Favorite roles by favorite voice actors


Ask meme to get you to talk about your OCs to your followers!!

Section 1 - About:

  1. Briefly Describe your OC: Appearance, personality, role in a story, etc..
  2. Briefly describe their backstory/childhood
  3. Describe their family life and friends.
  4. What is the world they come from like?
  5. Are they original or exist in a certain fandom?
  6. Are they an introvert or extrovert?
  7. Greatest fear?
  8. What’s their sense of humor like?
  9. Favorite pieces of fiction or genres they enjoy?
  10. Favorite music genres?
  11. Describe their vision of a perfect spouse, if applicable.
  12. Largest regret?
  13. Something your OC would say?
  14. Whats their morality like?
  15. Would they live in a city, rural area, or suburb?
  16. Which actor would you like to portray your OC? (Or a voice actor)
  17. Sexuality? Gender Identity?
  18. What inspired you to make this character?

Section 2 - If…

  1. If they existed in another decade, what would they wear? (Asker can choose what decade) (Bonus points if you draw them!)
  2. If they were in a RPG, what would be their class?
  3. If they received a large amount of money no strings attached, what would they use it for?
  4. If they competed on a competitive TV show, how would they approach to winning? (the “mean” one, the one who makes friends, the one who’s there for fun)
  5. If they could change one thing about their past, what would it be?
  6. If you met them, what would they do?
  7. If your character exists in another series’ world, what would they be doing/look like?
  8. Ask your own!

Section 3 - Other:

  1. What other OCs would they get along with?
  2. What’s their singing voice like?
  3. Take a personality test as the character. Post results.
  4. What would be their fighting style in a fighting game like Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Brothers, or Street Fighter?
  5. What are some mannerisms/quirks?
  6. Describe their favorite meal.
  7. What do they do when they’re bored?
  8. How do they express love/affection for someone?
  9. Most embarrassing thing that could/has happened to them?
  10. Make a portrait sketch of them!

I was inspired by Persona 5 Appreciation Week and I’ve been meaning to bring back the T&B fandom and a lot of us are waiting for the live action T&B movie (which I found out may not be out until 2019), I’ve decided to have a Tiger & Bunny Appreciation Week. The coming week, you, the fans (if there are still any T&B fans left) will post things related to Tiger & Bunny. Here’s how the week follows.

Day 1 (April 2, Sunday): Favorite Character

On this day, you can post about which one is your favorite character in the series or the two movies. Also, talk about why they are your favorite and (this might sound a little naughty) what would you do if they came to you in the real world.

Day 2 (April 3, Monday): Favorite Episode or Movie

On this day, you can post about which is your favorite episode from the series or which of the two movies is your favorite. Also, explain why that episode or movie is your favorite.

Day 3 (April 4, Tuesday): Favorite Voice Actor/Actress

One this day, you can post about which is your favorite voice actor or actress in the series and movies. Whether they are from the original Japanese version or the English dub. You can talk about whatever you want about the actor or actress, like what other roles they play in other series. But if you’re doing other roles, keep it to just ten.

Day 4 (April 5, Wednesday): Favorite Song

One this day, you can post about which is your favorite song. Whether it is from the series, the movies, or otherwise. And explain why it’s your favorite.

Day 5 (April 6, Thursday): You in the World of Tiger & Bunny

On this day, you can post about what it would be like if you where a character in the series. You could be a NEXT who is a hero or a villain. Anything you want.

Day 6 (April 7, Friday): What you’re looking forward to in the live action movie

On this day, you can post about what you would like in the movie. Like which actors you would like to play which characters. Or what would like the plot of the movie would be.

Day 7 (April 8, Saturday): Free Day (Last Day)

On this day, you can post whatever you like about Tiger & Bunny. Be creative.

This Appreciation Week is meant to bring back the fandom and make the series popular again. I know the movie is a long time way, but I don’t want to see such a wonderful anime die. I know you who still love the series will understand this. Please. LET’S BELIEVE HEROES.

Thanks, and thanks again.

I don’t talk about it a lot, but Abarat is one of my favorite book series, and sometimes I fantasize about what would happen if it got adapted into an animated series (because of course there’s no way a live-action budget could EVER encompass it). And every now and again, I like to think about my dream voice cast for all the characters (consisting of some actors who are generally just voice roles and some who are generally not). This is my latest favorite fancasting, which I am putting here to share just for funsies.

Auli’i Cravalho as Candy Quackenbush

Scott McNeil as Malingo

Tom Hiddleston as Christopher Carrion

John DiMaggio as John Mischief

Derek Stephen Prince as Rojo Pixler

Gray Haddock as Otto Houlihan

Dan Castallaneta as Kaspar Wolfswinkel

Barbara Dunkelman as Princess Boa

Viola Davis as Geneva Peachtree

Mandy Moore as Joephi

Jason Marsden as Letheo

Ben Kingsley as Zephario Carrion

Helena Bonham Carter as Izarith

Robbie Daymond as Gazza

Maggie Smith as Mater Motley

David Hyde Pierce as Samuel Klepp

Susan Silo as Laguna Munn

Sam Lavagnino as the Commexo Kid

Willa Holland as Mrs. Schwartz

Frank Welker as Mendelson Shape

Andrea Libman as Maratien

Grey DeLisle as Deborah Hackbarth

David Tennant as Finnegan Hob

Chris Hemsworth as Two-Toed Tom

Elle Fanning as Tria

Neil Patrick Harris as Eddie

Alyson Hannigan as Thunder Betty

James Patrick Stuart as Bill Quackenbush

Ginnifer Goodwin as Melissa Quackenbush

Pat Carroll as Diamanda Murkitt

Mark Hamill as Henry Murkitt

Cree Summer as Mespa

Jim Cummings as Dr. Voorzangler

Jeff Bennett as Leeman Vol

John DeLancie as Filth the Munkee

Martin Jarvis as Jimothi Tarrie

Matty Cardarople as Covenantis

Tim Curry as Jollo B’gog

Jennifer Cody as Norma

Totally not stuffed with actors I love just as fanservice

veesjan  asked:

its so weird hearing James Hong voicing a recurring villain in SRMTHFG! because I'm used to hearing him as Mr. Ping from KFP (also from Mulan but I forget his char's name in that)

I’m more used to hearing him as Daolon Wong from Jackie Chan Adventures =P

And his character from Mulan is named Chi-Fu! :D James Wong is amongst my favorite voice actors. >w< His roles are always so entertaining! <3

Complete Bryke Live Q&A

Ok, my question is, is there anything Avatar related happening after Korra ends? I know this probably won’t be asked because of contractual obligations, but is there anything after Korra at all? Comics, new avatar, video games, it doesn’t matter. I don’t expect Bryke to say anything specifically, but a simple “Yes” or “No” will suffice for me. I can’t believe this is happening! It is so awesome that I get to, maybe, ask Bryke a question!

Bryan: OK, here goes nothing! There are more ATLA comics in the works with Gene Yang writing, Gurihiru illustrating, and Dark Horse publishing. There are also the third and fourth Korra art books coming out. There may be some other little things, some products here and there, but other than that, nothing major in the works, and there probably won’t be for a long time. We’re moving on to other projects. But we thank you for your continued interest and enthusiasm in ATLA/LOK!

Is combustion bending genetic, or can the ability be learned by any fire bender?

Mike: It’s a pretty rare ability. I don’t think most Firebenders could learn it. Plus training is pretty dangerous! 

Will we learn anything else about Zuko’s daughter before LoK ends? Like her name or who the mother is?

Mike: You will get to meet her briefly in an upcoming episode. Her name is Firelord Izumi. Mother ????

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Junichi Suwabe Panel at AX

-Told the girls to call him bae-san and had is yell it…then he had the guys do it too
-Enjoys cooking, drinking, and walking his dog in his free time
-First voice role was a solider with one line: “AHH”
-Would probably open a restaurant to serve all his favorite drinks and foods if he could
-Thanked everyone for allowing his ‘older’ anime to continue to be popular
-Said he only found his characters sexy
-He thinks every other voice actor is attractive but couldn’t pick a favorite
-Dandy part of the panel began and Minami-san was a special guest
-Suwabe called them best buddies when they had to share a mic
-A clip from episode 20 of Space Dandy was shown where Dandy was signing, and he took the mic to sing live instead of the video playing his voice
-Did the line from Aomine: Only I can beat me
-Revealed how he voices for otome games with a head shaped mic which is actually very hard to act around as he has to move in different positions and distances around it
-Using this technique he whispered “I love you” to the crowd


2007 panel with Michael Sinterniklaas and Wayne Grayson

They’re so cute :3  Fun facts:

  • Michael thought he won the part of Donatello and was surprised to find he’d been cast as Leonardo.
  • Wayne didn’t care much for the Fast Forward season and even offered to do an entire episode for free if the turtles went back to the past.
  • Michael talks about encountering lots of fans who didn’t like the 2k3 series because it was so different from the OT.  At ComicCon, one person said, “I love the Ninja Turtles, but the new ones SUCK!”  Then he finds out they’ve never even seen it :/
  • None of the 2k3 voice actors were offered roles in the 2k7 movie.
  • Wayne’s favorite episode is “The Unconvincing Turtle Titan”
  • Michael’s favorite episode is “The Shredder Strikes” where (in his own words) “the Shredder tries to SEDUCE Leo” XD

 Hakumyu 30 Day Challenge: Day 4—>Favorite actor? Why?

Without a doubt, Yazaki Hiroshi. There are so many reasons as to why; I love him so much. He is an amazingly talented, charismatic actor with impressive sword fighting skills. Also, his voice is beautiful; when he sings, my heart melts a little. And dare I say, I find him simply gorgeous; he is absolutely stunning and his smile is to die for. However, one of the main reasons for which he is my favorite is his passion for acting. He gives his all no matter how big or small the role and completely dedicates himself to the character he plays. Hiroshi never ceases to impress me when he is onstage; I am usually left speechless and in awe. In my mind, there could not have been a better actor for Hijikata.

The Unlikely Stars Of Americans' Favorite Video Games
More than a third of Americans play video games three or more hours a week. Part of the appeal is the richly developed characters in the games.

NPR did a bit on John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper, various DoTA 2 heroes) and Ellen McLain (The Administrator, GLaDOS, the Gypsy Danger A.I. in Pacific Rim, Broodmother and Death Prophet in DoTA 2), and how good characters, good writing, and putting thought into a role makes fans more involved in a game.