Faux Taxidermy

Snow Leopard Pelt Blanket - FOR SALE

Finally he’s finished! And this one was quite the task. We definitely won’t be making any more spotted ones for premades, that’s for sure. 

This adorable snow leopard makes a great throw, lap blanket, couch decoration, wall hanging, rug, shawl, or whatever else you can think of doing with it. Ultra soft and cuddly, he’s made with 8 different faux furs on top, has a warm plushy inner layer, and is lined on the bottom with a soft cuddly minky. Pawpads are appliqued micro fleece. 

He measures in at over 4 feet long! 52" to be exact. The entire thing is sewn together, and it can be hand washed in cold water with gentle detergent and hung to dry. 


More pictures to be posted later today or tomorrow


WIP life size winged wolf March.

We will do this sculpture collectively. The basis of this is mannequin reaching for taxidermy. I’m, Karhu and Gosha  working on it.

Now I’m a little sick and I feel tired. So I come back to this project later, when there are new forces.

Wolves in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/ru/shop/DemiurgusDreams/search?search_query=w+wolf