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Fave Ziam Fics Part 2

So there’s the second category i made out of my list. There’re 3 more parts coming soon xx


  •  Pride by iwanttowriteyouafic
    -> 86k, chaptered
    Omega Zayn, Alpha Liam

every single day im so proud to be a liam stan like this boy is so amazing and so talented and so beautiful and hes gonna be so successful and im so here for it!!! he deserves every single thing in this world and im gonna be screaming like a proud mother when everyone else falls in love with him too!!! 

Fave Ziam Fics Part 3


Fave Ziam Fics Part 1

So I’ve divided my list into few categories. This one is about kid fics (aparently i’ve read big amount of them). Enjoy! xx


anonymous asked:

what are your favorite ziam moments from every year (2010-2016)?

favorite ziam moment from every year 

this is so rude 

since is ziam from every year gonna start with 2008

2008-zayn was supposed to go to xfactor liam did go to xfactor but didnt go too far 

2010-zayn finally go to xfactor and liam was back to xfactor they finally meet

this is some “couple predestined to happen”


2011- zayn talking on bravo about ziam first kiss(?)

bonus-liam tweet about zayn 

2012-It is the worst year to choose so much has happened is the the ziam year roller coaster.

you have liam really missing zayn and not knowing how to function

because zayn place is 

and ou have ziam more and more close but then ( because always have a but)

vegas It happened and everyne have a  opinion about vegas  but the question is zayn was with a “ I had enough”attitude

the girlfriend leave and zayn mood get better 

but then we have liam quoting a classic zayn’s tweet

but then the last concert of the tour 

but then have liam’s birthday

and FINALLY itunes festival say hello to the new couple :D

but then we have MSG and as every big 1d moment we must have “all the boys must have girldfriend less niall” so liam “girldfriend” is back 

but you know actually my fave 2012 moment is ziam Germany

because nothing warms up the heart,make people happy,get your in better mood that a newly couple in love

bonus- last first kiss

2013-ziam on 1dday because has so much happen that you dont know where to focus

ziam sex time

ziam dancing

ziam sex kinky time

ziam what is personal space

ziam comforting boyfriend

ziam proud boyfriend

ziam sex kinky time (again)

ziam worried boyfriend

ziam singing for the other

bonus-  the toothpaste kiss

liam harry run to put the toothpaste bu zayn stay to listen the instructions but for some reason the 3 are back in the same time and ziam is like that

and you have zayn smile “ “I just kiss liam when we’re live for all america”

2014- “you and i“this song is on midnight memories that is actually from 2013 and explains liam’s tattoo and that is actually liam fave song in 2013

but in 2014 we have liam crying when they sing the song for the first on zayn solo

and honestly if liam says “its you” to me like that even i would do a song called its you to liam 

bonus- ziam brits

thanks for make clear that this was a ziam holiday

2015-liam always talking about zayn 

bonus- liam extremely embarrassed with a (sex) joke about zayn

2016-nobody asked but liam want you to know that he loves zayn

bonus- zayn tattoo hand that reminds me liam smoking

juicy j wiz khalifa-you feat.liam cover /mykl posting a picture that is the inspiration of zayn tattoo

liam you/zayn its you

and of course 

none of the gifs are mine 

all credits to the owners

anonymous asked:

Is Zayn' ring similar to the one that Liam used in Cardiff, the show Liam cried singing You and I while looking to the empty space where Zayn used to be? TM88, who is currently working with Liam, said he knows Zayn and deleted the tweet. Sorry, I'm gonna log off, cry in a corner listening You and I. TOOOOO much for just a day

How many times am I going to say “Good GOD!” today?!

*squints at the different versions of the same GD picture to see if I can tell if it’s the same ring*

I don’t fuckin know. It probably is the same kind or ring, if not THE same ring, knowing this shady ass band! You know what? There’s only one person in this goddamn band that I trust. 

anonymous asked:

Cab you give me some cute Ziam moments, please?

oh boy nonnie i’m sorry but i’m not the best person to ask for this…i don’t keep a detailed catalogue of anything (well this blog more so serves as that than my personal computer/phone folders lol) but i’ll try and see what i can dig up…

so these are some of my faves:

(r u ok zehn? do u need sum water? or better yet a tissue for that orgasm you’re having?)

(this makes the fave list mostly b/c of harry lol we are all harry in this gif when it comes to ziam):

(also we are all noll in this pic amiright like honestly on a scale of 1 to noll how much do you hate ziam and larry for being too cute for this world on a regular basis) 

THIS ONE of course is my ultimate fave:

and these are some others i enjoy that are just too cute NOT to be included that i had on hand on my computer:

(this one’s more zilo/zouiam than just ziam but it’s still a fave so)

(here-have-some-adorable-fetus-ziam interlude!)

(bonus/story time ^^^ for ^^^ this: my mom thought liam was a “lady” when she happened to glance over and see this gif on my screen once - no word of a lie she legit she asked me “who’s the lady?” and i stared at her for a full thirty seconds in confusion b/c there were multiple ziam gifs/pics on my screen at the time and none of them included “ladies” even as like extra people in the frame and so finally i pointed and was like you mean this one and she nodded and i went that’s a boy and she went oh and made a whoops face as she turned away lmao)

and back to regularly scheduled programming…

here’s a couple funny kinky ones:

(thank god for 1d day amiright?)

of course i gotta include my all time favorite kinky ziam moment (b/c honestly if this wasn’t a fucking kink reaction then what was it. srsly. inquiring minds would like to know.):

and also including this one even though it’s just liam grinding on that column thing

only because this was zayn’s reaction (note the sudden problem in his pants lol)

and these cause you know why (#hankycode lol)

(again thank god for 1d day lol)

(and including this for proof of it being a kink thing b/c besides the fact that it legit matches what’s written in the hanky code, if it wasn’t a kink thing WHY pray tell was this everyone’s reaction; note liam’s reaction especially lol) 

and again back to regularly scheduled programming…

and have some lovely ziam selfies!

and i’ll end it there but feel free to add on anyone and hope you enjoy this sprinkling of ziam on your dash! :)


It turned out i had lots of new fics to rec so i decided to make another list of them. There will be a list with WIPs up later on. 

Btw i’m really thinking about gathering all of those lists in one place/post, it would be so much easier..


Be My King (I’ll Be Your Queen) by transteverogers

That one where Zayn’s a royal bad boy and Liam’s his PR agent/Personal Assistant and basically everyone knew they had feelings for each other before they did.


Because Loving You Was All I Knew by ghostrider

The “mating of male with another male” is strictly forbidden in the Horan Castle. But fate intervenes and the king’s own brother falls in love with a foul mouthed, illiterate and shabby stable boy who is brought to the castle without the King’s knowledge, by a blue-eyed, trusted servant and his curly haired, energetic partner.

(basically where niall is a king, liam is a prince, zayn is the stable boy, harry is a servant, and louis is the head of all servants. okay? bye.)

running blind with no resistance by ziammayner

“What can I get you?” Liam asks, looking up and seeing the mystery boy from last time. He gets lost in the depth of his brown eyes, matching his skin and somehow making him look…perfect. Liam doesn’t usually pay attention to things like that, but he can’t help but take in the form of this man, arm perched on the bar, his tattoos barely covered by the black t-shirt he’s got on, fitting and showing off the silhouette underneath. Not now, Liam thinks, bringing himself back to the “tending” part of his job title.

“Your name and phone number would go along great with a Jameson on the rocks,” the boy responds. Liam tries to ignore the first part of the comment as he gets him a drink, eyeing him cautiously. He’s used to people hitting on him in an attempt to get free drinks, but at least those people had been acquaintances of his. As far as he’s concerned, Liam’s never seen this kid before at school. So what did he think made it okay to say that?

(or, the one where liam falls in love with zayn, a typical guy who just happens to be the prince of pakistan)

Class Conflict by photo41

“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles”- Marx
Class Conflict- Can refer to the concept of underlying tensions or antagonisms which exist in society due to conflicting interests that arise from different socioeconomic positions and dispositions.

Or what you get when Zayn, worried about what the hell he’s going to do in the future, meets a fit bloke on a school field trip to an Ducal estate and it turns out that this fit bloke, Liam, neglects to mention who exactly he is- he’s the Heir to one of the richest Dukedoms in Britain, and therefore already has his future planned out for him.

Basically, take Liam hiding his poshness, Zayn being oblivious, and throw in a son of famous Irish Actor and Liam and Zayn’s Best Friends who might be too perfect for each other, and you get the definition of Class Conflict.

Stay a Little Longer by ziamsquad

When Liam sends his assistant manager to find a replacement employee after one of the accountants retires, the last thing he expects is for Louis to shuffle into his office with Liam’s ex-boyfriend of three years in tow.

His tedious office job somehow turns into his own personal nightmare, with the only person he’s ever really loved moving into the office right across the hall, so close yet so unattainable.

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anonymous asked:

Can you link me to some of your fav Ziam docs? I'm suffering withdrawals from your fanfiction so I need a replacement

first off lets just say i want to kill myself because i made a reply and it was so lengthy and then i accidentally closed the page…. i fucking hate myself… lets start again lol…. thank you for being so sweet about my fic…. and tbh ive read so so many ziam fics, like hundreds, it would take me forever to link them all so im gonna do my fave fics which ive read multiple times :)) here we go a little masterpost of my all time fave ziam fics: 

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Fave Ziam Fics Update

So I made a 5-part list of my favourite ziam fics few months back but i’ve  gathered some good ones since then and i decided to share them with you. Enjoy! x

·         Hear me in the harmony by carpeziam

Liam had feelings for Zayn since the night they met the artist, but it would take two long years before Zayn would realise that he felt the same way. When Zayn gets an offer he can’t refuse at their end of tour party, all bets are off… or are they?

Or, the one where Zayn & Liam realise they need to form an R&B duo, Niall falls in love and Harry and Louis do what Harry and Louis do best; be hopelessly infatuated with each other.


·         built to fall apart (and back together) by weareonceinalifetime

“Fuck, Liam,” Zayn growls. “I’m so fucking mad at you.”

And then, before Liam has time to process, Zayn is kissing him hard.


The one where the five of them have been inseparable since they met at the neighborhood park when they were kids and Liam and Zayn were in love until Liam decided to change everything.

·         a tornado flew around by snuffleslove

just another achy ziam canon fic featuring a piny zayn and a piny liam and all knowing bandmates, and i’m really bad at summaries, just read, ok?

·         Need Your Hidden Love by ziamsquad

Liam Payne is the one of the country’s most respected neurosurgeons, and he loves a challenge.


Zayn sleeps with his boss before he knows that’s his boss.

·         Here I Stand by StormDancer

Zayn lifts his chin, turns so that he’s facing Harry. He doesn’t look at Liam, because he can’t bear to look, and because he’s really not trying to be mean or pointed. Liam can do what he wants. But Zayn drew a line in the sand a long time ago, and it matters. “I’m not hiding, Haz. This is who I am. They can deal with it.”

·        it keeps my veins hot (the fire’s found a home in me)by loveontherocks

“You think anyone said thanks?” Zayn asks, his voice wrecked and shredded, half whisper, half reminiscent of pubescent teenaged years.

Harry looks at him like he’s lost his mind. “Thanks to who?”

Zayn shrugs, finally bringing the cigarette up to his lips, igniting the flame of his lighter. “The firefighters. They’re the ones who got us out, right? They’re why you and I are here on this couch right now. Right?”

Harry purses his lips. “Dunno. Wasn’t a priority of mine, I guess.”

It should be, Zayn thinks.

or; the one where zayn survives a fire and falls in love with the firefighter that saved him.


·        I See You Babe, But We Are Both Blind by SoftlyandSwiftly

Zayn’s fairly certain the world actually hates him. He’s got the shittiest luck, and fate seems to want to fuck with him. But maybe that’s exactly what he needs.

One Direction returns to London for a break from their Take Me Home Tour in August 2013, and after an unfortunate run-in at a coffee shop, Liam and Zayn find themselves in a fake relationship. Except, it ends up not feeling fake at all.

(Basically, I wanted to write fakedating!ziam).


·        according to your heart (my place is not deliberate) by jmcats

The fading light brings the world into prospective – the team standing shoulder to shoulder, halfway buzzed on alcohol and cigarettes, grinning goofily at the sky. His boys nudged hip to hip with him and he couldn’t think of another place to be.

(or: a university-volleyball au in which Zayn hates the game but he does it for a scholarship. And for Louis. And possibly for the new freshman setter who keeps teaching Zayn new things.)


·         simple truths of belonging by soofyahn

“He doesn’t think about Zayn, anymore. He doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t daydream and he doesn’t picture those dark eyes catching on his for only half a second, begging so many questions: what are you doing? Are you happy, now? How are you? No, really, how are you?

Liam doesn’t think of him. He doesn’t.”

Liam spends ten years building the career for himself that he’s always wanted, and spends the same span of time falling out of communication with the one person he can’t reason why he misses. They find each other, again, stumbling around each other for a moment until they fall together in new, unpredictable ways.

·         What We Become by scottmcniceass



“It’s okay if you are,” Harry says seriously. “I mean, I know I would be. Like, if there was ever a date that was destined to go bad, it’s probably this one. Werewolf goes on date with the son of a werewolf hunter, who’s also training to be a werewolf hunter when he’s older, while another pack of werewolves are practically massacring the town, and no one has no idea how to stop them. It’s not a question of what could go wrong. It’s a question of what could possibly go right, and I’m willing to bet the answer to that is nothing.“

·         through the summertime, winter, spring, and fall by zipplekink

They change with the seasons, burning bright during the summer and biting cold during the winter, but that feeling of being in love Zayn found in the summer clings to him through it all.

(And here is the old list: 1 2 3 4 5 )

anonymous asked:

hello toni.. what are your top 5 ziam moments?? im not asking for stuff like proof or anything like that. just cute things zayn and liam did with/for eachother.. :D

the fave ziam moments and i’d say all time favorites :D have a good day toni! xx

Hey anon,

Sorry, this took me over 10 days to reply to.   I’ve been cogitating over this for days.  And I’ve done these before but this time, I am going to keep it to 5 though I’m gonna talk a bit  (a lot)about each moment and just why I love them.

I’m involved. 

I have loved this from the day it happened, for me though the whole reaction to ‘You look a bit Pakistani to me’ was gold, this moment was the one that made me !!!!!!!!!!!!  because there’s literally no explanation for why he said it other than, well…..

And bear in mind the timing and context.   BBC Music Awards days before the X factor final and the supposed ‘coming together’ of Chiam and he does that? 

The smile he does and that coupled with the ‘you look a bit Pakistani to me’ and Karen’s reaction in particular just makes me especially as Zigi had just begun and Chiam was nearly apparently starting. 

Anyway, yes a moment. 

Nobody knows you baby the way I do x 2 for both

This early one from Liam talking about Zayn, try to get any of the women he’s meant to have been with to talk about him with half as much love, respect and most of all knowledge and I’ll give you a tenner.   (it’s at 47.50 onwards in the video)


to 2014 and…. this video  +


And then…not to be outdone.   +  


Then does this need any introduction?

Originally posted by ziamshipperx

In one word, so much love and tenderness and pride, and quite a bit of bravery on his part too I would say.    

Gentle and supportive

The whole food challenge was just a feast of them being so aware of the camera and of the goings on behind the camera - honestly watch it cos it’s fascinating but these little gestures of support and tenderness just make me :)))) all the way  +

PS. I absolutely adore two further not really talked about little moments also on 1d day (i love all the moments on 1d day - I still have a 1d day blog I tried to start but I have enough trouble with this blog to keep up with it) 

First one is from around 17.22 in case the timestamp doesn’t work. 

The kids describe one of the lads and say he’s a badman, anyway Zayn and his team write Liam and the reaction of people behind the scenes is one of ‘oooooh’ but then Louis says I chose Zayn cos he’s a badman and 2 things happen there, Zayn’s all I thought it was Batman and that means Zayn  thinks of Liam as Batman aaaaah and also the way he reacts to Louis saying he’s a badman and looks off camera makes me all kinds of sad.

Then…you have to listen in to this one with earphones ideally and then zoom in on Zayn’s face at the moment Liam says it.   Basically the kids say Zayn looks 40 and that he has colouring on his arm and then at 19.18 on the same video as above, the camera pans away but you can hear Liam sing-song ‘You look 40′ and Zayn’s face after he does….


I’m gonna be strict with myself here cos this is long enough already but I could include the soulmates thing from the italy interview in 2013, the fishing trip and Zayn’s 11 tweet the next day and so very much more, there were so many great moments during OTRA too but…

You know for every time a person says ‘Oh but Zayn only ever thrusted his pelvis in Liam’s direction in slowed down gifs’ I want them to know about this. 

NRJs 2014

From the guys in the background and their reaction, to the way Liam looks from Niall to Harry just before to the way Zayn shuts his eyes and opens them once they pull aapart, to the way Niall looks away to the smiles afterwards in the video, the fortuitous way that the person who made the video itself slowed it down  for the kiss and it then speeds up. 

And then just in case you forgot the magnitude of it and that that was their last awards where Zayn attended…almost 2 years later…

There’s so much more of course over the years including multiple moments since we last saw them together but those are just a few. 

They’re amazing men individually but I also happen to believe they are a fantastic couple too. 

anonymous asked:

Your top 5 ziam moments 💕


Aaaah damn how do you pick your top 5, I deadass can’t but Imma try, so not my ultimate Top 5 but 5 of my fave Ziam moments:

That time they were a giggly cuddly mush on stage

 Listen lmao I love this moment because Zayn represents me @Liam all the time

LMAO this picture is so amazing bc this still from the video is so amazing, Zayn you could have clapped your hands normally like you didn’t have to have your noodle arms wrapped around Liam but okay (peep: Harry tho jkdbfmfs)

Zayn forgetting everyone when he hugs Liam is an actual thing but this is one of them first time it happened I FEEL BAD FOR LAUGHING AT HARRY

Brits 2014, our last Brits do with OT5 and like idk they all looked great and hahaha look so cute whacha whispering Zayn share the joke with the class

Bonus: Liam’s birthday hug (I am not crying we all are) //I WANNA GIVE A BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO ONE OF ME BEST MATES//

(gifs and pics belong to the rightful owners and creators, thank you!!)