Favourite Characters Series

*sees favourite character die*

Me: nah they are okay

Someone: no actually they are dead for real

Me: *through tears* nah they are okay

Someone: are you cr-

Me: *wiping tears like a maniac* nah I’m okay, just like them..

Someone: are you-



“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]

A tribute to Demo

Over time Demo has become one of my favourite characters in this whole series. It’s very sad that he gets so little attention (from both the comic team and the fans it seems). That’s why I decided to make a small appreciation post about what I like about him.

Let’s start with chapter 1: Gray Mann took over Mann Co. and fired all mercs. Most of them went into hiding or just moved on with their lives:
Scout: Helped Soldier and then wanted to get his money from the bank before vanishing. Ended up in prison though.
Soldier: Was kicked out of his castle and then started working as a tourist guide.
Pyro: Apparently became the CEO of a freaking engineering company??
Heavy: Returned to his family in Siberia.
Engie: Disappeared and took care of the Administrator.
Medic: Started working for a different team.
Sniper: Went back home to Australia and then started looking for his birth parents.
Spy: Wanted to go underground for a while. Ended up in prison with Scout unfortunately.

But what does Demo do? Nothing. He is depressed and unable to move on with his life. This job was everything to him.

He seems to drink even more than usual and completely lets himself go, not caring for anything. 

And now look at him when Miss Pauling is giving him his job back.

Look at his face: He is so genuinely happy and blissful when he is offered to join the gang again. Totally changed from one second to the next! :D

Another thing to notice about Demo is that he doesn’t bear grudges against his friends, no matter how shitty they may treat him.

Sniper knocks him out and then wants to throw him into a shallow grave!

But who is the one who supports Sniper after he got shot by the TFC mercs? Demo. 

In Chapter 6 Medic joins his old comrades in battle again. 

Medic betrayed the team and got Sniper killed, but he brought him back to life later - and that’s all that matters to Demo. He also doesn’t really mind Medic cutting pieces of his brain out.

(Don’t forget, he also immediately forgave his liver for leaving him.
DemoxLiver = OTP lol)

Look how happy and enthused he is to be back in action and to blow things up. This guy loves his work!

Look how happy he is to be reunited with his team. This guy loves his friends!

He is the only one of the mercs who visibly cares for the others and is happy to work with them. And that’s why I love him. :)

One day, I hope I’ll be able to write exposition half as good as this…


This is so rushed I can’t even. Anyways, presenting Queen Iris Cygnet of Norta; Princess of the Lakelands and water nymph. (Possible destruction of Maven anyone???)

If she isn’t the fourth PoV of RQ4 I’ll scream.


I’m the Avatar.

I personally really don’t care about Jaal not being bi, what annoys me more is the 10 minutes of content Gil gets and the 20 Minutes Reyes gets. It just seems so half arsed. This could have been so great. Like honestly, I think Reyes might be my favourite character in the entire series! He’s just so cool but noooo there’s no content. I am so salty about this. And Gil is also such a good character! But no, it’s more important to give the straights a bare ass scene of Ryder humping Cora into the next dimension so we’ll just let Gil’s romance scene fade to black lol