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“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]

Room for Ruby (Steven Universe)

Now here is an episode that many of us have been waiting for.

Not only do we continue from where the Rubies were left off in space, with one coming back to Earth, being Navy, of all of them, but a lot of this episode sets up for future events of what’s to come afterwards, especially that ending!

This was an enjoyable episode, but we get to see much needed character development for Lapis Lazuli, as she’s been recently the subject of people criticizing her character and how the Crewniverse isn’t sure where they’re taking her story arc.

I’m glad they finally had Lapis admit that she has issues in trusting people and that something is wrong with how everyone else is so accepting but she isn’t, due to her being stuck with Jasper for long, traumatized her.

Although Lapis isn’t exactly my favourite character of the series, I do like that the writers are aware that she is still trying to improve and see the good things about Earth.

However, this ending was one of the biggest jaw-drops and completely made the episode raise so many questions.

Navy who was “playing dumb” the whole time, was to be expected, but we didn’t realize that she was doing it all to get the Ruby Ship back, so either she’s going to rescue the other Rubies or head back to Homeworld and report to the Diamonds!

Honestly, this episode already made me hate Navy for how cute she acted throughout the episode, only just to mess over our main characters. Not sure if Navy is more crazier than Eyeball was back in Bubbled, but there’s definitely more to these Rubies than meets the eye.

It was interesting to see that Lapis was justified to be negative and suspicious of Navy and a good message that not everyone can be that well-adjusted so easily.

I was glad to see that they weren’t going to introduce another character to be put in the barn with Peridot and Lapis and shows that you can’t redeem and trust everyone, so it’s sad how this will effect Steven, especially after everything he’s learned so far.

I also want to acknowledge that Lauren Zuke mentioned that this will be one of their last batch of episodes, before they left the show. They mentioned there’s about 4-5 episodes that have yet to air, so I will definitely miss the great charm and animation that they brought to Steven Universe.

This episode did have some great jokes, especially with Garnet’s balloons in the ending and Peridot pointing at the sun, while looking for stars.

A much-needed set-up episode and character development from Lapis! I can only imagine where the end of Season 4 goes from here!

thirstbaek  asked:

do u think it's unfair that Boruto is the protagonist of the next gen kids? Sarada is litereally 2/3 of team 7. I also think that she's way more interesting than Boruto.

You can’t really describe it as unfair when it’s not your decision to make. Sasuke’s my favourite character in the series, whereas Naruto isn’t in my top 25, but I’m not gonna call it unfair that Sasuke’s not the main character, regardless of the fact that I find him a much more compelling character.


Acting will never stop to amaze me…


Funimation released a clip for the dub of Book of Circus!

And while it’s great and all (I approve of how the Noah’s Ark Circus characters sound) my biggest question/concern is…


more info + cast lists for book of circus/book of murder can be found here.