Fairy tail AU - Age of Gladiators
An upcoming light novel Nicole4211 and I have been working on for almost two month now! With every chapter Nicole post, I’ll be uploading 2-4pictures for it! I really hope you guy’s will love it and soon chapter one will be out and the pictures for it too! For more information click here and here!

I’m sorry for the delay, I had some problem with the computer and wasn’t able to upload it last night! The poster is not finish yet.. But we really didn’t wanted to hold you guys on the line any longer so here it is! :D
And I really hope you guys have seen the new episode of fairy tail ;)

Has anyone had a thought that Happy might be able to let out E.N.D from Natsu? I get that people are saying it will be Lucy because he cares so much about her that if someone hurts her, he immediately gets on his angry mode. But what about Happy? He’s Natsu’s best pal! What if something bad happened to him and Natsu gets all berserk because of it???
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