Fashion Weel


These photos was taken at the channel in the heart of Copenhagen. I went  to a meeting today. So I dressed warm and really wanted to wear my wool sweatshirt again. This time with a blue shirt underneath. I really like the hint of collar, ads some class and a dapper look.

After my meeting I went to a nice little sandwich shop in a small street. The places to find the best food places, I have learned. Especially after my trip to Florence. But I had a delicious crab sandwich, while I was waiting for my mom to get finish  at the hair dresser.

I was supposed to edit my video today, but have to push it till tomorrow. My friend Frederikke is coming over in a half hour. So I might as well do it tomorrow.


Found these super awesome high waist jeans in Topshop that has the same pattern with my high school uniform. I wanted to pair them with my school vest but nah, I thought I just might get into trouble lololol