Happy Fat Tuesday! To celebrate Mardi Gras 2016, here are some spreads in my “Mardi Gras Activity Book” written by Karl Jones.  you can find it on amazon.


Mardi Gras comes alive for readers in this bright, bold activity book with colorful craft ideas, recipes, games and mazes, stickers, and even press-out pieces to create a Mardi Gras celebration in your own home!


On this Fat Tuesday I look back at the adventure I had this weekend with spectacleandmirth and se-curtis in a small town in West Virginia. 

Helvetia, West Virginia celebrates Fasnacht (roughly translated, “night before the fast”) the Saturday before lent starts. The celebrations entail eating rich foods, a masked parade through town, square dancing and burning Old Man Winter in effigy. 

I was there with reporter and folklorist Emily Hilliard to do a food piece for National Public Radio. 

Photos copyright Pat Jarrett, all rights reserved. 

This is my weight loss transformation .. A year ago was me on the right hand side, always in denial, always yo yo-ing between that (my biggest) and a size 14.. Never really happy with my body but to scared to actually look at myself properly. I was confident, I’ve always loved myself don’t get me wrong.. But my god the day I looked at myself properly was the day I realised I was only getting bigger, I had grown out of yo yo-ing.. Was long away from my comfort zone and I had expanded.. Very big.. I was a size 16 and dating, holidays and tight clothes where out of the picture for me now it was time do fix myself before I went up up and up. I started my journey the end of January 2014.. It’s been along 4 months but I have managed to lose 3 and a half stone. I feel like half the girl I was. I still have another stone to drop .. I will continue on with my exercise and clean eating now. I can’t imagine ever going back to that place. If my size 10 dresses ever become tight.. I won’t buy the next size up.. I will simply push harder. I hope to inspire someone that’s unhappy in their fat.. I hope that you find the determination I did to love yourself so much that you have the control to lose what you need. Sasha.