INTRODUCING: TruVine Apparel

Their Mission: To create timeless apparel that inspires people to wear their growth in Christ and share their faith with others. God is the TrueVine (John 15:1-8) and it is vital to STAY IN THE VINE. We pray wherever TruVine apparel is worn it creates the opportunity to share your faith with others.

Founder/ Veteran OwnedMary Rudolph​​


A year after Kawakubo and Yamamoto launched their careers in Paris together, they were recognized during the autumn/winter season in Paris in 1982, with the newspaper headlines “Paris looks Japanese”. They were already successful when in Japan when they left for Paris in April 1981. Their pale faced, models who wore no makeup walking brusquely on the catwalk with stern expressions received a wide range of reactions, from ‘shredded in a bomb attack’, to Vogue’s Polly Melon calling a “swiss cheese dress” “…modern and free. To quote the Washington Post, they showed paris “a whole new way of beauty”.