Legend says if you swim out into the middle of any lake in a forest at night and float for just a bit while watching the stars you will suddenly discover a new constellation that was never in the skies before. You’ll rack your brain thinking that maybe you just forgot- but you’ll know it’s new. After you discover this new constellation you are to swim down to the bottom of the lake and touch the bottom with your toes or fingers. Eventually you will need a breath of air. If you swim back to the top you will find yourself at the edge of the lake close to were you entered. But if you remain underwater and gasp for air you will find that you can breathe underwater. Upon this realization, Nessie a.k.a The Lochness Monster, will swim over to you with a fat ass blunt and pass it to you. If you smoke up with her you will learn about the birth of the stars and galaxies. No one knows what happens if you are straight edge.

If I were to hang out with and smoke a fat fucking blunt joint with one follower a day it would take me 315 years to hang out with all my followers and a lot of fucking money on weed man!! expensive damn!!!