I have a fiction class and I have to turn in a short story this Thursday and for the past two weeks I’ve been mulling over what to write about. My professor doesn’t like genre fiction (fantasy, sci-fi, horror, etc.) And she wanted the story to “realistic” and all the stories I write are genre fiction. So I just KNEW I was gonna have a hard time.

So she tells us to write about what’s important to us and I know I hate fatphobia/fatshaming so I was thinking of making a story about a fat girl who always wanted to try yoga but she gets rejected and humiliated by the yoga instructor who tells her “fat girls don’t do yoga” and the fat girl ends up training herself at home really hard to prove the snobby yoga instructor wrong.

She has her family discouraging her and her brother making jokes about her size. But this gives her the motivation to TRY harder. So over the course of weeks she gets better and also more flexible and she learns a hard yoga pose to do (I’ll have to look up difficult yoga poses) and then comes to the yoga class at the very end of the story.

Yoga instructor insults her and everyone else laughs but she sticks through the entire session. Yoga instructor gets mad and then tells the class to try the hard yoga pose and she thinks the fat girl won’t be able to do it so when the class, the yoga instructor and the fat girl go to do the position everyone fails and the yoga instructor even is struggling but not the fat girl.

She has perfect symmetry, balance and isn’t even breaking a sweat. Eventually the yoga instructor falls and the fat girl lifts up and ends it with a snarky statement:

“Seems like fat girls /can/ do yoga Helen.”

So that’s basically my story I just gotta obviously add more concrete details and dialogue. But that’s the gist.

I’ve always been afraid to do yoga cause of my size but not I /really/ wanna do it because of inspirational fat babes who have done yoga. And this story is about a insecure fat girl who was humiliated because of her size only to rise up and be on top.


So whatcha think???