Fat biker

Chubby Sterek Plot Bunny # 6

Chubby bearded biker Derek. Like, just imagine Derek, his thick thighs stretching the leather of his chaps, his truly fat ass hanging out the back, his leather vest permanently molded to the shape of his big heavy belly, leaving a large gap of white t-shirt wrapped gut to hang below the black leather. And when Stiles rides “Bitch” behind his chubby hubby, he has to stretch his legs wider and wider each time to accommodate Derek’s fleshy hips, his arms reaching around less and less of Derek as his gets fatter. Derek’s belly going from round to dropping, to sitting directly on the motorcycle between his legs, the vibrations causing ripples through Derek’s ample flesh.

I imagine Derek’s little pack started out as leather clad hotties with werewolf muscles who used their bad-boy (and girl) images to intimidate and scare off creeps. (And of course they used their werewolf powers to scare off other things, but that’s besides the point.)

Between Derek’s massive biceps and Boyd’s boulder arms, and the tendency for the little old ladies to put In a call to Derek when they’re being threatened. the pack start getting called “the Big Guns.” “Those kids kept terrorizing Mrs Henderson. She tried to get them to stop, but they wouldn’t listen. Guess she had to bring out The Big Guns.”

Of course, with all their assisting of little old ladies, the pack gets showered in thank you gifts, mostly comprised of baked goods. Cookies, cakes, pies, ethnic desserts,…enough sugar and carbs to stymie even the hardest working wolf’s metabolism, so the pack starts to put on weight.

Of course, Stiles and Derek have been on each other’s radars long before the great baked good avalanche of ‘11. Stiles and Scott have the inescapable tendency to peruse shenanigans in the preserve, often finding themselves on the Hale’s private property where Derek has to shoo them off. And Derek is “sex on legs” according to Stiles. Derek is hot and grouchy with a marshmallowy interior to his bad boy exterior and while Stiles would have thought he’d never be someone to fall for a trope from an 80’s romance, if being that girl will get him into Derek’s sinfully tight jeans, he will become Molly Ringwald.

But nothing could prepare Stiles for the sight of Derek thickening up. At first, it’s only his highly trained eye that catches the way Derek’s vest is creased below his chest, or how his but sims just a little bit bouncier than before…but eventually everyone can see that not only is Derek getting chubby, but the rest of the pack is following suit. Isaac’s face is becoming more cherubic by the day, Erica looks more and more like a 50’s pin-up girl, and Boyd just accumulates mass like a professional wrestler. And Derek’s pack isn’t afraid to throw their weight around either. They’ve broken up enough fights that their name has shifted from being called “The Big Guns” to “The Bigguns.”

Of course, Derek’s no angel, and it’s a fight that he actually starts that gets he and Stiles together. Well, Derek threw the first punch. The drunk asshole who called Stiles “stupid f****t” was the start of it. And the end of it, really. Of course, getting hauled down to the station by the Sheriff is not the best way to meet the father of your crush, but John is well aware of what initiated the altercation, as well as how Derek kept himself between any violence and his son, who was too young to be in that bar. So maybe he gives Derek a little bit of a slide on this one. Stiles, on the other hand is pissed. He confronts Derek on his release about not needing the biker to fight his battles for him and minding his own business. Of course, their heated debate and sharp barbs exchanged end up in a heated kiss with an exchange of phone numbers.

Unfortunately for the pack’s waistlines, it’s all downhill for them from the moment Stiles becomes Derek’s boyfriend. Stiles makes it his personal duty to not only feed his man, but his man’s men. And Stiles is a fantastic cook. Derek is loathe to feed Stiles’s ego but he would suffer torture by hunters willingly if it meant he would be able to eat Stiles’s homemade chicken and dumplings, or his pot roast. Of course, all of the food Stiles cooks for the pack are heavy, stick to your ribs meals. Food that Stiles has been longing to make, but has been avoiding in favor of lighter, more diet-friendly fare for his dad. But with a group of biker werewolves who can heal serious wounds in minutes, Stiles doesn’t worry about adding a little bit of butter there, a little bit of cream here.

And the result is incredible. Derek is at the forefront of the growth, his frame practically exploding with weight gained. Isaac has much more of an innocent, baby-like quality to his gains, though his snark is as present as ever. And Erica has gone from curvaceous to delightfully plump. Boyd’s just started to sag, but he focuses of turning a lot of his intake into muscle, so he’s just generally huge…er.

And though Derek is determined to make sure he’s always able to ride his motorcycle and protect the people of beacon hills, he just can’t say no to Stiles.

Another Shot

Warning Verbal abuse. Weight shaming.

You gave your boyfriend a smile before opening the door to the clubhouse. He was meeting your father for the first time. You both were nervous.
“Hey Daddy”.
“Hey, hows my Baby Girl”. He asked as he gave you a hug.
“I’m good, I want you to me Eric”.
“Eric this is my dad Bobby Munson”.
“Nice to meet you sir”. He stuck out his hand for Bobby to shake.
Your dad brushed him off. “First dont call me sir and you dont put your hands on my daughter ”. He grabbed you and sat you down in a chair beside him.
“Dad we were just holding hands”.
“I dont care, your mother and I didnt hold hands till our first anniversary”.
You laughed. “I was born before that even happened”.
“Mr. Munson, I love you daughter”. “Thats why I’m here, I wanted to know the man that created a amazing daughter”. Eric sucked up
“Kid you dont know what love it”. “All you’re looking for is to get in my daughters pants and it will never happen”. Bobby pulled out his gun.
“DAD”! You gasped “What the hell”.
“Dude, I’m not into that until she has lost some pounds”. Eric poked your stomach.
“Dont you fucking dude me , if you ever talk about her weight again, I’m gonna whoop  your ass”. Your dad got in Erics face.
“You need to back off old man”.
“I will kick your preppy ass”.
“Okay guys break it up”. “Eric lets go”. You said as you pulled Eric away.
“Your father started it, I was just being truthful”.
“Just come on”.
“You dont need this douche bag Y/N, there’s better guys out there”. Your dad started to walk to you.
“She will never find someone like me”.
“Dad its fine”. “Bye”
Bobby watched as you walked out with Eric. He was still cussing up a storm.
It was catching the attention of the guys in the garage .
“Hey Y/N is everything alright”. Juice came out.
“Yeah, just some shit”.
“Hey dickhead, dont talk to my girl”. Eric yelled
Juice laughed. “She was my girl before she was yours”.
“Juice dont start okay”.
“Whats he talking about”.
“I use to date Juice”. “Long time ago”.
“You dated a Mexican , I cant believe I kissed you after you kissed him”. Eric spit on the ground.
“Hey, ESE”. “I’m Puente Rican and shes done a lot more than kissing with her mouth when we were dating”.
“ORTIZ”. “OH GOD WHY”. You put your hands on your head.
“You fucking slut, I cant believe I wasted my time on a fat, mexican dating, biker whore”. Eric yelled in your face.
Juice came running over and socked Eric in the throat. “You are the waste of time, your lucky to be even in her presence”. “You dont ever fucking talk to her like that, she is a beautiful woman, she has amazing curves that I love to hold, the way she smiles and the way she looks with no makeup on”. “I screwed up so bad”.
“Fuck you”. Eric said as Juice kicked him in the stomach.
You just stood there. Looking at Juice beat up Eric. Not wanting to move but wanting to run at the same time.
“Y/N you okay”. Juice asked.
“Hhmm, what”?
“I said are you okay”.
“Yeah, I’m good”.
Juice grabbed Eric and kicked him in the ass. “You walk the fuck home and never see Y/N again”. Eric flipped him the bird.
“Come on Y/N, lets go inside”. Juice walked you in and sat you down on the couch.
“I’m sorry you had to watch that, he should know how to treat a woman”.
“I’m fine Juice, what got me is that you said you screwed up”.
“I did, big time”.
“How”. You asked
“Pushing you away, Bobby told me that he didnt want you in this life”. “So I knew what I had to do”.
“Bobby is not my keeper, I can do what I want with my life”. “You should’ve came to me and I would have spoken with my father”. “I loved you Juan”.
“I still love you Y/N”.
“ I cant believe you let my father scare you into breaking up with me”. “I was planning a future with you”.
“I’m sorry, I was a prospect and I was afraid if I didnt end it then I wouldnt get in ”.
“So being in the club was more important than being with me”. You said as tears started to roll down your face.
“At that time yes, but I’ve changed”. “I ask Bobby about you all the time”. “Once he told me that I would’ve made a great son in law”. “He feels bad about it too”.
“I’ve changed to”. “I let people walk all over me now, because I thought if you didnt want to be with me, then who would”. You wiped a way a tear.
“I cant forgive myself for what I did to you and I’m not asking you too”. “But can you give me another shot and I promise you I will never do anything to hurt you again”.
“Juice you hurt me so bad, I dont think I could trust you again”. “How do you come back from being hurt by someone you fell deeply in love with”.
“It will take time, I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you and earn your trust back”. “I will never disappoint  you”.
“Okay, one chance and if you mess or listen to someone else and screw it up again, I will bury you”.
Juice kissed you softly. “I love you Y/N Munson”.
“I love you too Juan Carlos Ortiz”.
“I’m glad your two back together”. Bobby spoke up.
“Geez dad give someone a heart attack”. You laughed.
“Thanks Bobby, I promise I will protect her and love her until die”.
“You better son, if not I’ll kick your ass”.
The three of you laughed. It was beginning  to get back like old times again. Juice slowly gained your trust. He didnt care about your weight, he just loved you for you. In his eyes your weight just told him how much love you have in you.

Rider Jacket worn rinse from Lee.
Button down Shirt from Lee.
Braces leather from Lee 101.
ED 55 unwashed jeans from Edwin.
FBC & Blitz Motorcycles Tee from Fat Boy Clothing.
Medium Biker Wallet, Wallet Rope and Loop Keyring from Timeless Leather Craftsmanship.
Bandana from Stetson.