At-Taubah 40. If you do not help him (the Messenger), yet, for certain, God helped him when those who disbelieve drove him out (of his home during the Hijrah), the second of the two when they were in the cave (with those in pursuit of them having reached the mouth of the cave), and he said to his companion (with utmost trust in God and no worry at all): “Do not grieve. God is surely with us. ” Then God sent down His gift of inner peace and reassurance on him, supported him with hosts you could not see, and brought the word (the cause) of the unbelievers utterly low. And God’s word (His cause) is (always and inherently) supreme. God is All-Glorious with irresistible might, All-Wise.

At-Taubah 41. Mobilize whether you are equipped lightly or heavily (and whether it be easy or difficult for you); and strive with your wealth and persons in God’s cause. Doing so is what is for your good, if you but know it.

A year after Kawakubo and Yamamoto launched their careers in Paris together, they were recognized during the autumn/winter season in Paris in 1982, with the newspaper headlines “Paris looks Japanese”. They were already successful when in Japan when they left for Paris in April 1981. Their pale faced, models who wore no makeup walking brusquely on the catwalk with stern expressions received a wide range of reactions, from ‘shredded in a bomb attack’, to Vogue’s Polly Melon calling a “swiss cheese dress” “…modern and free. To quote the Washington Post, they showed paris “a whole new way of beauty”.