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How can i satisfy both my need to appeal to soft pastel aesthetic and black goth aesthetic?

Man I just roll out of bed and throw on a flannel I am not the person to consult about fashion advice D:

aesthetic challenge | day twenty eight

↳ best finale: Galavant

“I’m here to see the DEL, the Dark Evil Lord.”

“He’s been waiting for you.”

“What is this? Does it hold the dark powers of the Universe?”

“Oh, sorry, no. I can see why you tought that. No, he just thinks you need to accessorize, he’s also a fashion consultant.”

Family Groups

OTPs are great and all, but can we take a moment to appreciate those family groups that form between characters? More often than not, few of them are actually related by blood, if any of them are, but they’re definitely family, if a little dysfunctional. 

Have a few questions for the squad:

Which one flirts the most? (Not necessarily with anyone in the group.)

Which one is the best cook?

Which one is the Appointed Fashion Consultant?

Which one is the biggest nerd?

Which one eats the most junk food?

Who is the tallest?

Who is the shortest?

Which one goes all-out for every holiday, and drags all of the others into it?

Who sings and/or plays an instrument at the get-togethers?

Which one convinces the others to dress up for Halloween?

Who buys Valentine presents for EVERYONE in the fam?

Who starts snowball fights?

Who is the Designated Mom Friend? 

Who is the Fun Dad Friend?

Who is the “baby” of the group? Do they embrace their status, or complain about it?

If everyone played Hide and Seek, who would win?

Who is the Designated Grump who secretly loves everyone?


Rear Window, the 1954 classic film, starred the beguiling Grace Kelly as a fashion consultant who learns that her photographer boyfriend may have witnessed a murder. This stunning Grace Kelly portrait doll wears a beautiful black and white dress inspired by the one she wore in the film. The classic design is re-created with elegant chiffon, a V-neck bodice and full calf-length skirt embellished with a delicate branch pattern. Includes a “pearl” necklace and earrings, a white chiffon shawl, white “satin” gloves and black heels.

TID Modern Jobs
  • Tessa: Writer
  • Will: History Teacher/Football Coach
  • Jem: Muscian in an Orchestra
  • Henry: One of those people that has a boring desk job who dreams of quitting and spending his life creating and inventing things.
  • Sophie: A baker
  • Benidict Lightwood: The Town Drunk
  • Magnus: A fashion Consultant
Miraculous Ladybug Pop Star AU

No, but guys, just hear me out:

  • Marinette, Alya, and Nino all work for Agreste Records, the premier music label for pop, rock, and electronica type music
  • Alya is a publicist/in marketing, Nino is in the sound booth/a producer (some sometime-DJ?) and Marinette is a fashion consultant/designer who helps artists cultivate their “look”. They usually work as a team with the same artists (I know nothing about the record industry so wheeee!)
  • One day Big Boss Agreste pulls them into his office and tells them they’re being given a new artist to work with an this one is special, so they’d better not mess it up, yo
  • Next day they’re all in this conference room waiting nervously for this new, big whig, hot shot artist or whatever, when who walks in but ADRIEN AGRESTE, THE SON OF GABRIEL AGRESTE WHO IS ALSO, IDK, A PRETTY WELL KNOWN DANCER
  • And he seems nice and all, if not a little pretentious (he is an Agreste
  • So Nino’s all like ‘Eh, I guess we’ll see what this kid’s got’ and Alya’s all like ‘Ugh, great, we have to deal with this rich playboy who’s only here because his daddy owns to company, he probably can’t even sing’, and Marinette has short-circuited because all she can think is ‘OH NO He’S CUte”
  • They take him back to an empty booth and Alya goes “Alright pretty boy, show us what you got” and everyone is bracing themselves for disaster EXCEPT WHEN HE STARTS SINGING, HE’S REALLY GOOD
  • Suddenly the team is all “We gotta make sure this kid makes it big”
  • BUT HERE’S THE THING: Adrien doesn’t want to rest on his father’s laurels of have people think he only got the contract because of his last name (Gabriel would never, ever add an artist to his label that wasn’t talented, but folks be petty, yo)
  • So he asks the trio to come up with a stage identity for him so no one knows he’s Adrien Agreste, and he already has a few ideas…
  • Marinette designs his mask and outfit and he loves it, and oh gosh he looks really good in leather, this is bad
  • Alya starts promoting the HECK out of him and Nino is trying to find a dj good enough to work with Adrien and Adrien’s eventually like “Nino it’s got to be you” so they start coming up with music for the songs Adrien wrote
  • And of course, soon enough, CatBlack is a HIT
  • And Marinette is falling for Adrien HARD, he’s so nice and sweet and kind and polite when they’re in the studio but then he puts on that mask and HOT DAMN
  • So they all go on tour
  • And Marinette makes him a new, unique black cat mask like, every other concert
  • She really, really, really likes Adrien and Alya keeps telling her to go for it, but she’s just his style consultant and he’s surrounded by all of these fans and gorgeous backup dancers and Marinette’s like “there’s no way”
  • Once the tour is over/on break they’re tasked with putting together a music video
  • and the director comes in on the first day to start coming up with ideas, takes one look at Marinette as she’s, idk, fixing Adrien’s hair or something, and the director is like SHE’S PERFECT
  • And so that’s how Marinette ends up being the masked and red-and-black bedecked companion to CatBlack in his rave-masquerade themed music video
  • All the fans call her Red Lady at first but then some YouTube poop commenter is like “At 2:34 she kinda looks like a bug” and then the nickname LadyBug sticks
  • YEAH
  • SO
  • YEAH

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The Fashion Consultant II

M'not really sure what to name these at the moment, but I will most likely be editing the titles in the near future…

There’s a first part to this, so if you haven’t, have a read at that before reading this one? S'up to you!(: Jus’ skim down my blog and you’ll be sure to find it!(: Sorry I can’t link at the moment!


All of a sudden Y/N becomes aware and self-conscious because Harry is standing right in front of her, as handsome as ever in a jumper and a pair of grey sweats, looking at her with one of the most adorable grins she’s ever seen. And then there’s Y/N in a beige wooly and black shorts, a blanket draped around her shoulders and dragging on the floor, not able to decide whether she’s hot or cold. She’s been running a fever since late last night, going from chills all over from being cold, to feeling clammy from sudden hotness, so she’ll be in a jumper one minute and a tank top the next. She’s sure her hair is a mess from so much twisting and turning she’s been doing in bed(or the sofa) unable to get comfortable enough to fall asleep in hopes of getting rest to feel better. And she thanks the heavens that her runny nose is under control, she reckons the worst thing when sick is having to blow your nose every five seconds.

All thoughts aside, she finally manages to whisper a hoarse ‘come in’ before she’s stepping aside so he can make his way inside.

Harry likes the smell of her apartment, he can’t really describe what it smells like, but he likes it. So he looks around for a bit, noticing a coffee table littered with tissues and empty bottles of water, a pile of what he can only assume are sweaters on a rocking chair in the corner of the room, and the sofa pillows scattered around the floor.

She motions for him to take his shoes off, which he does, and makes her way to the sitting room where she hurries to rearrange the sofa cushions and set the pillows back on it, “sorry for the mess, was trying to find a comfy way to sleep on the sofa,” and she hopes she’s got enough strength in her voice to be heard, “wasn’t expecting company either.”

Harry observes as she scurries around to pick up the best she can, tissues and bottles in the bin, the blanket slowly falling down her shoulders with each movement.

“No no, s’okay. Jus’ sit down, know you must be feeling awful.” Out of instinct, Harry grabs at her wrist, the contact making them both freeze for a mere second.

But he offers her a smile before letting go and setting the container on the coffee table as they both sit down, Y/N immediately bringing her knees up to her chest.

And neither know whether this is awkward or not, because before today, they had never said a single word to each other, so having Harry show up out of absolutely no where certainly has Y/N confused.

“Bit cold innit?” And it’s not so much that Harry’s cold, but that he can tell Y/N is by how she wraps the blanket tighter around herself.

“I’ll probably get hot in a bit, just give it a minute.” And they both chuckle.

“Oh, here-” he reaches forward to take the lid off the container, “chicken noodle soup, best kind for sick days.” And Harry’s not sure whether to tell her he made it himself, because maybe she’d find it weird that he’d made it when they don’t even really know each other.

But boy is Y/N grateful. Hasn’t been able to hold down any solid food, everything seems to make her nauseous, and she’s real hungry, so without a word she gets up to retrieve a spoon from the kitchen.

Harry thinks she isn’t coming back when she gets up and disappears into the next room, but he sighs a breathe of relief when she comes back with a spoon in hand, looking down at him with a soft smile before sitting back down and extending her hands out to grab the container.

He watches her sip the warm liquid to test the temperature before spooning out a full spoon of it and humming as she chews it, her eyes closing in content, all the while he plays with his rings. This has him smiling for obvious reasons, because she’s sat down next to him, enjoying a bowl of soup he made her without questioning his intentions.

She offers him some in the process, but he declines with a nod of the head, and before he knows it she’s bringing the container up to her lips to drink up the last drops and setting it back down on the coffee table.

“Thank you so much Harry, best I’ve tasted.”

“Y’welcome, love. Feeling betta’?”

Y/N readjusts herself, legs still propped on the sofa, but now she’s facing Harry.

“Liddol, yeah.”

They’re silent for a bit until Y/N offers Harry a glass of water, which he politely declines, so she asks him what’s she’s been thinking of since she opened the door and saw him standing there.

“Aneurin mentioned somethin’ about you being sick, thought I’d check up on you.” What else is he supposed to say? ‘I was worried sick, so I asked around and got your address, made you some soup and now here I am’? He thinks that’ll certainly paint him as a creep.

Y/N nods understandingly, unable to figure out why if he’d never shown interest in getting to know her, but she decides not to get too hung up on that, she’s just rather glad he’s here because she doesn’t feel as lonely, and the soup really does make her feel just a tad better.

“Umm…well…I should get goin’ then. Leave you t’ rest up.” He’s just about to get up when he feels Y/N’s hand on his.

“No! Umm…you can stay for a bit longer?” She’s quite sheepish with the question, her body sinking into the sofa a bit because she doesn’t know if that might’ve been too straight forward, but Harry only has to take a single look at her before he’s sitting back down, his fingers intertwined, thumbnail picking at the skin of his knuckle.

Soon they’re both settled into the sofa, watching an episode of Scrubs because they both really think it’s a funny show. Halfway through the third episode, the show becomes background noise to their conversation.

Harry learns Y/N’s in town temporarily until shooting for the film is done, which doesn’t leave much time now that he thinks about it. Y/N asks if there’s a big difference between how it feels to be away on tour compared to being away to film a movie. All in all, they have a nice talk about random things, and Harry begins to notice he’s becoming quite smitten. Eventually, Y/N manages to end up with her head on Harry’s shoulder, and he knows he should probably tell her to go to bed when she first yawns, but he remembers her telling him how she’s been trying real hard to get comfortable to sleep some, but she’s hasn’t been able to. So instead he readjusts himself to lay down on the sofa, his head on the armrest and one leg stretched, so she’s on top of him now, her head resting on his chest, most of the pillows on the floor again. This doesn’t seem to perturb her any though, seeing as how she lets him move her around without a hint of a fuss.

And somehow, Harry ends up falling asleep to the sound of her breathing, his hand rubbing circles on her back stopping before his eyes shut completely.


9:57 P.M

When Y/N wakes up, she’s in a complete daze, trying to pin point exactly at what time she began to doze off, but when she hears a light wheezing emitting for the body under her, she can’t help but look up at Harry. His mouth’s just a bit agape, his arms loose around her torso, the way his body moves with every breath moving hers along with his. And he looks so peaceful, innocent, without a worry in the world. So she rests her chin on his chest, just watching him as he sleeps, the corner of her lips pulling upward when Harry scrunches his nose.

She thinks she must have got so caught up in studying every freckle and wrinkle and blemish that she doesn’t notice when Harry peeks an eye open down at her, catching her looking at his lips only to have her blush shamelessly and turn he face to rest her cheek on his chest instead, a smirk finding its way to Harry’s lips.

He shuts his eyes again, “s’okay, you’re nice to look at, too,” he whispers, causing her to look back up at him for a second before she’s pressing her palms to his chest and pushing herself up, only for Harry to elicit a small whine.

Harry looks at the hem of her wooly rise up to expose a patch of skin of tummy as she outstretches her arms upward, yawning.

She decides to ignore his comment, not coherent enough to find a response that won’t make her look like a complete dolt. “Thanks for staying.” And she looks down at him with doe eyes, making him wish he could see her like this more often.

“No problem, love. M’glad you were able to get some sleep.”

And she sits there, looking down at him and smiling like a fool.

“Should probably get going. I gotta be up early to catch the train. And I want you to get home safe,” she’s doing her best to get up from the sofa without tipping over, which she fails miserably but Harry’s manages to steady her before she topples.

“You’re rather clumsy aren’t ye’?” Harry chuckles. Of course she is, and she thinks he knows this already.

“Just a bit,” she nods in embarrassment, pulling the hem of her wooly down before leading the way to the door.

“You take the train t’work?” He’s slipping on his shoes, pulling at the laces to tighten them.

“Mhm, how else would I get there silly?”

Honestly, Harry doesn’t even think about it twice before he’s offering to pick her up, tells her it’s on his way there anyway, but Y/N doesn’t want to bother him any. And Harry knows just what she’s thinking and assures her that it’s no bother, he likes the company when he’s driving. So she hesitantly accepts, thanking him loads before she opens the door for him.

With a lingering hug and a kiss to the cheek, Harry makes his way to his car, eager for tomorrow and content that he’ll be getting to spend more time with Y/N.

Anomaly// Josh Dun

Requested: Can you make an imagine where it’s in Josh’s POV and he likes you and you go out on a date and he gets really jealous, but your date stood you up and go home crying and then he comforts you and tells you that he was jealous and that he likes you and it’s all fluffy? Thank you!!!!!


               “Jishy, how do I look?” You asked, turning to your best friend who was laying across your bed. Acting as your fashion consultant while you prepared for your date. You had never met the guy, so you were determined to make a good impression.

               “He looks like a loser.” Josh mumbled, looking at your phone. Which was currently open to pictures of your date. “Like how many shirtless pictures of yourself do you need to take?” You gave Josh a look, walking over to poke him in the stomach playfully.

               “Coming from the guy who almost lives without a shirt on.” You laughed, laying alongside your best friend as he continued scrolling through pictures. “Awe that one is cute!” You pointed, it was a selfie the guy had taken with his dog. Him smiling as the animal placed a loving puppy kiss to his cheek.

               “Cats are better.” Josh growled, if you didn’t know better you would go on to think that he was jealous. “Its 5:45, aren’t you supposed to be meeting this douche for 6?” He asked, you felt bad because you were initially supposed to hang out with Josh for the night. Until your best friend messaged you, telling you that Kris wanted to take you on a date.

               “Yeah, thank you for everything tonight Jishy.” You hugged Josh close, you could almost hear him roll his eyes at the use of his nickname from you. You smiled as his arms pulled you tightly, before slowly releasing you.

               “You’re welcome Y/N, have a good night tonight.” Josh whispered as you left to go meet your date. You’d be meeting him at a Chinese restaurant; considering the two of you both apparently liked the cuisine.


               You checked your phone; 5:55pm. Well it wasn’t quite 6 yet, so he had some time to show up. You were currently at a table, sitting and waiting for a message or for him to show up. You continued to sip at your drink awkwardly, checking your phone anxiously again. It was 6:00pm now, was he running a little late?

               You stayed convinced that he was running late until 6:30, when you realized you had been stood up. A date you were looking genuinely forward to, you got stood up on it. With a small sigh you stood from your table, walking over to the counter and asked for 2 to-go containers. Might as well grab supper for yourself and Josh (considering he was probably still laying on your bed) while you’re here.


               “I got food.” You called, trying to hide the hurt and embarrassment in your voice. Putting the bag down as you sat, resting your head against the cool surface of the table. You heard Josh jog into the room, making some joke about eating your leftovers; voice softening as he saw you.

               “It didn’t go well?” You shook your head, tears finally leaving your eyes. You held back a sob as you spoke.

               “He didn’t even show up Josh. I sat there for half an hour, I probably looked like such an idiot.” You cried, looking at your best friend; who looked like he was about to cry as well. Without any words being exchanged he pulled you from your spot and into his arms. Hand rubbing your back soothingly as he pressed his lips to your forehead. Though it seemed a tad abnormal, the kiss, you didn’t mind. It felt comforting.

               “What a loser, he doesn’t realize what he’s missing. I would’ve killed to go on that date with you, I wish I did.” You looked up, trying to translate his words. Did he just say he wanted to go on a date with you? “Let’s go lay down upstairs, you need a good snuggle session and I feel like I should explain.” You felt a weight lay deep in your stomach—please oh please Josh, do not say you had anything to do with this. You felt tears of fear begin falling as you laid beside him, watching as he bit his lip. Trying to find words as the two of you laid in silence. “I’ll admit, when you said you were going on a date with this guy. I got a tad jealous. Like he looks like what you describe as a “hot dude”. I took one look at him and his stupid profile and knew something was off about him.” Josh growled, jealously dripping from his words. “I didn’t know how to say ‘don’t go on that date. I’m too jealous for you too’. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I knew I ruined this for you.” You let out a breath of relief, Josh didn’t do anything to ruin your night. Thank god. “I just. I’ve liked you for years Y/N, I just never had the guts to tell you. I didn’t want to be that guy who ruins his friendship because he thinks he has a chance with the girl.” The dejected tone in his voice broke your heart. You always looked at Josh and thought of him as adorable, cuddly, and amazing. The two of you essentially had a relationship going minus the kissing and title.

               “Well, tonight may have gone to shit. But I think I found someone else I like.” You whispered, hand resting on Josh’s chest. You felt bad at how much he tensed, obviously thinking you found someone else. “He’s really funny, I love his jokes. He also has this smile that just makes me heart melt; it lights up a whole room—really.” You smiled up at him, realizing his eyes were squinted shut, mouth in a small scowl of jealousy. “He’s also really strong, like damn those muscles.” You giggled, snuggling closer to Josh as you continued talking, cheeks burning red. “He gives the best hugs, the best cuddles; and he’s really good with music. I also like his hair. It’s always changing but it’s always so soft.” You held back a laugh when Josh pulled away from you; rolling over before letting a sigh out.

               “Then go tell him how you feel; you deserve a guy who will make you happy.” You had a moment of heartbreak when you heard his voice crack. Did he really not pick up on what you were doing?

               “He does make me happy; him and his silly pink hair and alien obsession.” Your words caused Josh to look at you from over his shoulder; tears in his eyes as he gave you a suspicious look.

               “Is there a Josh 2.0 out there; or are you talking about me?” He asked, obviously trying not to get his hopes up as he waited for an answer.

               “I love my Jish; maybe a little more than a friend.” You bit your lip, holding your arms out to the drummer. “I really hope he loves me back.” You smiled widely as his arms slid around your waist, pulling himself closer to you.

               “He loves you; to pluto and back. He always has.” You smiled, fingers running through that silly pink hair you spoke of. Josh was the only one you needed.

The Fashion Consultant III

Thinking of making this a series…got lots of ideas for this!

Lemme know what you guys think!(:


The morning greets Y/N with birds chirping outside and rays of sunlight making their way into her bedroom through slits in the curtain, streaks of yellow on the walls and unfortunately on her face, brightening up the room and causing her to throw an arm across her face in an attempt to shield herself from the day. She lays there and ponders for a moment, mental pictures of the night before when Harry laid on her couch, his eyes closed and mouth a bit open. Remembers the feeling of his fingertips grazing the hot skin of her waist, occasionally bringing a palm to her forehead to check her temperature, grateful that it had lowered. She remembers the feeling of his body moving beneath her in a steady rhythm from his breathing.

And then, she remembers her alarm hasn’t gone off. Wonders if it’s still real early enough that she can slip into slumber a little while longer before eventually having to get up, or maybe she didn’t set an alarm? Panicking on the latter, her hand feels around her night stand for her phone, only to knock it off and onto the floor. And oh gosh is she panicking now. With eyes half open, she scurries in search of it, the upper half of her body now off the bed as her hands feel the carpet for the device. She brushes the hair out of her face when she finds it, and reads 7:38 am.

She can’t remember the last time she jumped out of bed this fast, almost tripping over her own feet in a hurry to gather her clothes and towel for a quick shower, knowing Harry will be over to pick her up any minute. And damnit! She doesn’t think they exchanged numbers. How is he supposed to let her know he’s on his way? Or let her know he’s at her place so she can make her way outside? But for all she knows, he already has it. Was probably easier to obtain her number than it was to get her address, and he managed to get that information rather easily.

She realizes she can’t afford to give it much thought, the worst that can happen is she has to take the train and arrive a bit late. But at least she’s feeling a little better. Knows her voice is probably still croaky and faded, but hey, she doesn’t have a fever or feel like utter shit.

Soon she’s out of the shower with her clothes on and her hair out of the towel to air dry, trying her best to keep the wet strands from leaving damp spots on her shirt. She’s just about to finish her makeup when there’s a light knock on her door, causing her body to stiffen because oh god Harry’s here. Harry is actually giving her a ride to work.

There’s a third knock before she’s finally making her way to the door, her phone in hand and rushing around in search of her boots. Another knock. At this point she’s practically hopping around with one boot on, trying her best to slip on the other as she grabs her satchel from the hook by the door.

“M’almost there!” She hollers, barely.

Harry’s knocks come in three, like thud thud thud. And he’s almost into the second one when Y/N flings the door open, whispering a ton of sorry’s, embarrassed that she’s made him wait long enough.

She’s left with eyes wide open, not expecting Harry to be holding a cup holder with two coffees and what looks like a bag of what she thinks may contain breakfast items.

“Mornin’, love,” and his smile, oh his smile. Dimples as prominent as ever, and she can only imagine of how he was thinking of her when he woke up, making sure to get her something because god knows she wasn’t going to have breakfast today, what with having woken up late and what not.

And Harry is quite pleased that he’s gotten her to smile, adoring the way she’s looking at him with content eyes.

“You didn’t have to, Harry.” He takes a step back to allow her to shut the door behind her and lock it before he’s walking beside her to his car.

“Wanted to.”

It was really no bother. Not like he stayed up last night thinking about it. Whether to get them McDonald’s, or doughnuts, oh or Starbucks. Thinking about whether to get her hot coffee or cold coffee. Or maybe some sort of tea? But anyway, it’s no bother for him.

He follows her to the passenger side, opening the door for her only to have her take the cup holder and duck under his arm so she could jump in, whispering a small ‘thanks’.

The ride to the set is comfortable. He lets her choose the songs while she picks and eats at her croissant, and when she first offers to feed him some because ‘hands on the wheel mister, don’t wanna lose our jobs cos we’re dead’, he can’t help but smirk and open up for her to feed some of the warm soft flaky bread into his mouth. And he’d be lying if he says he’s not enjoying it. Admiring the way her head bops to the beat of the song, popping some more of the croissant into her mouth, occasionally mouthing the words to whatever is playing. He can see her do all this out of the corner of his eye, his smile only stretching wider.

She does this for a while before lowering the volume, “thank you loads for the goodies, Harry. Woke up super late and I barely had time to get ready. Didn’t realize how hungry I was.”

“Can only imagine. Think the only thing you had t’ eat yesterday was the soup I brought over.”

“Yeah.” And Y/N’s sure Harry’s possibly the sweetest person on Earth for this, and last night.

The rest of the drive is spent playing I spy, which neither of them are really good at.


“So, did ye get t’ask her where she bought them patches ye like?”

Harry can sense the sarcasm in Aneurin’s voice when he asks. Surely he must’ve found out that Harry’s been asking around about her.

“Oh shut up!” Harry grins to himself and lowers his gaze in embarrassment of getting caught. But Aneurin chuckles, knowing far more than Harry’s leading on to.

“She feelin’ better?” Harry doesn’t think Aneurin’s gonna make this easy on him.

“She is. Not all the way though.”

“Well look at Harry playing doctor!”

“You’re such a wanker.”

Aneuring laughs at that, “lady’s comin’ over. See ya later, mate.”

And Harry’s gaze shoots up, the butterflies in his tummy going off, but he smiles none the less and gets up from his chair.

“Wha’s tha’ fo’?” He notices the roll of gauze in Y/N’s hand.

“M’suppose to wrap your hand in this and stain it with some red stuff so it can look like blood for your next scene.”

Harry gives her an understanding ‘ah’ as she motions for him to hold up his hand.

“Was thinking-“ she begins, glancing up to meet Harry’s eyes for a moment before looking back to his hand as she wraps the gauze under and over a couple of times.

“Mhm?” And Harry can’t look away from how she’s staring at what she’s doing, the way her fingers adjust the white material, using her thumb and index finger to stretch it over.

And before he realizes, he’s lifting up his free hand to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear so it won’t get in the way of that she’s doing, or at least that’s gonna be his excuse in case she questions him about it. But he just gets a quick glance and a smile from her.

She speaks up again, her voice in a whisper, “since you got me breakfast, was wondering if you wanted to have dinner at mine?”

When she first thought of the idea, it sounded like the best thing ever! The worst he could say is no, right. But now, oh god now, her fingertips are grazing his hands and he’s standing real close to her and she can hear him breathe. Can see the way his rosy lips move with every word he speaks to her. And she realizes, the worst he can do is say no!

“Are yeh askin’ me out on a date?” Harry decides to have a little fun with it, be a little cheeky.

“What? No, just thought I could return the favor, ya know? My way of saying thank you. Didn’t want you to think it was a ticket in or summat. And you don’t have to say yes. Know you’re probably busy. Jus-“ Harry didn’t expect her to go on about it like this, so he cuts in.

“Well tha’s disappointing then.”

Not that he thought she might’ve admitted to actually asking him out. Part of him hoped it was what she was trying to say, but part of him also hoped it wasn’t. He’s supposed to ask her on their first date.

But Y/N looks at him, frozen because Harry just said it was disappointing that it wasn’t going to be a date.

“I’d like tha’. Can help yeh cook, since ya know. M’taking yeh home anyway.”

And Y/N likes the idea of cooking with him.

“Tommy on scene!” Is the next thing that’s being called out over the megaphone, followed by a ring of a bell.

“Well, tha’s my cue.”

And Harry doesn’t notice until Fionn points it out that the blood stain on the gauze resembles the shape of a heart, which has him smiling to himself.

The rest of the day, Y/N can feel Harry’s eyes lingering on her from his spot.