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Okay, I apologise for the terrible editing and all but just really wanted to highlight one of the more underrated running jokes from the fullerverse that absolutely cracks me up.

November 14, 2016
Mix by Lance Scott Walker
Photo by Peter Beste

Mr. 3-2 “Right Quick Right Fast” from H Town Underworld TV
Mr. 3-2 “Slowed Up” (2008) from Fatt Domino (Down South Records)
3-2 “My Sweet Trick” (1996) from Wicked Buddah Baby (Rap-A-Lot)
Southside Playaz (Mr. 3-2, Fat Pat, Mike-D) “Swang Down” (2000) from Street Game
Convicts (Mr. 3-2, Big Mike) “Penitentiary Blues” ft. James Prince (1991) from Convicts (Rap-A-Lot)
Blac Monks (Mr. 3-2, AWOL, Da) Buddha Nature (1994) from Secrets Of The Hidden Temple (Rap-A-Lot)
Mr. 3-2 “Them Against Me” DJ Screw (1996) from Floss Mode ‘96
Mr. 3-2 “This Game We Play” (2008) from Fatt Domino
Southside Playaz - What’s Going On (2000) from Street Game (LafTex)
Big Mello, Mr. 3-2, Big Steve “Outta Control” (1999)
DJ Screw “Comin Down (3-2)” (1995/1996) from Floss Mode ’96
Southside Playaz “Baby Boo” (1998) from You Gottus Fuxxed Up (LafTex)
Mr. 3-2, Big Hawk “Don’t Play Won’t Play” (2001)
Mr. 3-2, Billy Cook “Holding It Down” (2009)
Mike D, Big Hawk, Mr. 3-2 “Bacc When Screw Was Alive” (2009)
Mr. 3-2, UGK “Ya Wanna Ride” (1996)
Macc Grace, Lil O, Mr. 3-2 “New Day” (2015)
Mr. 3-2 “Streets Keep Callin’ Me” (2013)
Mr. 3-2, 8ball & MJG, Too Short “Hit The Highway” (1996) from Wicked Buddah Baby. Produced by Mike Dean.
Screwed Up Click (Big Hawk, Mr. 3-2, Chris Ward) “What’s Going On” (2014) from The Takeover
Mr. 3-2 “It’s Rough” (2001) from The Governor
Chocolate, Lord 3-2, Snoop & CPO “Niggas Is Like That” (1992) Death Row

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