The soap star

Wes was an incredibly handsome actor. With his tall height and perfectly toned body, the girls swooned over him. He had a pretty boy face and a six pack that must have taken years to cultivate. He was never going to set the world on fire with his acting skills, jumping from three year stints on different soaps, where he usually played the pretty-but-dumb sports guy with a good heart, and even better body. Wes had won several ‘sexiest male’ awards over the years and never struggled to pick up girls, or guys, when he went out.

Mike hated Wes with a passion. He’d always been one step behind him in every role. The pair looked quite similar in appearance and even played brothers in one small tv movie role. If ever they went up for the same role however, Wes was always the one to get it. The frustration built inside of Mike like a fire that couldn’t quite catch. But as Mike’s mother always told him, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

It was for that reason that Mike decided to make Wes his new best friend. He put on the charm and researched anything that Wes showed the slightest interest in, so that he would have plenty to talk to him about when he saw him. A few months later, Mike was getting his place completely renovated and dropped several hints about moving in with Wes while the work was done. There was a reason why Wes got the pretty-but-dumb roles; Mike was moving in.

Wes was just finishing up on his latest three year soap role and his agent was already lining him up for the next. Wes looked exhausted every night coming home, and although Mike knew he was looking forward to the break, his agent looked unlikely to let him have it.

‘Why don’t you take a year out after you finish this role next month?’ asked Mike, trying to express concern for his buddy.

‘A year off?’ asked Wes. Clearly the idea had never occurred to him.

‘Sure. I mean, you’ve been working since you were 16. You’re 36 now. That’s 20 years! You have enough money in the bank to last you several lifetimes, why not just take a year out and enjoy yourself?’ reasoned Mike.

‘I could certainly do with some time out’ sighed Wes, rubbing his tired eyes. ‘My agent wants me to take on this football character role next month though. She seems quite keen on it, says it will be good for my career.’

‘Of course she does. Marla doesn’t want her income to drop, does she? She’s just a selfish old bat. I told you to drop her ages ago’ said Mike, trying to convey the anger in his voice that he wanted Wes to feel.

A few beers later and Wes was beginning to like the idea of taking time off. By the end of the evening, Mike had encouraged Wes to leave a message on his agent, Marla’s machine. He wasn’t interested in any new roles at the moment. He was taking some time out.

‘How did she react?’ asked Mike tentatively the next day.

‘She went nuts’ laughed Wes, settling in to the chair next to Mike, beer in hand. ‘But I told her, I’ve been working for 20 years and it’s time I took some time for myself. I even asked her not to contact me until next year’ smiled Wes, raising his beer in the air before taking a swig. Mike copied him. This had worked out even better than he intended.

Wes’ last day arrived and Mike surprised him by turning up on set as he said goodbye to all his fellow cast mates. Mike had done a short three month stint playing a villain last year, so he was very much welcome there. Wes looked touched that he had come. Mike got the sense that Wes was developing a small crush on him. Mike might even have acted upon it, had the circumstances been different. As it was, Wes was a threat to Mike’s career, and nothing and nobody was going to stop him from reaching the top of his game.

Mike drove them both home. He’d taken the afternoon off from his current job to be here. He wanted to start Wes’ career break off with a bang.

‘I thought of the best place to take you to celebrate you for the start of your time off!’ he enthused. ‘Where does Marla tell all her clients never to go?’ grinned Mike.

Wes caught on straight away. ‘No way?’ he grinned conspiratorially with Mike. ‘Fat boy’s burgers?’

‘That’s the one!’ smiled Mike. ‘You can eat what you like now. As long as you start getting back in to shape a month or so before you get back to work, you’re pretty much free to eat and do what you want now.’

‘Fuck!’ marvelled Wes. ‘I didn’t even think about that! You’re right!’

Even Mike was surprised at the amount of food Wes ordered. Years of repression had turned him into quite the greedy boy when he was let loose. ‘This tastes amazing!’ marvelled Wes, sat in the passenger seat of Mike’s sports car, surrounded by his trash.

‘You think that’s good?’ smiled Mike. ‘You wait until I show you the rest of what you’ve been missing out on sticking to Marla’s regime.’ They pulled up at some traffic lights and Mike turned to Wes. ‘I’m going to make sure you have the best time; you deserve it man’ he said, trying to convey sincerity whilst he looked into Wes’ eyes, who seemed genuinely moved by how kind he was. Yes, grinned Mike as he turned back to the wheel, the poor guy was definitely falling in love with him. That was going to make this a lot easier for him. He looked across at Wes’ flat stomach. So long, he thought, grinning.

Mike’s tour of the best food places in LA took several weeks to complete. He’d drive Wes around, whilst he gorged himself in the passenger seat. Wes relaxed into the lazy lifestyle with incredible ease. He’d stay up late into the night, ordering pizza, whilst playing video games and then spend most of the morning in bed. Sometimes he wasn’t even dressed by the time Mike got home, but was still walking around in his boxer shorts. Mike liked those days the best. Wes’ six pack was gone surprisingly quickly, replaced by a bulging muscle gut. Wes had always had a cute bubble butt, but now it seemed slightly thicker and bulged out more. The waist band of his underwear edging lower and lower, threatening to show his crack.

‘Maybe I need to slow down on the eating’ reasoned Wes, looking at his gut as he sat in the passenger seat on the way to get food that night. ‘I’m starting to look pregnant!’ he laughed.

‘Haha!’ laughed Mike, taking side glances at his gut whilst he drove, pleased to have an opportunity to look at what he was doing to Wes. ‘Yeah, isn’t it great?’ he smiled. ‘Now I know I’m doing a good job of helping you to enjoy your break. And it’s a nice big ‘fuck you’ to Marla working you so hard for all these years.’ He smiled at Wes who smiled back at him, feeling the warmth of friendship Mike was conveying. ‘Don’t worry buddy’ he said, patting Wes’ small gut, ‘I’ll help you get back into shape before you head back in to work. Just enjoy yourself. You still have 9 months left of your break. Don’t stress!’

Another month and even Wes’ pecs were softening up. A firm solid belly arched out proudly and a small double chin formed on Wes’ face. Wes rarely got dressed in the day time, sitting there in hi boxers in the day, competing with other gamers online. Mike looked on proudly. Wes was now too fat to compete with him for the same roles. Provided that Wes kept this fat on him, he was no longer a threat to Mike.

To celebrate, Mike took Wes to the beach for a day of surfing. Nothing made him feel better than looking at Wes’ pumped up belly and, just to sweeten the deal, a little anonymous call to a couple of photographers would guarantee that the rest of Hollywood would see what had happened to Wes.

Two days later, Marla was on the phone, nagging Wes about his weight. Wes looked stressed as hell when Mike came back that day. ‘What’s the matter?’ he asked.

‘Marla. I told her not to contact me whilst I’m on my break but she saw some pictures of us at the beach the other day and has been on at me to lose weight. I told her, like you said, I still have eight months to enjoy before I head back to work, but she just won’t listen.’

‘What a bitch!’ spat Mike, enjoying every second of this. ‘Cut her loose Wes, you don’t need her man. If she doesn’t respect your time off, you can’t work with someone like that.’

Wes was boiling with rage. ‘You’re right’ he shouted, hastily dialing Marla and composing himself before he spoke. ‘Marla, I think our time working together has come to an end. You’re fired. Don’t contact me again.’ He breathed a sigh of relief and Mike went over to give him a manly hug to congratulate him, feeling surprisingly turned on by the gut that pressed into him as he leaned in to hug Wes.

‘Come on, let’s go celebrate with that cheesecake place you like!’ smiled Mike, already grabbing his car keys.

That night, lying in bed, Mike searched for the pictures from their beach trip. He found an article on a website that was using them. There they both were; Mike’s perfectly toned body providing the perfect contrast to Wes’ firm pot belly. The photographs had rings circling all of Wes’ new fat and a picture was put of his toned physique from a beach picture the previous year. The article praised Mike for his fine body and absolutely went to town on Wes; delighting in how fat he had got and how lazy and greedy he must be to let himself go like this. Mike’s cock stood to attention as he read what they said and he gazed at the pictures of Wes. He’d never felt so turned on. ‘You think that’s a fat belly’ he whispered to his phone where he was looking at the pictures, tugging himself off. ‘You just wait! I’ve barely even started.’ He came everywhere, all over himself.

The next morning, he was greeted by the sight of Wes’ butt crack as Wes’ underwear were now officially too small to contain his bulging ass. Mike had the day off and wanted to start Wes off with a fattening, fried breakfast. Just as Mike had expected, Wes rose from his bed as soon as he started to smell the food being cooked. ‘What’s the occasion? You don’t usually cook breakfast’ asked Wes as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

‘We’re celebrating!’ smiled Mike, serving up a huge plate of food to Wes. ‘Here’s to your freedom from Marla! Plus, I’ve got an audition for that police drama I was telling you about. I was hoping I could convince you to come shopping with me for some clothes. I have practically nothing that fits the character in my wardrobe.’

At the mall, Mike made sure the day was all about Wes. He complemented everything Wes showed the slightest interest in. Before they returned home, Wes had a mountain of new clothes that fit his new, thicker physique.

Four months later and Wes’ gut was looking large and in charge. It stood out proudly in everything he wore and he was constantly tugging at his t shirts as they slid up to rest on his belly, exposing the soft underbelly underneath. Neither of the boys had been dating in the last few months, they were just enjoying each other’s company. Mike looked at Wes and knew, even if he started dieting now, he’d never lose all the weight he had gained within four months when he wanted to start working again. His cock twitched every time he caught a glimpse of Wes’ huge gut or witnessed his massive gluttony in action.

‘Could you head to the store, we’re out of milk’ asked Mike one morning as he was feeling especially turned on by Wes.

‘Maybe not today, this t shirt is a little snug and I don’t want to get any pictures taken of me’ said Wes, not moving from the couch.

‘You think you’re going to get papped on the way to the store?’ chuckled Mike. ‘I’m sure they have more important things to do than hide around the corner on a Tuesday morning, waiting for you to go to the store,’ laughed Mike. Wes still wasn’t budging. ‘Anyway, I got this t shirt, it’s an XXL for when I don’t want to be looked at, nice and loose. Just wear that.’

Wes got up with some interest in the t shirt. ‘You know, you’re right, loose fitting stuff would probably work quite well. He took his t shirt off and replaced it with the huge t shirt, admiring himself in the mirror. ‘Yeah, I like it, you’d never know I’d put on a few lbs in this’ he said, impressed by the idea. He nodded at Mike and hastily went out the door to walk to the store. Mike grinned and quickly phoned up a photographer. It was a baking hot day meaning that, within no time, that t shirt was going to be clinging to every bulge Wes had. That fat boy was going to show the world what he’d done to himself!

Wes returned home, feeling smug that the loose clothes worked so well and immediately went online to order a load more before settling down the watch TV all day. Mike snuck upstairs that evening to search for any articles about Wes’ gains. In no time the internet was awash with pictures of him that morning, marching to the store, led by his fat gut, clearly visible as the loose fabric stuck to every inch of him, making him look even fatter, if that was possible. Wes was still blissfully ignorant of the media storm surrounding him as he watched old movies downstairs. Mike came several times reading the comments people had left, looking at the pictures. The commentators estimated that Wes had gained anywhere between 70-100lbs of pure fat.

‘Fuck me! Wes has ballooned! I can’t believe it, he used to be so fit.’

‘Ugh, gross, I can’t believe Wes is so fat now’

‘What a fat pig! What’s this guy been eating?’

‘Haha, it’s so funny when hot guys get fat’

‘I used to have the biggest crush on this guy, but yuck, look at him now. His belly looks like beach ball’

‘Guys, forget the belly, look at that fat ass on him! LOL!’

Mike was so turned on, he even went down to cook up a few snacks for Wes as he settled in to his late night gaming session. He’d never been more turned on by anyone in his life.

Three months later and Mike sped home excitedly. He couldn’t wait to see Wes. The fat porker was going to be so excited for him.

‘I got the part!’ he burst out as he walked in through the door. ‘I’m the lead in the new Marvel movie! Can you believe it? This is the big time!’ he shouted.

Wes got up off his fat ass to come and hug him. His huge ball gut, leading the way and pressing in to Mike as he was given a massive congratulatory hug. ‘No one deserves it more than you’ he said kindly.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Mike used the occasion to coax Wes into a massive take out order and the pair of them sat there in front of a mountain of food. Wes ripped into the food like never before; a huge glutton. Afterwards, Wes heaved himself up and in to the living room.

‘Seems like this is a new start for both of us’ he said. ‘I’ll have to head back to work in two months so I’m going to start getting back my six pack’. Mike almost burst out laughing at the idea that Wes could lose all that lard in two months. Even that idea that he could ever lose that massive gut now he was so greedy was enough to make Mike smile. Wes removed his t shirt and flexed in the mirror, admiring the big arms he still had. His gut poured out under his chest and his hefty butt threatened to burst the seams of his tight shorts.

‘Maybe you don’t have to go back to work’ said Mike, seemingly lured in by the magnetic pull of Wes’ huge gut and equally huge bubble butt. ‘We’re filming in London for six months, I was thinking that maybe you could come along.’

Wes chuckled. ‘Why on Earth would you want me there?’ he asked.

‘I dunno, maybe for the same reason that I’ve been living here, despite the fact that the renovation work on my place was finished six months ago.’ Wes, turned to him, shocked at the genuine emotion that Mike was showing.

‘But why is that?’ he asked.

‘Because, maybe, being here, seeing you every day. You’re going to think I’m crazy’ said Mike turning away.

‘Go on’ said Wes, pulling him around to face him.

‘Well, I never used to be attracted to you. I thought you were just like everyone else here in LA, a plastic Ken doll. But seeing you these last few months as you’ve relaxed, put on a bit of weight, I’ve started to fall… in love with you.’

‘You have?’ asked Wes, barely hiding the delight in his voice. ‘And this belly’ he stroked the shelf at the top of his gut, ‘you like this?’

Mike nodded, not speaking. He wasn’t sure how Wes was going to respond. Wes turned slightly to the side as he contemplated. ‘So all those times, we went out for food and you saw me putting on weight, you were enjoying that?’

Mike nodded again, flushing red in the face.

‘Hey, don’t feel bad about it!’ said Wes, holding Mike by both shoulders, his gut almost touching Mike’s own flat stomach. ‘I’ve been attracted to you since the moment I first saw you. I’d have done anything to be with you.’

Mike still seemed slightly ashamed of himself, forcing Wes to continue. ‘Hell, I still would do anything to be with you’ he chuckled, leaning his gut into Mike and whispering in to his ear. ‘Know any good food places to eat in London?’


New Video for “No Fat Burger” aka NFB is up now Directed by Vitor Cervi

the losers as things i overheard in college part II

richie: “sometimes i wish it was socially acceptable to compare penis sizes with your bros”

bev: “if i have to hear one more straight boy talk about their ‘massive dong’ im leaving college”

ben: “if classic literature writers were alive nowadays do you think we’d have fuckboys in plays?”

eddie: “virginity is a social construct, my sociology lecturer basically told me this”

stan: “time isn’t real and we’re all slaves to capitalism”

mike: “dude i could totally go for a fat ass burger right now - but like a veggie one you get me?”

bill: “if my motherfucking psychology lecturer shows me a video of a clown one more time she’s getting decked”

Journey (Meals Not Included)  by Zunda Korokke

The Sudden Slump
Noctis: “All right, perfect!” 
Prompto: “Man Noct, you’re tough.” 

Ignis: “That’s it! I’ve come up with a new…” 
Noctis: “Oh, there you are, Ignis.” 

Ignis: “I’ve come up with a new… a new…”

Ignis: “I’ve got nothing…”

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Heart Breaker Burger. Bun aux sésamours perdus. Cœurs d'artichauts. Cupithon cru mariné au Saint-Valenthym. Cœur fendu de laitue. Tomate cœur de meuf. Vinaigrette au miel citrompée au cocumin. Moutarde seule qui maille. Barbapapa infidèle.

#burcœurbrisé #gouternestpastromper