Are you looking for a way to add a little sex appeal to your tops and try to keep warm at the same time? Well then look no further because this tutorial is just for you! What better way to add just a hint of sex appeal in the back of your shirt and still manage to keep a little modesty and stay warm all at once! If you decide you’d like an edgier look you can even wear the back as a front or maybe you could even do both the front and the back as a weave pattern, but leave a little block on the sides of the sweater! To get started on your awesome diy fashion shirt go to:

For a full tutorial and materials needed! So get started and have a Happy DIY Day!!!


Fashion coloring tutorial. Vintage, soft and dreamy. SUPER EASY!!

watch it here



A quick and simple tutorial on how to ‘spot conceal’ for days that you don’t want to wear foundation but you need a little coverage on those pesky spots!

This is ideal for the Summer months, when your freckles are on show and you don’t want to cover them up with foundation. Or, when you don’t want to wear foundation for fear of it melting off in the heat.

Spot concealing is the key for flawless ‘natural’ looking beauty!

All the products used are listed and linked in the description bar of the video

  1. Shrink a zit.  Ice reduces redness and swelling, allowing you to no longer be uncomfortable during an acne breakout.  Applying ice will also help shrink pores and reduce the production of excess oils, which will prevent bacteria from entering, helping to keep your face clear.
  2. De-puff eyes.  Wrapping an ice cube in a washcloth and rubbing it on your eyes will reduce early morning puffiness.  Also, rubbing ice over your eyes will reduce your stress after a long day and make you feel more refreshed.
  3. Prime skin.  Before applying makeup, rub an ice cube on your face to keep your make up fresh and in place for long hours.
  4. Scrub away.  Rubbing ice cubes on your face helps blood circulation and brings a healthy glow to your face.  Making a habit of it will actually help fight off wrinkles and premature aging too.
  5. Get rid of a tan.  Applying ice to a sunburn will of course sooth the burn and fight off the tan that follows.
  6. Painless plucking.  Rub an ice cube along your eye brow before plucking to temporarily numb the area.  Rub the ice cube on again afterwards to help prevent redness.
  7. Gum remover.  If you ever find chewing gum stuck either to your hair or clothes, rub an ice cube over it.  The ice will cause the gum to harden making it way easier to pick off or pull out.
  8. Remove wrinkles.  For a fast and easy way to get wrinkles out of your clothes,wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and rub it on your shirt.  Then iron that shirt.  Or throw your shirt in the dryer with a few ice cubes for the same results.


  • If you use an ice cube on your skin, use no more than two (2) ice cubes.  Using more than two (2) can cause new skin issues.
  • Never directly apply ice to your face.  Using ice cubes directly on your face can cause the delicate capillary under your skin to break.  Always wrap the ice in cloth.

Want a cool looking shirt but don’t wanna pay for a pre-shredded top? Well here is just the diy tutorial for you.This awesome top would look great in a variety of colors and will go great with a cute pair of shorts! All you need is some time and patience and you’ll have this project done in no time. For materials and the full tutorial go to:


Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survial Guide with Vogue


~ * Simple braided suede bracelet * ~ 


  • Suede ribbon
  • Some Beads and/or charms
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A ruler ( helps with symmetry and keeping the length of the bracelet) 

This bracelet was really quick to make, it took me about 10 or less minutes to finish.

It’s perfect as a fun quick craft for a sleepover, party, Sunday school, or for yourself  but not so much for selling ( it might come undone if you pull on it too much).

If you are planning to make these for selling I suggest using a clamp to close off both ends of the bracelet or starting your braid by wrapping around with one strand and gluing (or sowing) in place to secure the braid.

I thought this one would be easier to follow with just pictures than describing it step by step with words but if there are any questions, feel free to ask! =)

Have fun making your own!



Inspired by a Summer’s evening sunset, I took Orange & Purple eyeshadows to create this shimmery ombre look.

This is perfect for the Summer season if you are frequenting festivals or concerts, and the sparkle on the centre of the lids adds a touch of POW!

All the products used are listed & linked in the description bar of the video.