Let's explain a thing

Fat shaming: “fat people are disgusting so I’m going to laugh and make fun of them”
NOT fat shaming: “being fat can have negative effects on your health so you should take responsibility and get healthy and not promote a destructive lifestyle”

Fat is the new gay

Fat people are told they’re unhealthy.

Gay people are told they’re unhealthy.

Companies discriminate against fat people.

Companies discriminate against gay people.

Fat people are shamed and made fun of.

Gay people are shamed and made fun of.

Medical professional see fat people as disease.

Medical professional use to see gay people as diseases.

Fat people are bullied in schools.

Gay people are bullied in schools.

Fat people can be fired due to being fat.

Gay people can be fired due to being gay.

Gay people are told to change their lifestyle.

Fat people are told to change their lifestyle.

An yet society only acknowledges  the struggle that gays go through and sees them as an minority. :/

Workplace bias against the fat is more prevalent than discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. And as you can probably guess, it’s worse for women. To clarify, neither the study nor we are insinuating that weight discrimination is somehow “worse” than racism or sexism. However, unlike its competitors, weight discrimination isn’t often talked about, and actually seems kind of acceptable. … Never mind that researchers now know over 140 locations across the human genome that contribute to obesity in various ways. Or that whether or not you’re overweight depends heavily on what part of the world you grew up in, what prescription drugs you’re taking, whether you have children (yes, in the case of both mothers and fathers), and your income and demographic group. Think the problem is that people these days have simply gotten too lazy? Well, studies show that in parts of the country where physical activity increased, so did obesity. (Note: People who exercise tend to eat more.) Oh, and your “lazy” Western lifestyle burns the same amount of energy as that of your hunter-gatherer ancestors.

5 Baffling Lies Society Told You About Fat People

Whenever I hear a  woman say that shes dieting or exercising, I really wanna give her a big hug and tell her that shes beautiful just the way she is. It’s sad that we live in a culture where women feel that unless they’re able to obtain some unrealistic, beauty standard created for the male gaze, then they’re worthless. Going to the gym or dieting won’t give you a perfect body. Having a body is what will give you a perfect body.

“If fat people just ate less calories, then they’d lose weight.”

Oh honey. Let me explain to you a little thing called set point. The set point is the theory that our bodies weight is predetermined at birth by outside factors. Such as our genetics and environment. When your body becomes accustom to a certain weight it will do everything in it’s power to stay at that weight. Like changing your hormone levels to increase appetite. Not everyone is meant to be a size 2, an that’s ok. Instead of us forcing others to conform to our social standards by shaming them, lets learn to embrace everyone’s differences and understand them.

No Excuses for Fat Existance

We’ve talked about this before, how fat people often feel as though we have to dress up to somehow justify the fact that we are fat, to prove that not all fat people are lazy, or something like that. And so often the pictures on tumblr enforce the idea that we are only worthy if we dress nicely. 

Well, once again, it’s time to say fuck that to that idea. 

Even this blog is guilty of overexposing those fat people who are wearing expensive clothes, lots of makeup, and are even photoshopped to remove “imperfections”. Lets face it, it’s hard to find pictures that aren’t like that because we can feel like we’re the only ones who don’t look like that, we can feel ashamed about it. 

Lets dedicate April 13th to us being unapologetically, no-excuses-needed fat. I want pictures of you all without makeup, without nice clothes, unphotoshopped, etc. Nsfw images will be accepted but be sure to tag them and please only submit those if you are 18+. (As always, we reserve the right not to publish every submission).

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to dress up in your every day life. Hey, if it makes you feel good, do it (or if it helps you express your gender, your identity, whatever it is, it’s all good stuff!) I’m all about decorating your body because your body is great. But it’s not realistic to do all the time, especially when plus sized clothing is already so expensive. And nobody looks “camera-ready” 24/7. So lets remind ourselves and each other that our bodies are great as they are! 

Please submit and signal boost, I’m excited to see everyone’s awesome submissions!

All these girls crying cause of Zayn Malik leaving and I’m over here crying because my macaroni didn’t heat up all the way

Shitty stereotypes about fat people:

- Fat people don’t exercise
- Fat people are lazy
- Fat people are smelly
- Fat people make bad employees
- Fat people are uncontrollable eaters
- Fat people are stupid
- Fat people don’t have sex 
- Fat people only have nasty fetish sex/relationships 
- Fat girls will never find love 
- Fat people are why there’s poverty 
- Fat people ate all the food in the world
- Fat people are desperate for dates and sex
- Fat people have to try harder with their personality 
- Fat people don’t groom themselves 
- Fat people blame diseases and genetics for their weight 
- Fat people only eat fast/processed food
- Fat people actively promote childhood obesity

“Thin people eat whatever they want and never get fat, I eat whatever I want and weigh 400lbs! It must be genetics!”

To a thin person, eating “whatever they want” is maybe a handful of chips a day. “Whatever I want” for fast food is generally one combo meal (Entree, fries, soda) and nothing else. After dinner “whatever they want” is MAYBE a scoop of ice cream for dessert. 9 times out of 10 dessert isn’t even an option because dinner was too filling.

To a fat person, eating whatever you want is literally whatever you want. Whole bag of chips in a day? No problem. Three or four burgers from McDonalds for lunch? You betcha. Dessert every night regardless of how filling dinner was? Definitely.

“Eating whatever you want” means completely different things to different people. When a thin person says they eat whatever they want and never seem to gain weight, it’s because they still manage to eat in moderation.

Start counting calories and you’ll realize why you’re fat.