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I am so happy and excited to announce that I have become an official member of Chicago’s Fat Burlesque Troupe The Femme FATales! @thefemmefatalesburlesque

I will be Dimple Duchess! The person who created this name was someone very controlling in my life. They were judgmental and critical of how I chose to go about my body activism. They looked down upon so much that I was naturally drawn to. And for a second I chose to believe him that those things were wrong.

This is so important to me. My self expression is so important to me. And I’m getting those parts of myself back. And fine, maybe out of pettiness, reclaiming this nickname and using it for something that would make that person’s skin crawl. Because I don’t care. I’ll be doing something I truly enjoy and that’s the whole point of the matter.

Thanks to my new Burlesque family and I can’t wait to meet everyone. Thanks especially to @iridessence and @unskinnyshero

I'mma Burlesque Baby but I can’t wait to learn from some badass people.

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This dress makes even my flat pancake butt look huge. Susie hasn’t decorated her tree, but it’s a great backdrop for ootd shoots. Also, Susie and I are so happy military-style coats and jackets are back in the style so we can get away with wearing all the bright buttoned pieces.

Size: 22-24, 3x-4x, 47"/49"/56"
Dress: Plussizefix.com
Leggings: Torrid
Knee boots: Remonte
Jacket: Deb (are Deb stores even still a thing? I got this forever ago omg)

So there’s a video circulating of this wack-ass blonde girl talking shit about fat bodies. I refuse to link to it because it’s triggering and because fuck giving her anymore clicks-if you haven’t seen it- it’s not anything most of us haven’t already heard, if you have see. It and you got up in your feelings about it please know this is a hateful person who is riding the degradation of others to try to be relevant- know that she is angry at our hashtags and our joy because SHE bought into a patriarchal and ridiculous standard for beauty and thinks we all should too bc she fits into it. She mad bc she thinks our happiness take from hers, she mad because her internet fame will die faster than she claims we will. She mad because she really banked on her looks making her better than us and if we don’t accept that what does she have?
If we weren’t doing this body positive thing correctly she wouldn’t be mad. 
If we hadn’t declared open clap back season on the beauty industry and the fashion industry and the bullshit standard of beauty she wouldn’t be coming for us.
So let’s keep making folks mad. 💗