Its All In The Details: Put a Bird On It 

Decades before hipsters put birds on it, someone made this lovely scarf with some very pretty birds peeking in and out of the pattern. I don’t have a firm date on this piece, but I can imagine, whatever the date, that it really made an outfit. 

Scarf, Date Unknown, Wool, L: 37 x W 38in. The Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York, Gift of Clarence C. Houk, N0233.1949. 


Cuddle Up With Knitwear Designer Kim Haller

Words by Caitlin Rudolph

It would be a lie if we said we weren’t looking forward to sweater weather, so we sought out designer Kim Haller to tell us everything about her knitwear line that is so not grandma, even if it’s inspired by her grandma. Has a sweater ever been so sexy? We think not. Click through to hear about the breakup letter that inspired her collection, basket weaving, and her secret recipe for a delicious Perrier Passion Mojito.

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