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What I meant when I said One Piece terrifies me is what is a good thing about it? I started SNK because of you but I thought it was too gory at first. But it's great! But why should I watch One Piece?

well, then you could just ask what a good thing was, it would be easier to understand:)

One Piece is actually much more positive-easier-not so gory, comparing to my others favourite like FMA or SNK. You’re able to enjoy and have fun with it while, at the same time, you’re sympathising with characters a lot. There are many of those you can find to relate to, and then, eventually you get totally caught with that weird charm of the show, haha :D

Personally, I just love seeing characters evolving, the whole attitude of a main protagonist and the way characters deal with things. Not to mention the whole PIRATES thing-I mean, you seriously consider becoming a pirate once you watched it, haha. It’s a pity the way pirates work in one piece isn’t actually the real way, because I’d totally get myself some ship and go on adventure.

Also it gives you feelings. A lot of either LKDJSDLKSJDS feelings and WHYDIDISTARTITWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYYYYY

The only thing it’s that it’s REALLY long, and not even near the end at this point and I probably die earlier than they will actually find One piece (if it exists) but..I think it’s worth it! At least was worth it for me, heh:) The style at the beginning isn’t really that nice, but you grow on it and then later it improves. So, if you have time, then I think it’s worth a shot:) 

*totally goes into my Top 5 list, heh*