In this video I am giving my personal advice on getting into the fashion industry and styling. If you have any questions please submit them below or to my email.I hope this was helpful!

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some pretty little products I use.. :)

PINK: fresh and clean body spray

Japanese cherry blossom lotion & body spray from bath& body works

Mango body scrub from the body shop

hair stuffff

loreal EverPure  leave in conditioner *sulfate free color care system* 

nourishin coconut milk (anti-breakage serum) by Organix…Loveeee this stuff. itsd for split ends and it totallllly works


¿Sabes cuál es mi truco para salir de la cama estas mañanas tan frías? Tener chompas lindas esperándome para ir a trabajar. Y es que las que amamos la moda sabemos que un buen look en mente colabora a tener ganas todo el día.

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