Faux Taxidermy


DIY Trend: Faux Taxidermy Plush Animals for Young Kids’ Rooms. All of the photos except for the DIY faux taxidermy lion skin rug are from We Lived Happily Ever After. You can find all the tutorials and patterns from We Lived Happily Ever After here (scroll to the bottom for all the room tutorials). 


Embroidered Unicorn Faux Taxidermy Hoop
I’ve been making some very floral hoops lately so I decided it was time to make something silly and fun, and what is more fun than a unicorn!?

This unicorn is made using natural cotton canvas, white cotton canvas, denim from some old jeans and a cut up blue chambray shirt. Her body has been embroidered with a bunch of little stars, squiggles and dots for extra unicorny magic!

Faux taxidermy pattern from Cupcake Cuties on Etsy!
(I changed things up slightly from the instructions by using different materials/colours and embroidering the eyes)


The Dilophosaurus taxidermy mount is finally done! I’m so happy with the turn out even though the teeth are too long and the snout is to snubby.

Still it was a fun adventure in my first attempt at a faux taxidermy mount and using an old cardboard pizza box as the base.

My attempt at what I think a Dilophosaurus would look like. I used sea bird and diving bird colors and markings, as well as adding a throat pouch since dilo seems to be a fish eater. There is still a debate on whether Dilophosaurus was feathered or not, I would assume if it was it could be bare in some spots….we may never know.

Anyway, enjoy.


A white hart :)

This fellow is for sale on my Etsy, click through!  A bit cheaper than I would normally sell for as I’m still working out all the kinks in this pattern. Everything is structurally solid and there’s not any one thing that is faulty, it’s more me being a perfectionist and finding a way of working that I like best, so nab him before I make up my mind!

Edit - Now sold, but keep an eye out, I’ll be making more soon :)


My new big project is finished! 

60 sm (23.6 inch) long, 65 sm (25.6 inch) tall, velvet clay, acrylic.
This is a large sculpture for interior, office, apartments, town houses.
This work was done in collaboration studio “LLC Copyright mannequins” (professional products for taxidermy). This is a great bloodless alternative to stuffed animals and trophy heads. As the workpiece used life size european wild cat.

For sale: https://www.etsy.com/ru/listing/206244340/life-size-cat-sculpture-figurine-kitty

All cats in my shop:https://www.etsy.com/ru/shop/DemiurgusDreams/search?search_query=kitty

Framed artwork transforms a wall and helps enliven this chic breakfast nook.  For a personal touch, mix in unique accents like faux taxidermy that can be personalized with color for a stylish accent.  Add in mixed seating comprised of bold pattern and color to keep this breakfast nook inviting and fresh.


Edit: Sold! Thanks everyone 


Our newest side project is finished! 

This adorable red panda makes a great throw, lap blanket, couch decoration, wall hanging, rug, or whatever else you can think of doing with it. Ultra soft and cuddly, he’s made with 9 different faux furs on top, has a warm plushy inner layer, and is lined on the bottom with a soft cuddly minky. Freehanded paw swirls are embroidered into the underside. 

He measures in at over 4 feet long! 52" to be exact. The entire thing is sewn together, and it can be hand washed in cold water with gentle detergent and hung to dry. 

He’s sold! 
We’ll also be open for custom versions of these starting at a base price of $400. Information to come on that. 

If you’d like to purchase, email me at shagpokestudios@gmail.com