Fathers day ad

tygermama  asked:

after all the Father's Day ads I was thinking, fathers get praised for 'giving their time and effort to their kids and families' and mothers get praised for all their sacrifices and there's something with that that bugs me.

It’s a worldview where fathers are expected to have a cute parenting hobby. Mothers are expected to perform blood sacrifice.


So this is an Australian Father’s Day ad that was banned because of “political matters”, aka because it portrays a traditional family and a father’s love for his baby, which is despised by screeching heathens.

#89: The Fifties

Authors Note: This sucks immensely. The problems I had writing this… I’m so sorry if I didn’t do it justice…

Ashton: You nervously rubbed your hands together in the passenger seat of Ashton’s new car. He drove with his hand on the wheel, and the other one intertwined with yours. He was not only proud of his new ride, but the girl in the passenger seat. You two had gone out for a nice dinner, and now the clock was ticking. Your curfew more or less snuck up on you, Ashton accelerated, making you shift in your seat. “Take it easy, Duchess. I’ve got you.” He drummed his thumb against your knuckles, keeping time with the new music from the radio and the thrum of the engine. “You know if I’m late Ma and Pa, will be angry.” You said, smoothing out your dress with your free hand. “They’ll be fine.” He said, giving you a reassuring smile. You nodded your head, biting your lip. When you neared your house, you saw the porch light on - a very bad sign. That meant that both your parents were still up, and it was because you were mildly late. “I’ll walk you to the door, it will be fine. They won’t blow their caps.” He said, parking and coming around to open your door. You stepped out, holding his hand tightly, as you approached your door. Ashton leaned in for a quick peck, making you blush. Last thing you needed was your parents seeing you kiss. They didn’t even think you had gotten to a kiss yet. You opened the door, to see your Mum and Father standing by the staircase, both with very unimpressed looks on their faces. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. (Y/L/N), I am so sorry that I kept (Y/N) a little later than what was expected. You see, we got caught at all the red lights. And it just was such a hassle.” Ashton said, his most sincere smile plastered on his face. “I never, ever, would keep your beautiful daughter out later than what was expected by yourselves. I really would like to apologize.” He said, once again turning on his charm. What your parents didn’t know was that you had gone to the cliff to neck a bit, something all the teenagers did your age. It was the thing to do. Your Mother sighed, nodding her head. “We like you Ashton, we just worry. We don’t want our daughter getting into any trouble. The stories we’ve heard about some teenagers, well it makes us not want to let our girl out of the house. But we can trust you two?” Your Mother said, staring at the both of you. “Of course Mother, the traffic lights were just ridiculous. We would never disobey you,” You said, smiling. “Well Ashton, we don’t want you worrying your parents. We’ll see you this Sunday for dinner.” Your Mother said, smiling. “Off to bed (Y/N), tomorrow is a school day!” Your Father added, walking up the stairs. You knew they were watching from upstairs, they would never leave you this late alone with Ashton. He smiled at you, and you couldn’t help but smily sheepishly at the floor in embarrassment, and to suppress the fluttering in your stomach. “I’ll see you tomorrow in class,” He said, winking. You grinned, nodding your head. “See you tomorrow.” You said, he squeezed your hand before dropping it and letting himself out. You climbed the stairs with a dopey grin on your face, before seeing your Mother in her bathrobe leaning against your doorframe. “Have you and Ashton talked about marriage?” She asked, making you sputter. “No, we haven’t.” You said. “Well, with the way you two are, I think its due time you settled down. You are a woman grown (Y/N).” She said, raising an eyebrow and leaving you to think about the future. 

Calum: You took a drag from the cigarette in between your fingers before flicking the ashes off onto the ground. It was the cool thing to do, besides, the new guy in your group seemed to like it. You leaned against his car, the cig dangling from your fingers as the glow of the end cast a little light against your new pants. “Well, darling. You don’t strike me as the type to smoke.” He said, grabbing one from his own pack. You shrugged your delicate shoulders before flicking the ashes off the end again. “You don’t seem like a bad boy.” You said staring at him, quirking the corner of your red lips up. He raised an eyebrow laughing. “Come on! Are we racing or not?” Someone yelled from the other side of the track. Calum cast one more look at you before pushing himself off the car. “I’m in.” He said. He turned to you, eyeing you up and down. “Give me a kiss for luck duchess?” He asked, grinning mischievously. You put a manicured nail to your cheek and tapped. “We’ll see if you win.” You said, standing up off his car and walking away towards your friend and her beau. “Pucker up darling, I’m winning this race.” He called after you. You turned around to smile a little at him, before leaning against your friends car. “So you and the new boy?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “What?” You asked innocently, taking a drag. “First its the red lipstick, that your Father hates. Now you smoke, and now you’re going after the bad boy? Who is this girl?” She asked, shaking her head. “Its not that bad!” You tried to defend yourself. You were interrupted by the rev of engines off on the track. “Take a look at your boy (Y/N).” She said, whistling a little. You smirked, as he sauntered to his car, driving up beside the other one. He shook the other man’s hand, getting into his hand, and waiting for the flag that one of the girls you went to school with dropped. Finally, they were off, and it looked like Calum wouldn’t be having a kiss today. Until he crossed the line just before the other guy, making you cheer. “And you’re not that bad,” You friend scoffed, making you shoot her a glare. You walked casually over to Calum, who was just getting out of the car. When he saw you he smirked. “Well baby, where’s my kiss?” He asked, making you grin. You shook your head, not being able to wipe the smile off your face. “You think I’m that sleazy to kiss you in front of all these people. Let’s cut,” You said, making Calum raise an eyebrow. “I’m never one to refuse a girl. And a beautiful girl at that.” He said, grabbing your hand and pulling you along. 

Luke: “You know everyone is going to be there Luke.” You said, toying with your permed hair. He grinned at you, making you look away. “That’s why I’m taking you! Come on it will be so hip. The deejay said it would be the hit of the town. Please?” Luke was practically begging to take you to the jam. A local band was playing and the swinging would be wild. “But people are going to say something!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air in exasperation. “Why would they?” He asked. “Because I’m me, and you’re you. You’re hip Luke!” He grabbed your hand, rubbing your knuckles. “C’mon sweets! I want to be seen with you! You’re my bird!” He said. You couldn’t help the way your heart fluttered in your chest at the mention of being his. “Than lets go?” He asked, again. You sighed nodding your head, succumbing to his request. Later that evening you arrived at the grooviest gig you had seen in a very long time. It was something you saw on the new television set, something so cool you couldn’t help but feel a little more comfortable in the environment. You saw couples swinging and jiving; having a ball really. “Come on, lets dance (Y/N).” You nervously followed him, wondering if everyone was watching you. The problem was Luke was that guy at school. He was hot, he was everything. He was going to have a full scholarship on the American Football team, he was popular, every girl had to fan themselves when he walked by. You were the quiet girl in the back of the class, that nobody really knew was there, and that just merely existed. He had taken a liking to you though, and although one of the prettiest girls you had ever seen had tried her hardest to woo Luke, he had wanted you. And he made a point of asking you out, having you on his arm, and making a point of being with you. “Stop worrying,” He said, grabbing your hips and dancing in a swing style with you. You smiled, focusing just on him, forgetting the people probably staring and whispering. The band played on, your night was full of laughter and dance, until you two stumbled out of the gym, your feet sore, your cheeks sore from smiling, and your hands intertwined. “How bad was that?” He asked, wrapping his arm over your shoulders. “Not as bad as I thought it would! Don’t blow your lid!” You said, joking. He scoffed, pulling you closer. “Now, I’ll get you home like a good little boy, and we can go out again.” He said, kissing your cheek. Your heart stilled in your chest, he had almost kissed you! Necking was the cool thing to do, and you two hadn’t necked yet. “Can I?” He asked, tilting your chin up to him. You raised your eyes to look at him, nodding as he pressed his lips gently to yours, making your insides melt. You were necking! You broke apart a little shy, before he gave a bashful laugh, proceeding to walk to the car with you. “I guess the next step is to marry you,” He said, winking. You were shocked, as he opened the door for you, as you stepped in, staring at him through the window, in shock, admiration, and hope.

Michael: Michael wanted to be like his idol Buddy Holly. He wore the glasses, dressed like him, and even tried to do the little flip that Buddy did. And you loved it. Michael was your own personal rock star. You laughed as you kicked your feet to him singing and strutting around for you, impersonating the idol that so many teenagers loved. You shook your head, seeing his Mum walk by the door and shake her head. “Michael, you’re not going to go anywhere. You should forget that dream. You need to marry (Y/N), get a good job, maybe take over Dad’s business and stop acting like a child,” She huffed, walking by. “The marriage card again.” He said, sitting down next to you. You kicked your feet in the air, tilting your head to face him. “Would you marry a rockstar?” He asked, making you laugh. “Only if you were groovy. You know, they say the sixties are going to be really different. Like really different. The adults say that it won’t be but if you listen the music is changing. Everything is changing. I heard that Tom down the street dropped some wild drug a few nights ago with Emma in the room. What did they get up to?” You said, amazed, yet frightened. “I heard that to. I bet they had a good neck. Who knows maybe she’s not as pure as you think she is?” Michael said winking. “Michael Clifford!” You exclaimed hitting his knee. “You know, its becoming the norm to shag.” He said, matter-of-factly. “What are implying?” You said, sitting up. “I’m just saying that its not that bad to have sex before marriage.” He said, holding up his hands. You bit your lip and shook your head. “You’re so sleazy Michael,” You joked, and he raised his eyebrow. “I’m kidding!” You added hastily. “Duchess, you’re really holding off until marriage?” He said. “Yeah Mike, why not?” You said, toying with your dress. “Even if you were going to marry me you wouldn’t do it until marriage?” He said. “Yes.” You held firmly to your beliefs, you could only imagine your Mothers face when your white wedding dress wasn’t so white. “What do you say we get married?” He asked, staring at you. “You’re going to marry me just so you can shag me?” You asked offended. “No! This isn’t how I wanted it. No I want to marry you. I’ve known for a long time. You know, we’re not too young. You heard Mother. I want you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. We can experience the sixties together.” He said. “Marry me.” He said. And you looked at him with wide eyes. This was your proposal. Your friends were getting married, it would appease your parents, and his, and really you wanted to for a long time. You nodded your head slowly, slowly gaining excitement. “Yes!” You said, laughing. He smiled, lunging at you for a hug before laughing into your neck. “Mrs. Clifford. I like it.” He said, kissing your cheek.