The Broadway and fashion world rubbed elbows last night to celebrate Darren Criss and his return to the boards in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which he’s killing it in, through July 19th. Christian Louboutin (who Criss frequently wears) and Bergdorf Goodman hosted a party at The Jane Hotel in the Jane Ballroom, which was fitting as Hedwig began in 1998 at the Jane Street Theatre. The evening brought a special performance by Criss (who opted out of performing anything from the show on his night off) and Cole Ramstad and the Chinatown All Stars. From the fashionsphere we spotted Todd Snyder, Richard Chai (who dresses Criss for his live shows), Brendan Fallis, Bee Shaffer, Julie Henderson, BG men’s fashion director Bruce Pask, while Idina Menzel, Andrew Rannells, Robert Lopez, Stephen Trask, Rebecca Naomi James, Peter Yankowitz, and Nikki James represented The Great White Way. Perhaps the most surprising and random guest was late arrival Paula Abdul who is in town for the Fox upfronts and gets our vote as friendliest celeb on the planet. The So You Think You Can Dance judge posed for pictures, chatted with guests, and spread the Paula glitter to all who entered her orbit. Straight up.

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“ends up homeless and armed” made me laugh i’m sure that makes me a bad person but seriously the point about arming a rando in an atmosphere of general unrest you made a few posts ago is spot on. is he paying no attention at all??

Hey citizens! Report an imminent crime, get a free firearm!! No background check, no limit!  (must look respectable, be male, further restrictions may apply) 


Remember yesterday when I said I can’t wait to share the secret project I’ve been working on? That day arrived sooner than I expected!! A few weeks ago, with a very short time limit I had the great experience modeling for hat designer Mina Maeda for her brand Grosgrain’s spring/summer line, it ended up being a huge collaboration work with photographer Manuel Kniepe (my current favorite photographer to work with!!). The editorial photos will be exhibited in SHIBUYA - Do Progetto along with a special spring/summer preview of grosgrain from may 29-31. I will be there on the first day with Manuel so please do come by for a little chat! Please  check out our Facebook event for more information.Before I forget, a huge thank you to Polyvore who played a huge part in this without knowing it, without polyvore i wouldn’t have met mina san !!  I’ve attached some behind the scenes photos/diary bellow too…

昨日の投稿で公開するのを楽しみにしているシークレットプロジェクトがあるって言ったでしょ?公開する日がいがいと早く来てしまった!!実は、何週間か前に短い時間のなか大コラボレーションをしたんです!帽子デザイナーとスタイリストMina MaedaさんのブランドGrosgrainのSpring/Summerラインのモデルをしました!写真は今、私のお気に入りフォトグラファーManuel Kniepeさんが撮りました!エディトリアルはSpring/Summer Collectionと一緒に渋谷のDo Progettoに5月29日〜31日まで展示されます。最初の日は一日中そこにいるので、おしゃべりしに来てください〜!Facebook Eventに細かい事が書いてあります!忘れる前にPOLYVOREのみなさんありがとうございます!このプロジェックとを知らずにものすごく手伝ってくれました!なぜならPOLYVOREがなかったらこんなminaさんにも出会わなかったかもしれない!

Vous vous rappelez quand je vous ai dit que je pense pas que je pourrais attendre pour vous tous reveller? baaah. ce jour est arrivé beaucoup plus tôt que je le pensais. Il y a quelques semaine avec une limite de temps très serré j’ai eu une opportunité magnifique pour faire un peu de modelling pour la collection printemps/été de Grosgrain une marque de  Mina Maeda, styliste et  designer de chapeau. C’est devenu une grande collaboration avec mon photographe préféré a travailler avec: Manuel Kniepe . Cette série éditorial sera exposé a Do Progetto a Shibuya du 29-31 mai avec une prévu de la collection printemps/été de grosgrain. Regardez la page événement de Facebook pour plus d’informations. Avant que j’oublie, un grand merci a Polyvore qui a joué un grand rôle dans ce project sans meme le savoir. Sans polyvore je n’aurais jamais rencontre Mina san! J’ai aussi attache des photos behind the scenese ci dessous. 

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I joined a Lolita fashion group on Facebook for my state and they’re having a meet up in about two months and I was invited. And it’s like, oh! every post I see of Lolita fashion meet ups, everyone looks like they have so much fun but I have nothing to wear!! Well, like, literally. Literally nothing to wear. Maybe someday…

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When His Majesty Fashion “HMF” meets up with HM @hm …. Express @expressrunway … Steven Land @stevenlandclothing and Aldo @aldo_shoes it’s a match made in #GQFashion!

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Fashion Truck Meet Up at #irvinespectrum - May 15-17 11-10pm