louis is really out here destroying yeezys with no regard to their status as the world’s most sought-after shoe, he’s out here wearing wool pants in 70-80 degree desert heat, he’s been on ASOS menswear’s weekly ootd column 3 times in 3 weeks, his complete outfits are often worth more than $2000, he’s branching out into more niche/independent fashion labels and designers, i think we all know who the real king of fashion is here

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your career as a model has really took off. you have received so many job offers after walking the Yves Saint Laurent show in paris at fashion week. since then fashion labels like marc jacobs, gucci, dolce & gabbana, prada, miu miu and more have contacted your manager and magazines like vogue, love and harpers bazaar have had you in for shoots and interviews. life was looking insane for you and today was another day to add to the list. 

you were so surprised to receive a call from your manager telling you that calvin klein, yes calvin klein the fashion label would like to have you in for a shoot. you were beyond ecstatic. you have always love calvin klein and their elegant products as well as funky and old style campaigns. starting as a model you have always aimed to shoot for calvin klein. you were just screaming on the inside. 

this whole month you have been full of energy and dancing around every chance you get. your mind couldn’t get off the fact that you would be doing a calvin klein shoot so soon. everyone that you were able to tell have been so glad and happy for you. 

as the day came you woke up extra early due to your excitement. all morning you were unable to stop moving. you ate breakfast, had a shower and got ready for one of the most exciting opportunities you have received. you let your hair fall into loose curls and applied some light makeup to give the illusion that you are more awake then you actually were. you spritz some vanilla perfume on and threw your camel coat on and left the house.

arriving at the location you were just so excited. you entered the building and told the receptionist that you were here shooting for calvin klein, she gave you all the information you needed and you quickly arrived to the location. 

standing infront of you when you entered was a middle aged lady with a clipboard in her hands and a pen in her mouth. she removed the pen and smiled at you. ‘you must be y/n, oh my you are prettier in real life’ she greeted you. you smiled ‘haha thank you its lovely to meet you’ you replied with a blush creeping onto your cheeks. ‘oh I’m sorry I’m jen and ill be running everything today’ she smiled. she then lead you into the dressing room where you were met with your makeup artist. ‘hello, oh my gosh what a beautiful girl.’ the man said as he stepped back and admired your face. ‘what a perfect canvas.’ he smiled. you giggled and shook his hand ‘I’m y/n, lovely to meet you’ you said smoothly. ‘oh you are so beautiful, I’m julian, come follow me’ the dark skinned beauty guided you to your chair and sat you down. you both got along automatically and began to chat away about almost everything. the conversation was going great, julian was hilarious and so entertaining. it wasn’t until something he said really grabbed your attention. ‘are you nervous about shooting with harry?’ julian asked. you stopped for a moment repeating the question. ‘harry?’ you asked confused. julian looked at you in shock. ‘oh my gosh love, you don’t know? you are shooting this campaign with harry styles’ julian explained. your breath was caught in your throat. harry styles. the insanely gorgeous harry styles. julian has got to be joking.

before you could even say another world jen walked in the room checking the time. ‘y/n we are starting in 5 minutes come with me to get changed love’ jen said pretty quickly. you paused for a moment still in shock from the news julian told you. you quickly got out of your chair and followed jen to the change room. you jogged up to jen, ‘jen am i shooting with harry styles?’ you asked in complete innocence. jen paused and looked at you ‘yes silly. did your manager not tell you.’ you shook your head. jen let out a little laugh and signalled you to follow her. you arrived to the change room where you were handed an orange calvin klein thong. is that all? jen spoke to you while you dressed. ‘don’t worry about it love, harry is lovely.’ she assured you. you nodded and followed her out. she handed you a robe to put on over your practically bare body. ‘i can’t believe you didnt know you were shooting with harry.’ she began ‘he was the one who asked for you in the shoot’ she laughed. ‘what do you mean?’ you asked. ‘he first saw you walking the yves saint laurent show and ever since he wanted to shoot this campaign with you.’ she informed you. you were left in shock. once you reached the set your nerves struck you. there was a white wall and floor as the set like lots of shoots but there was also a bathtub full of bubbles, pink petals, orange peels and glitter. you were excited but still really nervous and self conscious now that you knew you were going to be photographed in only a thong.

you were bought back to life by a manly voice. ‘hello love i am mario and i am going to be your photographer.’ he smiled. the man was a bit older, maybe his 30′s you guessed. you could also hear a tint of an italian accent laced behind his voice. you smiled and introduced yourself. then the rest of the crew shook hands with you and introduced themselves as well as you. then a few more people entered the room. harry styles, jen, julian and a few other people. you shook hands with the people and then you reached harry styles. ‘hello love I’m harry lovely to meet you’ he greeted in his charming british accent. his voice was so smooth and delicate you could almost melt. you smiled ‘hello i’m y’n, its a pleasure to work with you’ you smiled as a blush crept onto your cheeks. you were both in white robes ready to start. ‘shall we start’ mario proposed and everyone cheered and nodded. harry swiftly took his robe off leaving him in orange calvin klein boxers with a white waistband and cali klein written along it in black. the matching set to your thong. you took off your robe leaving you in nothing but a thong and holding your bare breasts in your arms. you looked up at harry and saw him smirk before turning back to mario. you blushed but listened to instructions. everything you both needed to know was already said and you two walked towards the bath.

it was halfway through the shoot and the music in the background was playing calmly and the shots were being taken. harry and you were not awkward at all, it actually felt quite comfortable. the shoot was quite intimate which lead to a lot of touchy touchy shots and pleasurable scenes. mario was so happy with both of you he just couldn’t stop smiling. mario stated he didnt want any full nudity slipping out which you were thankful for. that meant your nipples wouldn’t be peeking out at anytime. in some shots harry would be holding your breasts for you which he was quite cheeky about. you both would giggle at times like school kids but at other times all you could hear was his heavy breathing in your ear and his sensational touch on you. mario wanted the scenes to portray a young couple in pure lust and love. harry would be kissing your neck and your head would be tilted back in pleasure. it was an amazing shoot and the bath and wetness just made it even more lustful. once the shoot was done everyone was cheering. mario was just so happy. you both put your robes on and mario gave you both a massive hug. he was just so ecstatic. he said the photos turned out even better then he imagined. he called it “i create in my calvin.”

you thanked the crew and everyone else before heading back to your change room. its been a few moments since you had just arrived in your change room and you were just staring at yourself in the mirror. in nothing but your thong you just couldn’t believe the amazing creation you were apart of. and how gorgeous harry was. a second later harry opened your change room door and came in. ‘hello love’ he smirked. he was just so irresistible. ‘hello’ you smiled. he walked over to you and leant into your ear to whisper, ‘i just wanted to say you were amazing and that i had such an amazing time with you’ you almost had an orgasm just from his raspy voice but you contained yourself. but before you could reply, harry had start peppering kisses on your neck and then pinned you against the dressing room wall. your were in complete shock not expecting this at all. you moaned as harry sucked on your sweet spot and then let his hand roam around your wet body. he tightly held his grip on your ass before slowly taking you to the carpet floor beneath you both. you were struggling to keep your body still as he placed sloppy kisses on your neck, collarbones, chest, boobs, core and just above your thong that you had yet to remove. he then lifted his head and stared at you in the eyes, his eyes full of lust and you just couldn’t let him stop there. ‘harry please’ you moaned in an airy breath. ‘tell me what you want baby’ he groaned in his raspy velvet voice. ‘i want you please, harry p-please’ you caved. he smirked and then pulled down the thong so your body was left fully bare. he pulled hid boxers down and lined himself to you. he then slowly thrusted into you causing you to tilt your head back even more and arch your back due to the massive  amount of pleasure you were receiving. harry thrusted into you and leaned down to place a kiss on your collarbone and then your jaw. ‘fuck y/n’ he moaned. ‘you’re so tight baby’ he spoke in a husky voice. you opened your eyes and were met with his forest green eyes twinkling. ‘fuck harry I’m gonna cum’ you gasped as you felt yourself almost reach your high. harry sped up a little bit so when you did you would feel absolutely amazing. the both of you reached your highes and harry fell beside you. the room was full of heavy panting and the smell of sweet sex. harry stood up and retrieved his robe. he then reached his hand out to pull you off the ground which you gladly took. ‘lovely meeting you y/n’ harry smirked and winked at you. and then he leaned in and gave you a kiss on the cheek and slowly whispered in your ear ‘and i love your vanilla scent baby.’ he said and then winked and left the room just like that. 

fucking harry styles.


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Do you have more ideas for fanfics you wish you could write but couldnt?

Penny: Ladybug is a wish bringer who Adrien finds but all of her wishes come with consequences. He wishes his father’s fashion label would take off so they’d no longer be struggling financially, but when Gabriel becomes super rich he starts neglecting the family. Then Adrien’s mother gets sick and Adrien wishes for her to be healed, but the whole near-death thing makes her realize she deserves better and she leaves Gabriel.


Penny: A short story where future Adrinette’s marriage is on the rocks so their kids borrow Nooroo and one of them makes the other a champion who either sends Adrinette back in time or traps them in a shared dream where they’re in high school again, and through their adventures as Ladybug and Chat Noir they remember why they fell in love with each other in the first place and start working things out.

That one’s called “Teenage Dream.”

Penny: The children’s hospital AU where LB and CN are fictional mascots of a children’s hospital. Adrien works there as Chat Noir to atone for being too scared to visit his sick twin brother, who died several years earlier and loved Chat Noir. Marinette works there as Ladybug because the girl she babysat is a current patient. Hospital rule: the actors playing Ladybug and Chat Noir can’t know each other’s identities. Angst level is an 11/10 in that one.

For every story I write there at least three that go unwritten. =w=

Okay, I’m going to write a longer post about Cathy here because I think there needs to a lot more discussion about it, I’d love it if you could publish (and maybe tag) it, though I think it’s too long for a confession:

Today is Equal Pay Day and Cathy did a post on instagram using it as a setup to promote aboutyou, a site that sells clothes. Do I think it’s good and important that people talk about income inequality? Of course! But then instead of talking about her own experiences with it (or using her insta as a platform for other women to do that), she uses it to promote herself and a site she has a collaboration with.

She wears a “Grrl Power” hoodie on women’s day, but then she turns around and calls Salma Hayek “cheap looking” because she “has large breasts” or calls Halle Berry “not elegant” for wearing her natural hair texture. This is not merely something she said out of ignorance, these are official statements she made in articles she got paid for, in a field she claims to be an expert in. The same way she chose to work for BILD (a newspaper known for its racism and sexism) and got paid by them for her remarks about how “Brazilians steal so much”. She directly profits from being racist and attacking other women (especially women of color) for their bodies. And then she claims to be a feminist when it suits her to promote herself.

It’s not the only time she has done stuff like this. For example, she has worked with PETA against fur in clothes, but the fashion label where she is a designer (The Mercer) still uses fur, she still has no problems wearing leather shoes and handbags, but then she claims to be an animal rights activist to promote herself.

Cathy Hummels has repeatedly gotten jobs that would have normally gone to more experienced and more educated women (sky, Stern and BILD usually only hire top-of-the-class graduates that have studied a field related to journalism/media and have done multiple internships), then she usually abandons these things after 6 months - 1 year, opportunities that other women work decades to have one shot at. And afterwards Cathy claims to be a dedicated, independent woman.

I don’t care who she’s married to, but her appropriating social issues for her own financial gain without having the slightest idea about these issues while simultaneously also (financially and otherwise) benefitting from racism and sexism are actively harmfult to other women. Namely those who are in less privileged positions than her.

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Wtf is the theme supposed to be?

The Met Gala theme is supposed to be Comme des Garçons.
French for “like some boys”, is a Japanese fashion label founded by and headed by Rei Kawakubo who is supposed to be being honored.
The theme currently is people with money don’t read invitations.


Gifset in the honour of the fifth wedding anniversary of William and Catherine (2/5): the Royal Wedding.

On 16 November 2010, Prince William and Catherine Middleton announced their engagement, after eight years of dating. They married on 29 April 2011 in a lavish ceremony in Westminster Abbey. 

Catherine’s bridal gown was designed by Sarah Burton, head of the Alexander McQueen fashion label. Prince William wore his uniform. 

Around 1,900 guests attended the ceremony, amongst of course the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Camilla and members of Catherine’s family. Her sister Pippa was maid of honour. Prince Harry was best man for Prince William. After the ceremony, the couple drove by carriage towards Buckingham Palace, where they shortly after arrived on the Palace Balcony. They kissed twice. Afterwards the Prince drove his new wife back home in an Aston Martin, borrowed from his father. The party continued late into the night. 

Since their wedding Prince William and Catherine are known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Comes with two sets of pasties, and has some super awesome prints. These with an all black outfit would be killer!

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you know whats fun? monster teachers/staff members. had these lying around for a few months lol

ETA: More staff from the same school!!

  • Mr. Edmund DiMartino | Boogeyman | Trigonometry | very passionate about math, to the point that students find him scary and hostile. married do the swim coach, which no one believes because she’s so nice and pretty. has a garage band from his high school days he still plays with.
  • Mrs. Mary Kringle-Pascual | Witch | Home Economics | has two familiars; a cookbook named Cuisine and a pair of scissors named Organza. mother of two boys. god help you if you hurt her family or friends in any way.
  • Ms. Katrina Pesado | Zombie (Skeleton) | Librarian | sweet disposition but vaguely unsettling because of how she tends to move when you aren’t looking. owns several garments from high fashion labels that she got from when she used to model. loves mexican hot chocolate.
  • Ms. Marisha Distefano | Alchemist | Security Guard | responsible mainly for containing accidental alchemic creatures made during science class. never takes off her goggles. loves cheesy jokes and pranking the other security guards.
  • Mrs. Jael Ditchon | Angel | Geometry | sarcastic and cynical, but very charismatic and nice. Mother of two kids - both high school age - with a third on the way. Co-owns a tattoo parlor with her husband, who is working on getting his teaching degree.
  • Mr. Boris Godwin | flesh homunculi | Football coach and Anatomy | surprisingly talkative outside of the locker room. single father contending with his kid always trying to set him up. accidentally creates sparks when emotions are high