Economy Axle

Economy Axle

Hand crafted by Big Dave himself, of Predator Equipment. The economy axle is perfect addition to any fledgling strongman’s arsenal. Light enough when empty (7kg) to be used for any level, yet strong enough to handle some incredible weights.

The lack of Knurling on the Economy Axle is a blessing as well for both the experienced and the novice alike as it will torch your grip! Making…

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Nut, Seed and Berry Chocolate Bar

Don’t judge me for the things I eat for breakfast :’)

What I did:

- I got those little packs of mixed seeds etc, which had almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and goji berries in them (also had raisins but I picked those out). I chopped up the almonds a bit (I used my teeth ok 10x quicker). Then mixed it all with melted coconut oil, agave nectar and vanilla bean extract 

- Placed on coconut oil greased foil sheet and baked it for 5 mins (make sure to pre-heat the oven buddies) 

- melted ½ bar dark chocolate (5 chunky squares) and spread that on top

- put in freezer for 20mins (supposed to go in the fridge for 30mins but this was a food emergency)

Was having immense cravings this morning, but needed to go to tesco to buy more food which is never good, but instead of buying junk i let myself buy ingredients for this little treat :) pretty full now! 

doesn’t krem seem like the most boring and levelheaded dude in the world, doesn’t he seem like the kind of guy who rolls his socks into little packages and organizes them by color, doesn’t he seem like he has one favorite beer and one favorite food and hasn’t changed the kind of soap he uses in ten years because he buys it from the same lady every time they swing by that one village on their way up to the free marches.

Training 5/04/15- Bench Press, Fat Bar

Week 2 of using the fat bar went well. I went up in weight a bit and was still able to move the weight well. I decided to hit my back with some volume. The pull down machine I used has rotating handles so my forearms got a nice workout. My shoulder is still bothering me. I have been doing a lot to try to help it heal and feel better, but nothing seems to be working yet. Hopefully I will have some luck soon.

Bench Press: 105x3, 115x4, 115x5, 115x3, 115x3, 95x8

Pin Press: 95x5, 105x5, 105x4, 105x5

Seated Rows: 80x20x3

Pull Downs: 70x15x3

Rotator Cuff Exercises

CrossFit - 14.11.11

Strong Man

A whole session to find your MAX on a couple of these:

Fat Bar Deadlift
Fat Bar Clean & Jerk
Trap Bar Deadlift
Farmer Carry
Sled Pull
Rope Pull
Dead Ball Toss Over Shoulder

Had a go at a couple that I’d never tried before and have been wanting to.

Was really curious about the Trap Bar Deadlift and if I would lift any different to a normal Deadlift. I managed 160kg reasonably comfortably. I was somewhat surprised.

Next I tried the Log. Which on it’s own weighs 40kg. You deadlift it up, then hunch over the Log and use a bit of a hip thrust to roll the Log up your chest to your shoulders as you straighten out. Not a Clean! You can’t let it leave your body. Then you press out from there. Maxed out at 70kg. Really awkward movement.

Tried the sled pull last and only got to 60kg (excluding sled weight) before running out of time. This is so much harder than it looks too. Really have to get low and almost crawl to get it moving. Have to make sure to maintain a steady pace too so you aren’t jerking the weight because that throws you off balance a bit. Also really have to make sure you maintain a straight line, because any deviation just loses momentum and you’ll find yourself wandering off to the side in no time!

Whilst waiting for the sled pull, I had a go at the Dead Balls. Managed 65kg with not much fuss, but the 75kg was horrendous. Got it into the hip crease to try and roll it out over the shoulder, but just couldn’t quite get there. Really awkward.


Shoulders and Triceps A - Lifting Log

Shoulders and Triceps Variation A Second workout in phase 4 was another fun one. Tonight was all about experimenting with exercises for my shoulders and triceps. There was no PR attempts or an aim to completely obliterate my muscles. I mentioned before that I like to use a good chunk of phase 4…

Read the rest at: http://swoletron.com/2014/07/18/shoulders-triceps-lifting-log-4/

1.7 Workout

- Fat bar DL, sets of 5: 70, 110, 160 (mixed grip), 1@200 (MG), 2@160 (overhand)
Zercher squats, sets of 5: 20, 70, 110, 130, 130, 130
Barbell Russian Twist, 10 each side: 45, 55, 65
- Banded sumo side-step w/ quarter squats: 3 sets of 20 each leg
- Pushups: 12, 15, 18

-  Fat bar DL messes with my head. I always think I should be able to lift more. Did learn today though that apparently my hands are manly enough to prefer gripping the bar to holding with bent wrist only
- Had a couple of fbdl fails right at the top of the lift. clearly grip failure is currently my first concern here…
- First time Zercher squatting. A little weird and frustrating at first, but I think I sortof like it now (*from the comfort of my couch)
- Would like to do more Twisting in future. Also weird at first, but this is something I think I should be better at than I currently am

Countdown to shoulder surgery: 14 days