cliche pynch college visit headcanon

•so Ronan left the barns and hopped in his car late at night out of habit cause that’s what he does when he can’t sleep

•as he’s driving, he thinks of Adam and how much he misses him and he just kinda ends up on the freeway, headed towards Adam’s college

•so it’s like midnight and he’s in Adam’s college town and he’s like “fuck it, I’m visiting my boyfriend right now, I haven’t seen him in three months, and I’m done waiting”

•but he knows how Adam overworks himself and ends up dead tired 24/7 so he stops for coffee first

•he pulls into the parking lot of Adam’s dorm building and immediately finds his room (he will never admit it, but he has the room number memorized, what a nerd)

•so he knocks and waits and finally Adam opens the door super hella fast and he’s wearing the classic coca cola t-shirt and blue pajama pants and his hair is perfectly mussed and his eyes are electric, even in the dim light, and Ronan doesn’t say a single thing because he’s lost in those eyes

•And Adam has the absolute most annoyed expression on his face and says super sternly “Ronan Lynch, it is too fucking early for this, and I have class in a few hours, let me sleep.” (Cause at this point it’s like 1:30 or something, idk, and he’s sleep deprived and it doesn’t register) and he shuts the door

•Ronan is kinda shocked for a minute so he just kinda sets the coffee down next to the door mat when he hears, muffled, through the door “wAIT THAT’S RONAN LYNCH”

•and Adam flings the door open even more hella fast than the first time and the door hits the wall really loud and he full on jumps on Ronan and wraps his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist and just clings on tight for a few moments and then just pulls back to look at Ronan’s face and then tries to kiss him but can’t cause he’s smiling too much for kissing to actually work

•and the whole ordeal was really loud so kids start peeking their heads out from behind their doors

•and Adam and Ronan both notice this but they’re too busy kissing to actually give a fuck

•also, Ronan is still holding Adam so he’s off the ground and it’s kinda top heavy so Ronan spills the coffee at some point

•bonus: Adam’s room mate comes up from behind the pair to walk out of the room to tell a kid across the hall “this is the angry-gay-Irish-catholic-tattooed-street-racing-farmer-dad boyfriend of his I told you about” and the other kid is like “oh wow he actually exists”

concept: everyone in adam’s dorm thinks he’s a witch

so, like, everyone knows there’s something odd about that parrish guy. he’s smart as hell and charming and sweet and also snarky and hilarious…but he has secrets. and not just the boyfriend back in virginia (who’s a catholic, street-racing farmer with a kid???) who no one can agree exists or not (there’s a whole betting pool on it). no, something’s strange with adam parrish. he knows things. weird things. like when it’s going to rain or when a professor’s going to cancel class or when the machine in the dining hall is out of ice cream. also, he’s freakishly great with plants (this one guy likes to tell this story of a rosebush flowering when he touched it but he could’ve just been high) and animals (stray dogs tend to follow him around campus a lot). he casually tells a bunch of girls he’ll do tarot readings for them once at a party and everyone assumes it’s just for fun, but everything comes true, in some form or fashion. so after that, there’s usually a small cluster of people waiting outside his door when he gets back from class to see how they’re going to do on that quiz or how that date’s going to go or if they should take that internship or forgive that relative or rekindle that friendship. so word starts going around that there’s something not quite normal about adam parrish. something unexplainable. something mystical. something witchy. he gets invited to join the campus wiccan club numerous times and he always politely declines. he doesn’t charge anything for the readings but people drop off small gifts anyway: baked goods and handmade jewellery and potted herbs and thank you notes. he gains a modest, devoted following. he answers questions on a facebook group in his spare time. obviously there are skeptics but no one really pays too much attention to a kid giving ‘psychic’ advice in his dorm room. it’s college. weirder shit happens all the time.

finally his roommate has to ask one day, as tactfully as possible, pretending he’s not actually buying into any ridiculous campus rumours: “…so are you or aren’t you?” and adam just looks up at him, distracted, and says, “what, bi? obviously. i have a boyfriend.” and his roommate is just like, “…never mind.” 

adam honestly kind of likes being ~cool and ~mysterious and well-known and he likes helping people out and being appreciated for his ~special talents even if he thought all he wanted was to fit in and fly under the radar and be normal. blue tells him he couldn’t be normal if he tried; gansey’s proud; ronan’s smug.

so people speculate for a while and never get any real answers about it and eventually they just accept his uncanny intuition as one of the quirks of the campus. UNTIL that one time ronan comes up to visit with a black cat trailing behind him that goes straight to adam when he sees him and a raven on his shoulder and an icy glare that seems like it could put a curse on anyone it falls on and everyone is intimidated and in awe because 1. the boyfriend is real, 2. they’re both actual witches, and 3. damn, they’re really fucking hot together

Gansey College Headcanon

·Literally nobody believes Gansey is for real when he talks about his friends from back home.
·his roommate was curious about the Polaroid pictures he had hung up on his wall but after Gansey tries to explain the roughly 300 physics that share one bathroom his roommate pats Gansey’s shoulder and heads to the cafeteria.
·the angry gay farmer occasionally writes letters, covered in Opal’s own ‘writing’
               ·eventually opal starts writing in latin flawlessly and Gansey is pretty proud of Ronan so he always has one pinned above his desk.
              ·his floormates are hella confused about a kid writing in a hella dead language.
·adam mails articles about new research on ley lines just in case Gansey doesn’t know (he definitely read them already at least five times before but he’s pretty touched.)
                  ·this turns into long winded skype conversations about the delicate balance of questing and adventures, and adam pointing out that he’s in college now, he can’t go hunting for dead Welsh kings anymore
                ·his roommate overhears that bit and is like wtf.
                 ·also he really doesn’t get the eternal fascination with ley lines. Gansey brought every single map known to man of ley lines with him to school.
·henry mails the weirdest care packages.
                 ·like, nutella and ramen and weird as shit playlists that are really just opera and international pop music and strange remixes of murder squash song and the most horrifying stuffed animals.
                             · sometimes the stuffed animals look like roadkill and nobody knows why gansey keeps them.
·for the fall reading week he comes back with a new photo, him and his friends.
·angry farmer street racing boy has a new tattoo apparently. “Remembered” across his forearm.
·there is also a girl
·nobody really believes this girl truly exists
·apparently she studies environmental science and on her weekends ‘communes with the trees’
·her name is also blue, and jane is a nickname.
·she isn’t a physic? Gansey makes it sound normal but nothing about his friends sounds normal.
·they talk a lot on the phone at night.
·apparently, according the gansey, she’s a bright star that he accidentally referred to as a prostitute once upon a time.
               ·his roommate fully believes gansey is actually 100% insane.
·blue comes for a visit.
·because her roommate is actually insane and she’s tired and she just wants to burn Gansey’s ridiculous shoes in peace.
·so she shows up at 2 in the morning having walked for a good hour from the bus station to campus and both boys are wide awake and gansey looks a second away from an actual heart attack.
                    ·"you’ve died twice now you literally want to lecture me, dick?”
·at that point his roommate vanishes because the entire floor needs to understand that the tiny mythical creature is a l i v e.
·she is everything gansey described.
·she wears the retro platform boots with some strange swing dress and has the ends of her hair dip dyed bright blue and her bag is held together by safety pins and duck tape.
·nobody dares to question gansey now because she looks ready to fight.
·the entire week he simply parades around looking pretty damn proud
·but at the very end on her last day escaping crazy roommate adam and henry and ronan show up
·and his roommate questions life and wonders if he’ll survive the school year alive and well and not insane because his roommate is apparently an actual crazy person who quests and looks for dead people and has weird friends that range from angry to preppiest little fuck imaginable, with henry like not even a blimp on that particular weirdness scale because he’s a whole new creature himself.

also blue survives the entire week on yogurt alone and everyone is baffled. 

·there’s this weird robo bee that comes with that NOBODY EXPLAINS TO ANYONE and the entire residence basically vanishes to some safe place (ie. the entire building vacates to the library and never leaves until henry is far far away.)

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yOOOO FALL IS MY JAMMM (even though here we call it autumn) but for the prompts how 'bout maybe 24. Farmers Market with Sprace (and/or alternatively, 1. Frost with Jackcrutchie) please!

[I will also be writing 1 with Jackcrutchie, so keep an eye out for that!]

24.  Farmer’s Market

Race did not understand his roommate sometimes. He especially didn’t understand him when he was being dragged out of bed at 7:00 in the morning, on a Saturday. Apparently they were going to the farmer’s market in Brooklyn, somewhere Jack went regularly but Race had never visited. He felt that he deserved the roommate of the year award for getting up to go with Jack. He pulled on a pair of jeans and an oversized sweatshirt, tucking a backwards cap over his hair. A yawn escaped his lips as he walked out of his bedroom, tucking his phone into his pocket. It was too early to be functioning, he didn’t understand how Jack was moving so quickly. His roommate rushed down the hallway, hopping on one leg as he tried to put his boots on.

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A competent farmer is his own boss. He has learned the disciplines necessary to go ahead on his own, as required by economic obligation, loyalty to his place, pride in his work. … He has mastered intricate formal patterns in ordering his work within the overlapping cycles–human and natural, controllable and uncontrollable–of the life of a farm.
    Such a man, upon moving to the city and taking a job in industry, becomes a specialized subordinate, dependent upon the authority and judgment of other people. His disciplines are no longer implicit in his own experience, assumptions, and values, but are imposed on him from the outside. For a complex responsibility he has substituted a simple dutifulness. The strict competences of independence, the formal mastery, the complexities of attitude and know-how necessary to life on the farm, which have been in the making in the race of farmers since before history, are all replaced by the knowledge of some fragmentary task that may be learned by rote in a little while.
    Such simplification of mind is easy.
—  Wendell Berry
Flowers for the Farmer

Rating: lmao it’s just fluff so G i guess

Comment: literally I wrote this at 1 am and it’s just fluff between the farmer and Shane and of course Jas is there too bc there needs to be more Shane fics with Jas in them. Btw I’m a drawer not a writer so i’m sorry if it stinks lol (farmer/Shane) (gender neutral farmer) (Stardew Valley)

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“Leaving” - my retaliation to this  post by @dasstark because we are having a pynch war that is probably going to destroy both of our emotions. (she draws beautiful things and I vomit words onto a page. It’s great.) 

He isn’t fucking ready. The date has been written in red in his mind for months – ever since Adam got his college acceptance. A slow count down has been ticking in his mind, starting in the hundreds, a number of days that seemed infinite, and slowly shrinking down into single digit. And now it is tomorrow.

Tomorrow they get up disgustingly early, drop Opal off to stay with Maura (which she is happy about, because 300 fox way always has a myriad assortment of children to play with and strange things to eat) and then they drive for ten hours down to Cambridge, Massachusetts. And then Ronan turns around and drives back, alone.


How did summer pass so quickly, so uneventfully? Did they really do nothing more than spend their days lazing around at the barns? He recalls the hundreds of pictures shared of Gansey and Blue on their trip, the years of adventure packed into a few weeks, and feels suddenly resentful at his complacency.

He should have done more.

“Ronan?” Adam says, walking into the kitchen. “Have you seen my boots? The ones with the red laces.”

Ronan swallows the lump in his throat and goes to the porch, digging through the assorted shoes (at least ten pairs of which belong to Opal, specially dreamt to accommodate her feet) until he pulls out Adam’s smartest shoes, neat except for the bright red cord that he’d replaced the worn out laces with.

“I’ve got spare boot laces, if you want,” Ronan says. He isn’t sure how he can manage normal sentences when underneath the surface his heart is navigating an unknown ocean.

He’s never had the chance to prepare for loss before.

“Thanks. Hey – I, well. I saved, and I got a new phone. It can do video calls and everything. So we can keep in touch.”

Ronan turns away, closing his eyes. Adam rests a hand on his shoulder. “Ronan?”

Ronan inhales, exhales, memorizes the feeling of Adam’s fingers gripping his shoulder. One, two, three, four, five points of contact, solid and warm and reassuring.

Tomorrow night he’ll be alone.

“I’m… fuck this, Parrish. I’ll… I’ll be outside.”

He leaves Adam in the kitchen, catching a glimpse of him, hand slowly falling to his side in confusion. He’s learnt Adam over the last few months, and Adam has learnt him, but Ronan has not learnt how to vocalise his feelings. He isn’t sure there are coherent sentences to explain what he is feelings – some emotion akin to slipping through a sandtimer into an aching void.

For fucks sake, Lynch. It’s not as if he’s dying. He’ll be back.

But Adam wants to leave. Wants it more than anything. He’s been counting down the days left with anticipation, not dread.

Maybe… Maybe when Adam tastes the big wide world, the suits and handshakes and respect, maybe he’ll not be so keen on this small pocket of life. Maybe he’ll not be so keen on a boy who aspires to drive really fucking fast and raise cows.

There’s a terrible irony in the realization that his dreams might not be big enough for Adam.

Ronan climbs onto the roof of one of the outbuildings, the same place he went after kissing Adam for the first time, trying to recall that infallible hope Adam’s lips upon his had conjured.

It’s just a hurdle. All relationships face challenges. They’ll get through it. They have too.

But so many don’t. Long distance is risky. Declan had said so, just last week. So had Calla.

Ronan knew that no amount of distance would lessen what he felt towards Adam, but he had always been certain of his feelings. He had to trust that Adam was too.

And it should be easy. Last night, Adam had mapped out their lives on Ronan’s skin, confessed his love in breathy gasps, traced his fingers over every inch of him, promising forever between kisses. It should be easy to believe that.

But it wasn’t the middle of the night any more. It was 3 o clock on an over-cast afternoon, and the last three months felt like a dream. It was time for reality.

The roof creaks beneath Adam’s weight as he climbs up, and Ronan can’t look at him.

“Ronan? Talk to me.”

Adam sits down beside him, leaning into him. Ronan leans back, though it feels like Adam is shrinking ever smaller, further away. How can he sleep with 500 miles between them?

“It’s nothing, Parrish.” He says, because how can he say what he is feeling?

Stay. Stay with me. Forever and ever and ever because I can’t bear not seeing you in the morning.

Those are selfish desires. He wants Adam to be happy, above all. He can’t describe how proud he was when Adam got accepted into Harvard, how amazing it has been to see Adam grow from a scared boy into the strong shouldered person who sits beside him.

“It’s not nothing,” Adam whispers, taking Ronan’s hand.

“It is selfish.”

“We’re all selfish.”

Ronan sighs, and lets his fingers play over Adam’s, looking at their joined hands, the jutting knuckles and calluses he used to dream of pressing to his lips. Now he can. He does, kissing Adam’s hand like it’s the last time.

Adam lets out a breath, long and slow.

“You know, I’m terrified too.”

Ronan blinks, surprised.

“I know you’ve been dreading tomorrow, OK. I just… I don’t think you’ve realized that I have too.”


Adam rolls his eyes. Ronan remembers the early days, remembers falling for that specific expression of exasperation.

“I don’t want to leave you, you know.”

Ronan thinks he probably should have known that, but he’s never been terribly good at seeing things sensibly. He lets out a small “oh” of surprise. And then,

“Well, obviously, Parrish. I’m a delight to be around.”

Adam elbows him for his obnoxiousness. “It’s OK to be worried. But… we’re gonna get through it. I’ll be back. And you can come and visit.”

“And you’ll tell everyone about me?”

“About my street-racing farmer boyfriend who I’m raising a child with? I might mention him once or twice…”

“Opal will miss you.”

Adam sighs, tucks his knees up under him. “I wish I could say I’d stay, Ronan. I wish this life was enough for me here. I feel… I feel awful that it isn’t, OK? But… I worked so hard for this. This is my dream.”

“I’d never ask that of you, you fucker. Don’t even imply that I would. I want this for you. I just wish it didn’t hurt so fucking much.”

“I know.”

“Why’s it so easy for some people?” Ronan bursts out, letting loose resentment he didn’t know he was holding. “Blue and Gansey – they just fuck off and do whatever they like, together, and…”

“I’d not change us.” Adam says, soft. Ronan rests his head against Adam’s shoulder.

“I worry I won’t be enough,” he whispers, so quiet he barely hears himself. He feels nausea rise up with the words, but he can’t leave them unsaid. “I’m… there’s so much more than me out there in the world. Why would you want to come back, once you’ve seen it all?”

Adam tenses beside him. “What will it take to make you believe that I feel it to?” he grits out, and Ronan knows he’s hit a nerve, and maybe that’s what he wanted, to see what was underneath Adam’s cool exterior.

Ronan shrugs, pushing Adam over the edge, and he should feel guilty for that, but he looks and there it is, in Adam’s eyes, the longing and emotion Ronan carries around with him everyday.

Adam opens his mouth, closes it again. His fists clench in his lap. Ronan waits. Adam leans in, kisses him like he is drowning. The ocean within him rises in response. His shirt is off, and it doesn’t matter that he’s on the roof and it is September, because each place where Adam touches is him is left burning.

He focuses on the moment, every nerve and sensation of it. If he can return to this, live in this small, burning second, he can endure the months apart. It is this, Adam’s lips, soft and insistent against his own, it is the soft fabric of Adam’s shirt gripped between his fingers, it is the scent of him, laundry powder and remnants of engine oil from the garage, the remainders of toothpaste because he always brushes after lunch (do I look like I can afford dental care, Parrish? Let those cavities try and fucking catch me), it is gasps and moans and whispered names, reverent in their promises. It is emotion overcoming desire, choking him. It is both of them, holding each other, foreheads pressed together, tears in their eyes.

“We’re going to be OK.” Ronan whispers, and it’s a promise and a question.

“Fine,” Adam replies, and it’s a commitment and an answer. “After ten hours driving you’ll be sick of me anyway. You’ll need a break.”

Ronan shakes his head. “I’ll drive back next weekend. You’re lucky I like cars so much.”

“Maybe I’ll drive back. To escape my shitty dorm room.”

“And envy me a brief taste of college life? How could you.”

They laugh, and the ocean retreats, calm for the moment.

“I’ll call you so much you’ll be sick of me,” Adam says. Ronan laughs.

“Maybe I’ll actually start using my phone.”

“I’ll train Opal to answer it.”

Ten hours pass faster than he knew was possible, and it’s 4pm and they’re pulling up outside Adam’s new accommodation. Ronan looks at the building that Adam is to call home for half the year, generic brick and neat square windows, architecture a couple of decades out of date.

He looks across the grass out front, imagines Adam hurrying to class, coffee in one hand, books under his arm. He imagines him fitting into a life so different from his own. Adam climbs out of the car, letting out a long sigh.

“So,” he says.

“Ready to meet your intellectual equals?”

“Not really,” Adam says, but Ronan sees the glint of excitement in his eyes, and finally it makes him smile.

“You’ll take them by storm.”

“What does that even mean?”

Ronan snorts. “No idea. Go look it up in a library.”

“So… are you gonna come in with me?” Adam asks, a little shy, a little like the first time Ronan ended up sleeping with him at st Agnes, after they got together. Ronan grins.

“As if I’d miss the chance to intimidate new people.”

They unpack Adam’s things. It doesn’t take long. They end up sat cross legged on his twin bed, looking at each other like it’s the last chance they’ll get.

“It doesn’t feel like home,” Adam says.

“It isn’t, is it?”

“No. I always thought I’d feel so free when I left Henrietta but…” Adam shrugs. Ronan knows what he means. It’s people that make home.

Ronan leans in to kiss him, closed mouthed but lingering. Adam catches his jaw, runs his hands over his face. Ronan feels like he’s being committed to memory.

Adam’s roommate rolls up at five, a skinny kid with huge glasses and a toothy grin. Ronan doesn’t think he’ll be a problem, but he kisses Adam full on the mouth just in case the kid has some violent homophobic tendencies.

He just grins at Adam and nods approvingly. Adam blushes right to the roots of his dusty hair, and Ronan grins.

“Evening,” he says, serpent smile in place. The kid stutters, and Adam leads Ronan out of the room.

“I could stay,” Ronan murmurs. “For a night.”

“Better not,” Adam replies.

“You’ll be OK?”

“You sound like Gansey.”

“Jesus,” Ronan says. “It’s all this parenting business. It’s given me mom friend tendencies I never asked for.”

Adam grins, kisses him again. Ronan presses him against the door of the bmw, memorizes the warmth of him against his body.

“Two weeks,” Adam says. “Flights are already booked.”

“One week. Bmw’s always got fuel.”

“Come on. If you leave now you’ll get halfway before it’s dark.”

“One more kiss.”

One turns to two, to three, to four, a bruise left on Adam’s neck, fingerprints bruised into Ronan’s hip, breathing entirely too heavy for being in public.

Ronan pulls out of the parking lot, watching Adam shrink in the rear-view mirror, hand raised in farewell. He can still taste him.

His phone rings after five minutes, and he pulls over to answer it.

“Hey,” Adam says.

“Hey, college boy,” Ronan laughs, because it’s ridiculous, but he kind of needs to hear Adam’s voice one more time before he drove.

“I’ll call at midnight,” Adam says.

“I love you,” Ronan says, blushing as he says it, even though there’s no one to see. He’s never said it on the phone before.

“You too.” Adam hangs up.

Maybe he plays the murder squash song on repeat for most of the drive home, and maybe he cries a little when he unlocks the front door of the barns, and sees Adam’s battered trainers laying lopsided on the welcome matt, and maybe he and Opal rattle around for the first few days, a little lost without Adam making them both laugh.

But the last thing he hears is every night is Adam saying he loves him, and in 6 days he can go and visit, and the cows need feeding and he’s got a million jobs to do at the barns and he’s OK.