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ok but here’s an SS headcanon AU where sasuke’s some sort of sports superstar, probably hockey because soccer’s pushing the beckham light and sakura’s a supermodel/businesswoman/wife/mother and all of the above and her eponymous label sakura haruno is absolutely coveted.

they’re the power couple who fell in love in what ino says to be “as fairytale as you can get” and sakura can only agree (”we are soul mates”) and shrugs it off like it was seven years ago and that they now have an adorable three year-old who recently walked the fashion show wearing her mama’s floral print and bare feet.


the two would be asked to model for calvin klein, coz they’re like the sexiest couple in the industry and CK is notorious for their jeans jeans collection upper-body-nakedness, like stark naked, and sensual poses that makes one buy the jeans for their significant other just to rip them off. and sakura’s obviously confident about herself and flirts up a storm with her dear husband, tugging at his lips, barely touching or giving him eskimo kisses and sasuke’s all frustrated because why the f- he promised his little girl not to say “bad word, papa!” and tries to tug at her jeans and not lose control.

he gets specifically pissed at the fact he has to wrap an arm around her breasts while they direct her to look fierce but all she does is seduce everyone and the make-up persons won’t even bother to cover sakura with a robe because sasuke will just turn her around in his arms and cover her with his body like they would literally stand there in the middle of a bustling photography set, sasuke’s arms around her, both wearing jeans and looking sexy as fu-dge and they would touch-up sakura’s make-up while she’s comfortably and possessively wrapped around her husband’s hot hockey ass

and sarada would visit uncle naruto and auntie hinata’s house and point to a table decor of two figures intimately hugging and blurting out “is that mama and papa”

and sakura would blush as pink as her hair whilst sasuke would plainly say yes like it’s no big deal.


(someone please write a fic)

Wanna Walk for Yeezy? You Need to Follow the Rules

Kanye West presents his Yeezy Season 3 collection. (Photo: Getty Images)

Think you’ve got what it takes to whip out your Naomi Campbell walk at the next Yeezy Season show? Well, there are some rules you’re going to need to follow.

Complex — via Snapchat — got ahold of the rules that West issued to the models participating in the presentation and they are extensive.

The rules according to Yeezus. (Photo: Complex)

The rules vacillate wildly from practical to outlandish. For instance: rule 23 states that models shall not take off their “clothes or shoes.” It is a fashion presentation anyway, so that seems fair. Then again, rule 32 is “do not break the rules,” which, if one of the rules is going to have to be not to break the rules then what even is the point of the social contract we all sign in order to co-exist in a polite society?

Naomi Campbell models for Yeezy Season 3 (Photo: Tidal)

Naomi Campbell did not follow the rules.