else left Riley and her belief, Maya stayed with her, even though she didn’t think it was a good idea, because she would never abandon her best friend, no matter what

-When Farkle found out that he might have autism, Maya immediately stepped up and tried to deny it, not wanting to believe that something might have happened to her friend

-When the group found out that Isadora was the one who has autism, Maya was there for her

-When those girls were making fun of Riley and calling her by something other than her name, Maya stopped them, threatened them even, because she didn’t want anyone to go after her best friend

Maya protects all her friends. Riley, Farkle, Lucas, Smackle and Zay. She cares for them more than anyone else.

And these are just a few of the things she’s done for her friends.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people say that Riley loves a lot, that if Riley loves someone she’ll love them with the entirety of her heart, while I’m not disagreeing with that, I interpret Riley more as someone who tries to find people to love. She looks for people. She said herself that she’s always been looking for her prince so he could love her and she could love him.

I think that Maya is really the one who, if she loves someone, she loves them completely, she cares for them, she protects them and she would never leave them. Maya doesn’t go off looking for people, Maya is presented with people and she loves them because they stay.

Maya has been left by someone, she knows what if feels like to be left, which is why I think that she wants to protect the people who stayed in her life, which is why I think that she loves her friend so deeply, because they never left her, they were always there for her, especially Riley.

I don’t think anyone will ever love anyone more than Maya loves Riley, whether it be platonic or romantic.
I don’t think anyone will ever be a better friend than Maya is.

I think Maya was written to be the most loyal, loving, kind hearted and caring friend in the world, and if that really was how she was written to be, then the writers did a remarkable job and I am so proud of their work.

Maya Penelope Hart is truly a masterpiece.


I’m not afraid.

insp (clarke) (raven) (kai-TVD)

Suyin Beifong has easily become one my favourite characters in this series, and the Avatar franchise as a whole. Not only does she take pride in being a mother, a wife and a matriarch, but her intelligence continues to astound me. She’s literally built up Zaofu from the ground and stood as an example of modern progress in the world, all while keeping grounded in her ideals. At first, I guess I didn’t really understand why Su wouldn’t take charge when the Earth Kingdom was in disarray, but this scene finally put it into perspective. And I agree with her whole heartedly.

Su didn’t want to be seen as a conquerer, and knew if she took charge, she would be. Just because she had a vision, didn’t mean she had to force it onto the people of the world. Suyin has been so outspoken in her beliefs the entire time we’ve seen her. She saw the faults in the queens reign, but even when put into a position of power to change that, she refused to force her ideals down the throats of everyone in the kingdom, much like she allowed the citizens of Zaofu to do as they please, and use the freedom they had to define themselves. Given her backstory, the importance of choosing who you are and what you’re seen as is central to her character, and I really hope we see even more development of her character as Book 4 comes to an end. 

Best Character: What Iain De Caestecker has managed to pull off in his portrayal of Leo Fitz this season is nothing short of astounding. The realization Fitz was hallucinating the presence of Agent Simmons was heartbreaking, as was watching Iain struggle to find the right words. Fitz-Simmons were my favorite characters from the start, and this season has proven they’re the heart of the series.

Here’s my contribution for the Draw ‘Em With the Pointy End artbook! Margaery is one of my absolute favourite characters in the series. I wanted to capture one of the few moments where Sansa was happy, and one of the few (if not only) friends she made during her time in King’s Landing. 

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