Please visit my store and help me save up enough to learn to drive and eventually buy a car!!

Things have been rough lately and the fact that I have to rely on my family and taxis to get to work all the time means I’m often late and I’m on the verge of being fired.. .and that paired with my crippling depression is not fun lmao

My family have promised to help me save up enough to be able to afford driving lessons and a car, but with my dogs vet bills and my own meds to pay for, it’s just not happened.

I have so many unworn items of clothing that I thought it would be a good idea to sell them and hopefully save up a bit of money. Almost all of the items I sell are brand new and have never been worn and many are from quite expensive brands but I want to sell them for as cheap as I can since I know so many of you struggle with money too.

I’ll be adding many new items over the next week so please check back!! I know the items may not be everyone’s size or style but I would appreciate it if you could all signal boost this so hopefully someone out there will find an item thats perfect for them!!

A link to my store is here !!!