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Your wedding photos are honestly so important to me. I've been fat my whole life and I was told growing up that no one would love me unless I lost weight. I always assumed I would be alone because no one would want to marry me. Now as an adult trying to accept my body and find love, seeing fat, happy, beautiful brides is so so so wonderful. Blessings on you and your spouse.

omg thank you and im so fucking glad that you liked them!

The day after my grandma met the man who now my husband she called to tell me how nice he was, and to lose weight so he wouldn’t leave me for someone thinner.

He didn’t. I weight more now than when we met (not a lot, but the point still stands). He likes to rest his head on my tummy, and poke my thunder thighs, and thinks I’m beautiful when i wake up in the morning and my curls are trying to devour the world. Which is amazing. He’s never tried to change me, he’s never fetishized me, and he’s never made me feel bad about my body. and I hope you find someone who does the same things for you.

Most importantly, I hope that you learn to love and accept yourself.

On days when I struggle with how I look (I call them “bad fat days” as opposed to “good fat days” where i feel fab), I get naked and stand in front of the mirror and find ten things I like about myself. Even if it’s just a freckle. You can’t repeat the same things if you’re feeling shitty the next day, you have to find ten more things. Even just one thing. Eventually, you’ll have to name everything, because you’ll like everything.

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Be the Support System that your past self needed.
Don’t pay attention to the ones that berate you and focus on the ones that celebrate you! 

Happy Big Girl Appreciation Day! 

Thin girls are always like “Learn to love yourselves!! Only you determine your own worth!!!!! I love my thighs even though I have cellulite!!!”

WHEN IN REALITY they’ve never dealt with being too fat to go shopping with your friends, crying in stores because you can’t zip up the largest size they have, dealing with the terrible looks from people in public who see you eating something that’s not a salad, walking past a group of 12 year olds and knowing that they’re laughing at the way your body moves, not having enough fucking MONEY to buy decent plus sized clothing (look @ you torrid), knowing that the fucking world was not created with your size in mind, among many other things.

“But I got told to eat a burger once and it’s the same thing!”

No. It’s fucking. Not.

I’m not saying that thin people CANT be a part of the body positivity movement. We need you to help. But posts of stereotypically pretty, thin girls in their underwear, advocating for all of us to say fuck what the world thinks, when the world is already ON their side and helping them, doesn’t really help the movement at all.

Society is not on my side in this instance. And undoing that socialization is not as fucking easy as a simple sentence. Trust me, I’ve already said fuck society. The difference between us is that when a thin person lives by that, then it’s awesome. When a fat person lives by it, then it’s just another case of a disgusting whale who should be ashamed.

There’s a privilege in thin-ness. At least acknowledge it.

EDIT: this DOES NOT apply to body dysmorphia and EDs.
Shout out to...

The fat girls of color.
The fat girls with facial hair and extra hair every where.
The fat girls with pcos.
The fat girls who can’t afford all of the expensive plus size clothes.
The fat girls who can’t afford makeup.
The fat girls who don’t have smooth skin.
The fat girls with keratosis pilaris.
The fat girls with uneven skin tones.
The fat girls with acanthosis nigricans.
The fat girls who don’t have an hour glass figure.

Shout to all the fat babes that are still on this crazy journey towards self love.

2015 had some changes, but I hope things just get better in 2016. We all need some more representation. Let’s get it.

15 things every fat girl needs to hear
  1. Real friends and lovers don’t care you are fat
  2. You don’t have to change, you look fantastic!
  3. Diets can and usually go tits up and most times backfire
  4. Progress pics show that you are trying hard
  5. Your lifestyle is your business and should not effect people around you
  6. You have every right to have extra space on transport and the right to use mobility scooters
  7. Your discomfort is not your fault
  8. If somebody breaks up with you because you are fat, they are not worth crying over, let alone knowing. Their problem…not yours.
  9. A real lover will accept you and your cellulite
  10.  HAES lasts at any age
  11. Most clothing stores sell large, XL XXL ect clothing 
  12. If people are laughing behind your back, its because they don’t dare say it to your face and are usually jealous of your confidence 
  13. Clothes look good on you no matter how short or tight they are 
  14. Curves are beautiful
  15. Eat what you want and enjoy the taste
On being a fat girl

“They didn’t build this shit with fat people in mind” she sighed as she wriggled her way out of the just slightly too tight space behind the register.

“But you’re not fat, don’t say that,” he responded.

Tell that to the hips that got caught in a turnstile yesterday and everyday that she forgets to turn sideways. Tell that to the stores that stop at size 12 (or size 10 if she wanted to look her age). Tell that to the small woman rolling her eyes beside me on the subway as my booty spills over into her seat. Tell that to the holes my inner thighs have rubbed into every pair of jeans I own. Tell that to the rolls on my back & the crevices in my ass.

Tell that to the silence at the end of your sentence that should say “because fat people are ugly, because if I think you’re attractive you can’t be fat because I’m saving fat to degrade a woman two sizes smaller than you but with a flatter chest & a spare tire. Because you’re not fat is a compliment even when it’s not true because what I’m really saying is you don’t repulse me the way fat people are supposed to repulse me. Because I get final say on your body, not you & I’m giving you a pass for the same dimpled ass I laughed at on another woman yesterday because your waistline is smaller than hers and a normal woman would just be happy with that.”

“I am fat, I weigh 235 pounds.”

A look of wide-eyed disbelief tainted with just the slightest bit of disgust wells up in his face. A glance at her hips, her thighs, her stomach, her arms, her breasts. Looking for it. Finding it?

“Well it looks good on you.”


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