Favorite roles by favorite voice actors

Junichi Suwabe Panel at AX

-Told the girls to call him bae-san and had is yell it…then he had the guys do it too
-Enjoys cooking, drinking, and walking his dog in his free time
-First voice role was a solider with one line: “AHH”
-Would probably open a restaurant to serve all his favorite drinks and foods if he could
-Thanked everyone for allowing his ‘older’ anime to continue to be popular
-Said he only found his characters sexy
-He thinks every other voice actor is attractive but couldn’t pick a favorite
-Dandy part of the panel began and Minami-san was a special guest
-Suwabe called them best buddies when they had to share a mic
-A clip from episode 20 of Space Dandy was shown where Dandy was signing, and he took the mic to sing live instead of the video playing his voice
-Did the line from Aomine: Only I can beat me
-Revealed how he voices for otome games with a head shaped mic which is actually very hard to act around as he has to move in different positions and distances around it
-Using this technique he whispered “I love you” to the crowd

The Unlikely Stars Of Americans' Favorite Video Games
More than a third of Americans play video games three or more hours a week. Part of the appeal is the richly developed characters in the games.

NPR did a bit on John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper, various DoTA 2 heroes) and Ellen McLain (The Administrator, GLaDOS, the Gypsy Danger A.I. in Pacific Rim, Broodmother and Death Prophet in DoTA 2), and how good characters, good writing, and putting thought into a role makes fans more involved in a game.