tbh i cant help seein my tumble friends or mutuals as family like … every time i see this gay werewolf that likes vore and mchanzo too much my mind goes like 🚨F A THER🚨 … every time i see this beautiful lesbian with the best #gf goals that ‘Cares About Me A Lot’ my mind goes like 😭M OTHER😭 … every time i see this gentle robot tagging his jedi bf in everything im like ☺️little brother!!!!☺️ … every time i see this dude thats Too Cool For Skool but is actually a nerd with sunglasses im like 😱Big Brother!!!😱 … every time i see this anxious cutie in love with his angle™ im like 😎twin brother😎 … every time i see this Powerful trans gal that got her very own spot in ssb im like 🙈b-big sister!!!!🙈 … every time i see this shy cutie with the grandest kidcore blog im like 👏🏽little sister!!👏🏽 … every time i see this fiery™ fairy that loves gerard way im like 🛍twin sister!!🛍 and so on …

the rest r my cousins or my giddy highschool crushes if i dont talk to u much but honestly?? I Would Die For Mutual

dad: well, I say, you are pretty brave
me internally: omg, is he talking about one of my trips? or the fact that I decided to change my field of studies? or something else that is relevant?
me: why so?
dad: you decided to paint 9 portraits on one canvas. one of them could easily go wrong, but it looks good
me internally: well, it was my way of learning how to paint with oil, it wasn’t supposed to be good
me also internally: OMG OMG HE COMPLIMENTED US. chill, it doesn’t matter, we decided not to care about his judgement at all
me outloud: …
dad: but you don’t paint anymore, do you?
me internally: well, fuck, here we go
me: well, I take these hormonal pills for four months already, I can’t do anything
dad: excuses!
me: hold on, why is everyone except for me is allowed to have problems? why can’t I? how many excuses do you make, anyway?
dad: ok, what does these pills do to you?
me: they effect my nervous system, I can’t do anything for four months, it makes me feel bad
dad: why do you take hormonal pills at all then?
me: well, because I bleed from my uterus!
dad: I think that side effects only exist if you want them to exist

etc. He then told me that local doctors will do me no good and I should go to Moscow. Yes, like it’s so easy and cheap. I said that my doctor suggested that I might have the problem (I have fake extra periods in the middle of the month) in the first place because of climate changes and jet lags I went through. So, I’m going just to sit here quietly in the nearest future. “And go bonkers?” he asked.

I wish I could keep my room’s door locked all the time, but I don’t want to keep Kuzya locked in or out.

Anyway, I stopped taking pills on Sunday. So, in a week, after I have my periods, I’ll be back to my normal state, hopefully. First pills I took made me depressed and the ones I took recently made me very irritatable. They stole the months that I was supposed to spend being functional and instead… well, shit happens.

Also, now that I know that my dad is narcissistic, it makes it all a lot easier to handle. The thing is that he feeds on me feeling guilty, because it makes him feel better than me. Well, he can go and fuck himself, as far as I’m concerned.

Imagine Juice getting arrested

“Juice!” You went bolting from your car the moment you pulled into the lot, which was filled with multiple police cars and officers standing around the lot, your boyfriend, your brother, your father, your family, all on cars, bringing searched. 

One officer was dumb enough to stop you, his arms circling around you as you tried to get to him, his eyes met yours, your heart breaking as you tried to get to him. 

“Let her go; might be the last time she sees him as a sweet, innocent, butt virgin.” Stahl hissed as the officer let go of both you and Juice, who opened his arms to you as you collided into his chest. 

“I love you.” You whispered as he kissed your head. 

“Love you too.” He whispered before the police pulled him away and escorted him to the armored van, as you watched with longing as the love of your life disappered

Relationship Analysis: Sour Cream’s Family

I had a lot of feelings coming off watching Drop Beat Dad, and I thought it would be best to explore those feelings through analysing the relationship among the different characters of Sour Cream’s family. Given there are 12 possible 1-on-1 relationships, and 4 relationships involving three characters, and 1 relationship involving all four family members. Math aside, that’s a lot of possible relationships to talk about and for this analysis, I’ll be talking about the ones pertinent to the episode.

So to avoid further boring anyone with numbers, let’s get to it.

1. Vidalia has probably been very neutral about Marty to Sour Cream

The first shot of the episode has Sour Cream cheerfully greeting his mother. And this is one of the indicators we have of his relationship with Vidalia. SC effects a very cool personality. In Onion Friend, when he’s in the zone, he just put up a hand to acknowledge Steven’s presence. But he has a soft spot for his mother, and we can see why. In Drop Beat Dad, Marty hasn’t been around to see SC grow up for at the very least nine years. That’s a long time, and that’s only the time after SC hit his growth spurt. There could be more years than that.

But SC greets Marty pretty excitedly. In fact, Steven has a more negative reaction to Marty than SC himself. Marty knows he has a son, and Marty is fully aware he’d abandoned SC and Vidalia all these years. SC doesn’t seem tense or uncomfortable around Marty, though.

One thing that people have brought up is why it seemed Marty was never forced to take responsibility for SC and Vidalia. He came all the way to Beach City to pay Greg his royalty check, but one popular post that has come up is why he hadn’t paid for welfare or anything of the sort.

Well, there’s a very strong possibility that Vidalia didn’t want to accept any sort of support from Marty. This was her attitude towards him in Onion Friend:

Amethyst: I can’t believe how long it’s been! I mean, check this guy out! I used to be bigger than him! *laughs, then sighs* Do you ever hear from ol’ Farty Marty?

Vidalia: Him? *laughs* I dunno where that fool is! Don’t care either. It’s just been me and Yellowtail for a while now. *screen zooms in on her wedding ring*

Source: SU Wiki

Vidalia doesn’t like Marty. Given the way Amethyst addressed him, she’s probably talked about with Vidalia a couple of times while they were hanging out. In fact, because it was one of the first things Ame brought up, it was probably a significant part of Vidalia’s life when Ame and Vidalia had started to become friends. This was right after Marty got Vidalia pregnant; he drove away and Greg was just settling in Beach City, getting to know the gems and getting the gems to interact with him as a human being.

Amethyst was always curious about human beings; we see as much in Story for Steven.

In the next few weeks, Greg would go around Beach City and meet new people. In fact, one of the first residents he’d met was Vidalia, when she came out of the van with Marty. So after she’d found out she was pregnant, they’d hit it off, probably bonding over how awful Marty was. And Amethyst would tag along.

After the anger passed, Vidalia is pretty apathetic. She doesn’t like him, but she doesn’t want to know where he is or how he’s doing. She doesn’t care. There was probably a point in time in which she called up Marty and told him, and Marty, being Marty, tried to placate her for a while, make promises, things like what we’d seen in Drop Beat Dad. In the end though, Vidalia, being the quick-thinking person she is, let him go and wanted nothing to do with him. And that’s the answer she gives Amethyst.

I include the next part of their dialogue because it’s clear Vidalia didn’t settle for Yellowtail. She chose him, and she’s happy with her choice. She stands by it.

Amethyst: Whaaaat? Yellowtail?

Vidalia: Yeah, things just kinda happen. *points at young Sour Cream and baby Onion’s photo* Next thing, you know, I’m living with a fisherman. Hahah, you should see your face right now.

Source: SU Wiki

She endearingly calls him a fisherman, she’s had another child with him, and they’re happy together.

Source: SU Wiki

Vidalia is a strong woman. She wouldn’t have needed to be with someone. I’m rather certain she could have raised Sour Cream on her own, but she feels more fulfilled when she’s with YT. That’s great for her. Again, she’s not going to let what happened with Marty define her life.

And that’s probably why she doesn’t bring up all his awfulness when she talks to SC about him. Resentment only breeds more resentment. She doesn’t want to burden SC with a fight that isn’t his. For all Vidalia knew, Marty would never come back into their lives after he left the first time, which we know is sometime after SC was born. Even then, he most likely didn’t stay for long periods. He’d be here then gone and the cycle would repeat until Marty finally dropped out of SC’s life sometime around nine years ago.

So SC doesn’t have memories of Marty being awful, because Marty was never there. He believes his “dad” is a busy man in the music world, and he knows nothing about those two things. And this would explain his “fact” that 80% of all Germans make a living as DJs. 

Vidalia most definitely told SC about what Marty did, because their family is very honest with one another. But she’s not going to unload her emotional baggage on him. She’s going to raise her son right and that’s all that matters. That may also be why she was drawn to YT in the first place, which leads to the next point.

2. Yellowtail and Sour Cream communicate a lot

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There’s a thing called tough love and then there’s child abuse.  This is the latter without a doubt.  From Judge, you know that this isn’t the first time that his brothers are bullying him for not being as strong as they are.  Judge doesn’t skip a beat giving it straight to Sanji that he views him as a failure.  He makes Sanji know that he’s useless to the goals of the family.  This really makes an impact on a child especially at such an impressible age.  His sister just laughs and the others come in for him.

You can see why Sanji completely rejects the Vinsmoke name that he was born into.  He’s viewed as a “stain” and a “disgrace”.  This is by the only family that he knows.  Despite being a quadruplet, he’s the “weakest” one and he’s punished for that. 

I think that from this experience as a child Sanji is so self-depreciating.  He puts everyone else before him and always takes one for the team.  Sanji’s kind.  Incredibly kind.  He’s probably one of the kindest people that you’ll meet in your life and we now know exactly why.  As a kid he’s already risking his life in the kitchens for those less fortunate than him.  This isn’t the first time he’s gotten beat up for the same reason and I think this is where he gets his sneaky nature.  You see it initially when he feeds Gin on the Baratie in the back and then chucks the dishes off the side of the restaurant.  He rarely ever wants for anyone to acknowledge his kindness because I think there’s some innate fear from when he was a child.

And I think it’s worth noting that Sanji’s been raised in a pretty fucked up manner.  Judge says, “I have no obligation to help you, and I see no worth in raising you either”.  It created this complex in Sanji at an early age that he needs to be useful to survive.  He has to do something for someone in order for them to just help him in the smallest way.  Zeff kind of throws all of this out the window and helps the precious child to heal.  If you remember back on the rock they were stranded on, Sanji talks about favors when he finds out that Zeff ate his foot just so Sanji wouldn’t starve.  He learns that love can be unconditional and the Vinsmoke in him breaks.  This is a man that he just met and without a second of doubt jumps into the ocean to save him.  And then starts his days with Zeff.

*SU Spoiler* Fathers (Blood or Not)

In “Drop Beat Dad” a really important message was seen: father figures. Family is one of the biggest aspects of the show but this one showed a real difference between fathers. Especially between biological and guardianship in the legal and social sense. In order to show this an analysis of the relationship Marty and Yellowtail have with Sour Cream as father and son will be needed. (Warning I am a psychology major hoping to specialize in children and adolescents so a bit of that will be in here =])

First off let’s review the relationship between Marty and Sour Cream. We all knew Marty was Sour Creams biological father from “A Story for Steven” and “Onion Friend” but we did not know how their relationship was until “Drop Beat Dad.” When Sour Cream sees his father he is surprised but does not show any malice or hurt. Marty was not completely out of his life as it seems. Sour Cream did say 9 years ago and Marty somewhat apologized for leaving because of the music industry.

It was not until Marty saw Sour Cream’s DJ equipment did he become interested in spending time with his son. Marty being the trickster he is, uses his son’s talent for profitable gain. He sugar coats “father and son bonding” to get Sour Cream into the scheme.

“I’ve decided to hang out in Beach City and um make up for lost time with you and while we’re chilling, I’ll promote your little engagement.”

“We’re going to cram 9 years of bonding into one spectacular event!”

“Okay can I real talk with you for a second? Real talk. I made a lot of mistakes when I was your dad’s manager and real talk I was a jerk but real talk I learned a lot about myself and the music business since then. So I can tell you with certainty, things aren’t going to be like they were last time real talk.”

Notice how he is talking to Sour Cream like a friend instead of a father. He ignores the fact that he left Sour Cream from most of his teen years and just wants to make money. Marty never once called Sour Cream son. He kept calling him by his name, abbreviations, career name (DJ), and nicknames (cool cat). Even the gestures were distant.

When Sour Cream opened his arms for a hug, Marty gives him a handshake like it was a business deal. Some fathers do give sons handshakes but not like this. He also belittles his DJ equipment instead of praising its ingenuity. Again all a part of his scheme to gain money from a bad soda deal.

In psychology there are four parenting styles. The one Marty can be categorized is indifferent which means he does respond or demand anything from his son. Although he did show interest in Sour Cream’s DJ career, that was to profit from the Guacola soda deal. If Marty did not see the equipment he would not bother trying to relate or spend time with his son. Parents who are indifferent do not support or do anything for their children. Marty only became interested when he saw money involved. He felt no guilt or shame that he abandoned Sour Cream and Vidalia for profit. In short, Marty has adopted the indifferent parenting style and will not learn anything because of it.

Sadly, Sour Cream does not anything wrong with his Marty’s shady behavior. In fact, he welcomes Marty as his father without question. Marty must has done something in the past to gain Sour Cream’s trust and bond. Even though Marty left, Sour Cream still thinks of him as a father figure. At least one who understands his ambition of being a DJ.

It was not until Marty announced Guacola did Sour Cream start to doubt him. Marty flat out said Sour Cream would be nothing without Guacola and him.

“I said I don’t need you or Guacola to do what I want to do. I never have! I can do the show on my own”

He is right. Sour Cream has confidence in his musical talents and finally sees Marty as Marty. He even used his real name instead of dad because Marty destroyed the role of being a father by tricking his son. He does not seem saddened by it either. He was only heart broken when he had to cancel the rave. Maybe he knew Marty was not really a father to him but did not want to admit it. Now he sees Marty as shady person and does not want anything to do with him.

Now let’s analyze Sour Cream and Yellowtail’s relationship. From “Lars and the Cool Kids,” “Joy Ride,” and “Onion Friend” that their relationship is very strained. Stepparents and stepchildren usually have a difficult time trusting and bonding, especially later years in childhood. This could be because the child or teen and new father do not know each other and might have conflicting beliefs about the other.

“Why can’t you just accept the fact that I don’t want to be a fisherman like you!”

“If he doesn’t want to mah mah mah so much, he doesn’t have to come.”

They always fight like this because Yellowtail wants to Sour Cream to be a fisherman. Sour Cream wants to be a DJ and thinks Yellowtail does not understand his career goal. True he does not understand Sour Cream at first and just wants his step son to join the family business. Because of this, Sour Cream does not see him as a father figure and always refers to him as Yellowtail or stepdad. Throughout the episode, they don’t interact as much which means they are more distant then one thought.

However, we do see him spying on Marty and Sour Cream on the beach and Steven notices it. He seems sad and worried for Sour Cream. Two reason why this could be. One is he wants the relationship Marty and Sour Cream have as a father. Yellowtail knows their relationship is poor but tries to be the best father he can be. He wants what is best for his son. Two, he knows Marty. He worries that Marty is using Sour Cream for a scam. He knows something bad will come of this.

It is not until Greg explains what Marty had done does Yellowtail realized what to do. When he returns from the boat, Sour Cream first thinks the Yellowtail wants to work on the boat and accepts his not so wanted choice. However, Yellowtail kept his equipment and wanted to return it to Sour Cream. Yellowtail realizes that his son really loves music and wants him to be happy.

Sour Cream puts his hand out for a handshake for agreement but Yellowtail hugs him instead. This creates a new bond between these two as father and son. Sour Cream even calls him Yellowdad and dad to commemorate their trust in each other. The rave continues with Sour Cream being happy and his family supporting and dancing along to his music.

This makes me believe that Yellowtail is actually authoritative instead of authoritarian. At first I thought he was authoritarian because he wanted Sour Cream to be a fisherman. Authoritarian parents are very strict and want their child to be what they want them to be. However, I know see that he is authoritative. Authoritative parenting is the healthiest because those parents love their children while being strict with them with reason. Yellowtail is not really forcing his son to be a fisherman. He wants what is best for his stepson’s future and thought being a fisherman would be the safest option. However, he realized music is Sour Cream’s passion and supports his choice. It is no wonder Sour Cream grew up to be a healthy adolescent.

The message of this episode was quite simple: you don’t have to be related to be a father. It can be hard to accept another into a family; you don’t have to be related to do so. Yellowtail was more of a father to Sour Cream than Marty because he cared and loves his stepson. To be good parent, all it takes is love, support, and trust. This episode showed you do not have to be blood related to be a father or mother. If you love your family and support or at least try to than you have already started into parenthood. Some may not see eye to eye. But all it takes is understanding and love to make a family or become a father, blood or not.

FMA Characters as Modern Family Gifs

Edward Elric:

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