This are some amazing and positive feed backs that Maddie has gotten in the past two days, it has being an amazing week for out little buggie, and I know that there are so many amazing things to come, I can’t wait to see those new photo shots she had with possible VF and Teen vogue hopefully, also I can’t wait to watch those secrets projects she shot with Bluebot studio back in LA.

I am truly happy for Maddie, she is going places, and the MEDIA and loads of famous and talented celebrities really love her and can see the real Maddie.

20 Moments that Rocked the Fashion World in 2011

9. Andrej Pejic being named the 98th sexiest woman in the world by FHM and the backlash:

The fact that the androgynous male model had been named #98 on FHM‘s list of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World flew relatively under the radar, likely because Andrej’s entry was mysteriously absent from the magazine’s website. Eventually, a screenshot of the scathing article surfaced, in which the author calls Andrej a “thing” and says that he needed a “sick bucket” when he heard that the model had aspirations of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model. Following the inevitable shitstorm, the publication ended up apologizing, citing a lack of copy editing as the reason that the piece ran in the first place. Whatever you say, guys. This atrocity came on the heels of an equally infuriating story, in which Barnes & Noble forced Dossier to censor its cover that featured a topless Pejic at the magazine’s own expense.

Leighton Meester Talks Fashion and Life After Gossip Girl (She Wants to Garden) at Roger Vivier’s Cocktail Party

Last night storied French footwear label Roger Vivier threw a cocktail party at their Upper East side store to celebrate their fall winter “Uptown-Downtown” collection as well as limited edition collection “Rendez-Vous.” Creative director Bruno Frisoni’s creations for the brand–particularly the “Rendez-Vous” collection which he described as “Rock! Think Keith Richards”–nearly outshone all the fashion starlets who turned out to sip champagne and shoe-drool. Leighton Meester was there, and so were industry darlings Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Marie Amelie Sauve, Hamish Bowles, Hanne Gabe Odiele, Emily Weiss and Leandra Medine. Plus Alexandra Richards was DJing. Needless to say, it was a very chic event.

We caught Meester, who looked lovely in sequined J.Mendel, Vivier accessories and Bulgari jewels, staring distractedly at some studded Vivier boots so we seized the moment to check in with the Gossip Girlstar.

“Vivier is a very classic look, but then they have stuff with studs–they have a signature and the shoes are beautifully made but they still have an edge,” she told us. “I love those gloves,” she added, distracted again, by a pair of leather studded elbow-length gloves.

Meester’s GG co-star Blake Lively is outspoken for her red carpet Chanels and for not having a stylist, but truth be told we’re generally bigger fans of Blair’s off-camera style. So how does she get dressed for the red carpet?

“I have a stylist who is very helpful,” she said immediately. “But I also pay attention and visit and look at all the shows and things that I like and things that speak to me. And if there’s ever an occasion to wear something gorgeous I feel very lucky to be able to don it.”

And since Meester has said she’ll be leaving her iconic role as Blair on Gossip Girl after her contract is up in about a year, we had to ask about her post-show plans.

“I don’t know what I’ll do,” she said rather dreamily. “I think both singing and movies. I’d like to continue writing and performing and making music. I would like to travel. I want to go to school. I want to garden and cook and work on other things that i haven’t been able to do.”

But she appreciates how lucky she has it right now. “I’m enjoying this time now so much,” she said. “When I look back, this has been the destiny of my life and it’s been amazing to spend the bulk of my 20s on a show living in New York and carrying out this alter ego life of a character that I love. Someday it will be the past, but for now it’s the now and I love it.”

Want to see what kept distracting Ms. Meester? Check out what Frisoni described as his “30s sophistication” meets “punk rock glamour” shoes for Roger Vivier.



According to the most popular September cover look was this GORGEOUS mustard and black silk chiffon gown from Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection. This floral number was featured on five covers in one month (and the most important cover, no less). Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked incredible wearing this gown earlier in summer for the Transformers 3 premiere in Moscow.

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Blair Waldorf’s Headbands Now Available For Those Gossip Girl Fans With a Spare $4,000 Lying Around

Aside from those gratuitous teenage sex scenes set to One Republic and Blake Lively’s cleavage, the best part of Gossip Girl was Blair Waldorf’s headbands. From simple studs to ornate sparkles, the headbands seemed to be the secret to Queen B’s power.

And, now, for the low, low price of $4,000, those headbands can be yours. Jennifer Behr is the designer behind many of Blair’s magical head pieces, and to commemorate the series’ end, she’s selling a gift set of Blair’s greatest hits, including the ultimate “Queen B” headband (you know, the one bestowed so undeservedly on Little J at the end of season two). We can only assume/hope there’s a surprise night with Chuck Bass thrown in there.

Dear Santa, you know you love us. XOXO, Fashionista

Click through to see all nine headbands, and buy your Blair Waldorf gear here.


Fashionista Revamps Labels’ Logos

Since YSL has decided to change the name of the label & its logo, Fashionista had a bit of fun by recreating some of their favorite designers’ logos from Givenchy to Mary Katrantzou. Hahaha. I love this so much.


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Ahoy Textbook friends. I’m stoked to let the cat out of the bag (again, whoops I posted it for 3 minutes yesterday) about this Fashionista Jonie that starts today. I’ll be posting over there each week, but instead of doing characters from books and history, I’ll be doing fashion industry people. We chose Kate Lanphear, Senior Style Director of Elle to start because she’s fucking awesome. To see the looks, just head on over to Fashionista and drop a comment there or here for who you wanna see next. Of course you can always tweet to either of us (@johnjannuzzi and @fashionista_com)

And boom, Kate Lanphear is my 170th character post. Check them all out here in the index.