When i was little, my school would make us go to a farm safety fair every year and they always made us watch a dummy become entraped by grain and had a bunch of 10 year olds pull this dummy out of the grain then showed us the kinds of internal bleeding and damage that had happened to the dummy and thats my grain entrapment story.
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When Dean Sleeps

A quick Destiel drabble I thought of while at work:

Sam and Dean were on a hunt while Cas was, well- God knows where. They had just finished slaughtering a rather easy vamp nest and decided to rest up before heading out of town in the morning.

They had one of the awful, awful motel rooms. With questionable stains in places you hoped they wouldn’t be.

The room was fairly bland, décor wise. The walls were a yellowing white with cob webs hanging from at least two corners. The lampshades were marked and littered in dust, emitting just enough light to see your hand right in front of your face.

Sam had taken the double bed on the left; nearest the close-to-broken painted black door with paint chipped from it. Dean was wearing his usual attire of nightwear; a pair of old blue tracksuit shorts with fraying white string cords.

 Before he settled down for the night he went through his very ordinary night time routine: took a 10 minute hot, soapy shower, and then brushed his teeth before a quick prayer to Cas to check in for the night. Dean Winchester a man of tough exterior and a desire for one person in particular and had a prominent  sense of longing and that person knew it.

At this moment in time Cas and Dean, were– well. That’s complicated. If you asked Dean if he was dating Cas he might think, we’re basically married, but no body knew if there would come a day where he’d openly admit to his younger brother who would make several comments in his reaction. Because who are we kidding? Sam knew. He’d worked it out weeks ago, but he couldn’t just confront Dean about said topic now, could he?

So, yes. Cas and Dean are dating. Publicly? No. Behind closed doors? Yes.
And were they aware that they were not subtle and Sam had known for a while. Absolutely not!

As I was saying, Dean carries out this routine every single night. And after praying to his angel he’d hit the hay.

It seemed that this hunt had tired Dean out since as soon as his head touched that pillow he was out like a light.

Dean entered a rather questionable dream world. He was back in Kansas. This was going to be his reoccurring dream; his reoccurring desire. Well, getting back on topic, he was back in Kansas. In the same house he’d always been in. His mom was in the kitchen baking an apple pie and his dad was out back getting firewood. Dean had moved out a long time ago but still visited his mom and dad often.

It was a Saturday afternoon, when there was a knock at the door. Dean grabbed it since his mom was elbow deep in apples and pastry. Cas. His Cas was stood at the threshold. Grinning at his green eyed, freckled companion. The sun was setting and shone against Castiel creating a beautiful silhouette. Dean invited his angel in. And yes in this universe Cas was an a described anl. But he was like Anna, fell in love with humanity and became human.

Dean greeted his life partner with a deep and meaningful kiss on the lips. Their foreheads touched, just for a moment. Dean and Cas lived together in a nice place about 10 miles away from Dean’s parents and a state away from Cas’. His parents were a little over bearing.

Dean was content with life. And you could also suggest that if they were back at Cas and Dean’s place things would be a little less well, clothed. Dean and Cas were house sitting for the evening since John and Mary owned a fair few farm animals.

His mom had greeted Castiel before excusing herself to go and get ready for her date night with her life long husband. Dean and Castiel sat at the old, rustic dining table catching up about their day.

Cas works at a school as a Latin teacher. Dean on the other hand, works as a mechanic at Bobby’s. Bobby is married to a woman named Ellen, who has a daughter named Jo. They are family friends.

It wasn’t long before Mary and John were leaving and the house fell silent. It was mere minutes before Dean’s head almost exploded with the lustful thoughts spinning around in there.

“Do you remember when we were sixteen and your parents caught us upstairs?” Cas asked, breaking the oddly tense silence.

“What about when we were seventeen when they caught us in the act?”

“And do you remember all those times you’d sneak out so we’d be able to meet up by the creek?” Castiel just smiled.

Dean prowled towards the other male across the dining table. He pulled his peer closer by his loose blue tie. Choking him a little, but Cas didn’t mind. He rather enjoyed the need, the want of the situation.

Dean pulled Cas through the furnished maze which was his childhood home until they reached Dean’s room. Left exactly how it was all those years ago.

Clothes were discarded almost as quick as the door was slammed shut. Cas wanted to forget about the train wreck of an open day he had witnessed prior to this appointment. Their clothes pooled on the floor. Their bodies pooled on the bed. Touching. Moving. Grinding. And heavy breathing. Hearts beating louder by the second. Actions proving to be more powerful than words.  Pent up lustful frustration begging for a release. Two lovers urging to be united. Two men wanting. Two men needing. Needing each other more than air at this current moment. Castiel was on top of Dean, holding hands and gripping each other as if their life depended on it. As if there was no tomorrow. Cas’ lips found their way onto Dean’s neck working wonders there.

“I love you Cas. I can’t wait until I marry you” Oh yes, I forgot to mention that they’re engaged. Well in dream world they are. Dean hasn’t gotten around to plucking up the courage to actually ask Castiel.

“W-what?” Cas asks, removing his lips from Dean’s neck, staring down at him.

“Dean? What are you talking about. You’re not dreaming. Well you are. But its really me.”

“C-C” Dean, barely stuttered.

“Ask me again” Castiel demanded.

“Marry me?” Cas didn’t give a verbal response, but Dean didn’t need one. The kiss practically gave him the answer he was looking for. Dean was much more relaxed and sunk into the loving sex he was about to have.

Castiel worked his magic to make Dean become putty in his hands. And before Dean knew what was happening he let out an involuntary and well-deserved moan.


In Sam’s perspective Dean was tossing and turning in his sleep. Quite frankly he was disturbing his light reading. He was determined to finish this 500 page novel before sunrise, but he guessed fate had other ideas. He tried to concentrate his eyes on the interesting words that he really hasn’t processed, he continued to try but watching Dean subconsciously react to his dreams was slightly more entertaining.

That was until the moan escaped Dean’s lips. It was in that moment Sam had many regrets. One of them being sharing a room with his brother. Dean was spread out across the bed, emitting little whimpers every so often. Sam didn’t want to know what his older brother was dreaming about but didn’t need two guesses.

Disturbing Sam’s disgust was Gabriel and Balthazar popping into existence.

“Heya Sammy!” Hollered Gabriel; the Archangel.

“Evening Gabriel. Balthazar. How can I help?”

“uh- what the heck is Deano dreaming about?”

“I really don’t want to know” Sam replied quickly, his eyes dropping back down to the book in his hands.

“I bet its about you Balthy” Gabriel Joked.

“Sorry, you have me confused with the other angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with well– humanity. Specifically that human.” Balthazar retorted, gesturing towards a sleeping Dean Winchester.

Moments later another moan left Dean’s lips. Then silence fell among those both conscious and unconscious.

“oh they’re so dating” Gabriel stated.

“you think I didn’t catch on?” Sam asked, rhetorically.

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Steven Universe: Green Thumb - Chapter One


This will not do!

Appalachia Colonel Thaddeus Beauregard stormed through the dilapidated grounds of the old farm, his moustachioed face red with fury. He trod brown weeds into the soil as he marched up and down, shouting at his long-suffering accountant who strolled briskly to keep up with him.

“This eyesore,” bellowed Beauregard, “Threatens our fine village’s chances at winning the Appalachian Best Kept Community Competition!”

“We’ve won ten years running, Colonel,” reminded the accountant.

“The competition stiffens,” snapped Beauregard, “This property might have been acceptable in previous years, but I have seen what they are doing in other towns. I mean, Walters Mill has painted their windmill, sir! We can’t compete while this accursed plot remains ruined!”

He crossed his arms.

“Who owns this land, anyway?”

“Frederick Adamson-DeMayo, sir,” replied the accountant, “He’s not present - the court ordered him to the state capital and he…uh…never came back.”

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OKAY. I AM LEGITIMATELY ANGRY. you can easily locate me due to my language and my presence in the advertisement report thread. it’s my fucking festival and i’m dirt poor with a lair full of fodder and unable to grind for currency because of FOSTER FARMS. this is not fair at all. i discovered am unable to install adblock on my computer, and this makes it hard to play Flight Rising in general and impossible to coli. i’ve trained up six or so dragons through blood and tears.

staff, this is pretty shitty. i’m just sad and defeated now. i feel like i’ve lost the right to enjoy my festival. i have to instead spend money on mats and brew currency, rather than earning money and currency like other people do.

not to mention this ad has been reported for, how long now.. when was it first reported? let’s see. October 10th, at least. it’s October 28th. i’m so bummed out…

(context for those who are unaware of this ad: for me, it pauses my youtube videos on other tabs, lags my coli to the point where it takes ten seconds for a dragon to complete a move like scratch or eliminate, not even exaggerating, it plays audio several times louder than whatever my audio settings are and worst of all: it drags you down to the bottom of the screen and you are unable to scroll up. it replays seemingly endlessly. so, you have to refresh the page to get rid of it… so you can’t coli. unless you forcefully scroll up for 40 seconds, then it will let go of your screen, but still plays audio, and still loads and pulls you down next battle.)

sigh. sorry for the rant. i really needed to get this out. i really hate this a lot… i’m so sad about this.

Guarded by my wife part 23 (Sam drake x reader) NSFW

(💙 tag’s. @souls-rain @missdictatorme @skarlettmikaelson @monjoethepotatoe @rahubarb @jaheesvorson @unchartedjournals :D 💙)

It was very early in the morning. You layed in your bed looking up at the ceiling. It was raining lightly.

“A week and a half left” you say to yourself. You were counting the days till Sam arrived. You stared at the ceiling thinking about Sam until your phone buzzed. You grabbed your phone and looked at the message. It was from your sister. You were confused. “What is she doing at 4 am” you thought but then you remember that she was in another state visiting her brother’s in law. She said she was going to a fair tomorrow.

“(Y/N) Lucy finally learned how to walk!!” you read it and you were happy you couldn’t believe it. You answered her quickly.

“Thats awesome news I can’t wait to see Lucy walking all over the house” you say and then put your phone next to you. You sister didn’t answer immediately she takes almost hours to answer. You put your other hand over your belly.

“You two will also eventually learn how to walk and talk… I wonder how Sam will react when you both learn to walk… How would you two look like.” you say to yourself as you turn your body and its facing towards the window. “In 4 week’s we can find out your genders!” the doctor said that you were 9 weeks pregnant and the earliest you can find out a baby’s gender is at 13 weeks. You think start to think about alot of things. About Sam, the babies, the babies room, and your sister.

You slowly close your eyes and curl up under the blanket. It started to rain heavily and you felt relaxed. The sound of rain falling on the pavement, the cool air from the rain coming from the half opened window, and the warm bed with the very soft bed sheets. You start to fall asleep. You wake up a few hours later by a knock on the door. You rub your eyes and sit up.

“Yes?” you say as you stretch

“Hey (Y/N) breakfast is ready” Elena says

“Ok thanks Elena ill join in a few” you say as you get up and look for clothes. You take a quick shower and get ready. You walk down stairs into the kitchen and sit down next to Elena. Elena made scrambled eggs with avocado on the side with some toast and some orange juice.

“Good morning (Y/N)” Elena says.

“Good morning” you say yawning. You stretch your arms again. You saw that Nate wasn’t any where to be seen “Hey where’s Nate?” you ask as you take a sip of orange juice.

“His sleeping. He couldn’t sleep yesterday.”

“Oh is he scared of the rain or something.” you say joking around.

“What no!” You hear Nate interrupt you. As he walks down the stairs. “I was just not able to sleep for some reason” Nate yawns. He sits down and start’s to eat. You grab your fork and start to eat. The three of you sat on the couch because you had no plans at all for the day.

“Um why don’t we go walk around a mall or something?” Elena asks. It was a better idea instead of staying in here bored you thought.

“Yeah why not” you say as Nate whines like a kid.

“No let’s go somewhere else”

“Where?” you say “if you don’t say anything in 10 seconds we will go to the mall.”


“10… 9… 8… 7…”

“Ok how about the zoo farm fair thing that has rides i think?!” Nate blurts out.

“Nate its not a zoo its just a weird farm with a fall fair and a few rides. Zoo’s have wild animals like elephant’s, lions, and-”

“But it has monkeys and a zebra!” Nate says

“Ok fine alright i think its a good idea now its up to Elena.” Elena agrees about going. The three of you get ready. You sat on the kitchen table drinking a glass of water when your phone rang. You put the glass down and answer.

“Hello?” you say

“Hey beautiful hows your day been so far?” Sam says as you head towards the front door and open it heading outside.

“Eh its ok. Umm Nate, Elena, and i are going to a farm with fall fair in a few”

“To a farm?… With a fair?” Sam asks


“Why a farm… Let me guess Nate picked it.”

“Mhm he didn’t want to go walk around a mall.”

“No rides at that fair alright” Sam says

“I know Sam no rides. Also Lucy leaned to walk! Im so happy she learned how to walk!”

“Oh thats great did it happen over night or somethin?”

“Yes i got a message from my sister near 4 am-”

“4 am?”

“She’s in another state”


“Yeah so how is everything going with that artifact?”

“Well the we gathered some information about this place that said had the Egyptian scarab and it was in this secret museum place and we sneaked in but it wasn’t just some ordenary museum (Y/N) it had alot ancient artifacts every where from almost every time period, alot of important things there. We didn’t find the real Egyptian scarab there but we found a painting with a small statue that had a puzzle and after doing the puzzle there was map where the supposed Egyptian scarab is” Sam says. You loved how Sam talked about history passionately like he was born to what he does.

“Thats how far we’ve made it” Sam says and you start to think that Sams gonna take longer then 3 weeks maybe 6 weeks or so.

“Um Sam?…”


“Im happy that you’ve accomplished all that but with what you told me thats gonna take more than just 3 weeks…”

“What you don’t think im capable of finding it in 3 weeks?” Sam says self assured.

“Sam you have a week and a half-”

“Yeah i have plenty of time”

“Ok Mr confident how about a deal to see if you really can find it with in the remaining weeks?” you say

“Whats the deal?…” Sam says and you pause for a second.

“If you find the Egyptian Scarab with in the week and a half you win and if you don’t get it within the week in a half i win.”

“Ok what will i get if i lose?”

“You’ll have to clean my car, the hole house, the attic I’ve been wanting to clean that place its a huge mess, hmm what else?” you say

“So like your slave?”

“I guess?…. But anyways deal or no deal?”

“I already know what i want when i win”

“Ok so its a deal” you say with pride. You felt that Sam was gonna lose but you couldn’t under estimate it.

“Deal get ready to lose Mrs pride” Sam says and you gasp when he called you Mrs pride. You put a hand on your chest.

“Alright then get ready to clean the attic its pretty dusty oh and don’t get me started with my garage i haven’t been there in god knows how long” you say

“To bad i won’t clean the attic nor the garage but you’ll have to do what i want” Sam says and you laugh

“Oh Sam sadly that won’t happen cause im gonna win” you say confidently. You hear Nate calling you.

“Alright when you arrive from that place ill already have the Egyptian scarab” Sam says and you laugh

“Ok then Sam bye well talk later” you say lovingly. This reminded you when you and Sam were younger and you both made deals.

“Ok then (Y/N) take care” Sams says and you smiled for a second. You end the call and enter the house again and see Elena and Nate sitting on the couch.

“Why were you outside?” Nate asks

“I got a phone call-”

“From Sam i suppose? So what did he say?”

“Nate leave her alone” Elena says defending you. “They have all right to.”

“So um… Are we going?…” you ask them quietly pointing at the door with your thumb.

“Ah yeah we’re ready go then.”

“Great ill just get my sweater and well go” you say quickly running up the stairs to look for your sweater. You arrive to the farm and take pictures of the farm animals there. Nate fed a calf and Elena and you fed baby sheeps. You took a hundred pictures if the baby sheep you thought they were the most adorablest thing on earth. You make it near a food court and sit down and order something to eat. You eat french fries and notice how Elena and Nate talked and looked at each other. You felt like a third wheel. You quietly and slowly stand up and you planned to head to the bathrooms.

“Where are you going?” Elena asks

“To the bathroom ill be back” you say as Elena nods. You spend the rest of the day in the farm and then finally arrive back to Elenas and Nates house. You were very tired. You went into the room and changed into your white tank top and stay in your underwear because for some reason you’ve started to get warm. You flopped in bed and you get your phone and send a text to Sam.

“Hey did you find it?”

“Not yet but i can feel that im very close.” Sam responds. Sam sends you a picture of him and Sully near the pyramids. You saw how Sam looked. He had a navy blue v neck that was dirty and you can see the shape of his chest because it was a little tight around that area. He had sweat and some dirt on his forehead. You stared at his veins in his arms. You started to turn red and warm all over your face. You started to imagen dirty things about Sam. One of your hands slowly slides under your shirt and starts to make soft circles around your nipple when your phone buzzed.

“Hey you still there?”

“Yes sorry” you type back embarrassed. “What am i doing” you think your head “this is Elenas and Nates house its wrong”

“Can i call you or are you busy”

“No you can call me” you wait for Sams call. You were very turned on your hand slowly creped around your inner thigh. You stop for a second. “No i shouldn’t they might hear me… But… Ill try to be quiet i guess…” you forgot about Sam calling you. You close your eyes and start to make soft circles around your clit threw your thin underwear. Your start to breath faster. You start to put a little more pressure and move diagonally imagining it was Sam. You try your best holding back a moan when your phone rings. You stop and open your eyes. You quickly answer the phone. “H-hey” you say. You were out of breath for a few seconds and embarrassed

“Hey is everything ok you-”

“Im fine don’t worry” You say and Sam asks again “Are you sure?”

“Yeah um so how was your day or evening?”

“Its fine we found more close so yeah get ready to lose” Sam says and he chuckles. When Sam chuckled you felt so turned on. You put your hand over your thigh again and you rest it there thinking if you should do it.

“Yeah in your dreams your gonna have to clean the hole house when you come back” You didn’t care anymore. You start to make circles around your clit. You stay as quiet as possible.

“So how was the whole farm thing?” Sam asks. You didn’t stop in the contrary you start to put more pressure and speed.

“I-it was great i had fun” you say in a higher pitch and a little shaky then usual.

“(Y/N)? Is something wrong” you were close to your orgasm

“N-no” your voice is now a little more shaky then before.

“Are you sure” you were gonna hum in respond but you accidentally moan. Everything was going fine until that moment. You stop and sit up. Sam was quiet. Your face burned of embarrassment.

“Oooh….” Sam says in a low voice “I know whats going on…” You knew that Sam knows what you were doing. You felt like you were gonna die of embarrassment.

“I-I can-”

“Shh…. Naught girl” Sam says chuckling. You felt embarrassed to the point you were gonna die. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Sam says and you’re confused for a moment. “Well… I… Um….” you say trying to come up with an answer when Sam speaks again “Don’t worry…. I also missed you” Sam says “So are you completely naked? And were are you?”

“No im in my underwear and a tank top. And im in the guest room Elena gave me…” You say embarrassed “Where are they” Sam asks. “I think there in the kitchen” You say and Sam hums in respond “So what turned you on this much?” Sam asks

“Well… The picture you sent me a few minutes ago of you and Sully…? Sam chuckles "how?” He asks. “I-I don’t know ok I just started to think and then-” Sam interrupts “Oh thinking…” Sam says and your face feels like it burns like literal fire. “So are you gonna continue?…” Sam says and you saw how wet you were. You lay down and get comfy. You put your hand on your belly. You say yes and start all over again from the beginning but Sam tells you to take your underwear off. You do and put more pressure on your clit. You hear something unzipping in the back ground. “Sam?” you say quietly but no response. You say his name again and he responds this time. “Im right here” He says. You start to wonder if his gonna do the same because you heard a zipper. You were gonna ask when you hear him moan softly. “Sorry i couldn’t help my self” Sam says.

You put more pressure and speed on your clit. You try your best not moan loudly. You couldn’t stop a moan and luckily it was quiet. The fact that Sam moaned your name out load drove you crazy. Your toes start to curl up a bit. You were getting close to your orgasm. You started to imagen how Sam looked like and that Sam was the one touching you. Elena walks past your room. You put more pressure and speed again. Elena was gonna open the door when you moaned loudly. You hoped no one heard it but Sam. Elena let go of the door nob and put her hands on her hips “well shes having fun” Elena murmured as she leaves.

You hear Sam saying that his close. You were also close. Your toes curled up and you started cumming you hear Sam a few seconds after you. You don’t move at all. You try to catch your breath. You and Sam say a few words trying to steady your breaths. You finally steady your breaths and talk for a few more minutes. You were about to say goodbye to Sam when Nate all of a sudden opens the door and walks in. “I have a question…. (Y/N)! Oh my G-!” Nate says quickly leaving. “Nate?!” You say in shock you thought you locked the door you quicky end the call with Sam.

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Coldwave as babysitters au

Leonard was never having children.

The thought—knowledge, really—came when Lisa’s mother brought his sister home, cute and swaddled in a pink hospital blanket. He’d loved her on sight, a bone-deep knowledge that he’d give his life to protect that little girl if he had to, because the world and their father handed out nothing but hurt.

“Promise me you’ll take care of her,” her mother asked one day when her stomach had still been round and Lisa hadn’t entered the world yet, because Lewis was drinking again and they all knew what that meant. Len had promised, but it would be years before he understood that it was a promise too heavy for an eight-year-old to make. Most older siblings protected the younger ones from heartbreak and schoolyard bullies, but Len protected her from Lewis and hands that were never extended in love.

He took the bruises so she didn’t have to and lived with the guilt when he couldn’t.

She covered the scar on her shoulder so he couldn’t see it, because she knew how his gut churned whenever he caught a glimpse of damaged skin. Reminders made his breath short and no amount of telling him it’s okay and I’m fine and I don’t blame you could make him feel better.

Still, she clung to him as they grew, shooting barbs back and forth like it was their own version of I love you, because neither of them were good with voicing affection. Mick rolled his eyes whenever they did it, muttering words like emotionally stunted that he definitely learned from his therapist and pains in my ass that was definitely true.

“You think you’d ever want them?” Mick asked him one day while they were sitting on the front porch of the farmhouse and watching Lisa play tag with his siblings.

“No,” Len told him honestly, because he didn’t have it in him. Years-old fears of becoming his father would have been enough, but he’d already weathered the sex talk too early with Lisa and didn’t have the stomach to do it again.

Mick grunted in agreement. “Clara, tag with your freakin’ hand. Not your teeth,” he called out and grumbled, “you little fucking cannibal.”

Len choked on a laugh.

“Mark my words, she’s gonna end up like that fucking psycho in Milwaukee.”

“I don’t think she’s that bad yet,” Len placated him, lips quirked up in a smile, “but if she does, you might want to tell your parents.”

“They’re too busy on the farm.” Which was fair. Mick had mentioned once that they’d hoped for a girl first, someone to help tend after the little ones while they worked the farm. They’d gotten Mick instead and he ended up pulling double duty, working the fields with his father in the morning before he traded places with his mom and got to work with the kids. Some days, it kept him too busy to think about fire. Others, it stressed him out until it was all he could think about.

“They’re too complicated, anyway,” Mick added as an afterthought. “Can’t plan heists when you’ve got a baby screaming in the other room.” He leaned over, chin propped on Len’s shoulder so he could peer at the plans in Len’s lap. “How’s that going?”

“Slowly,” he said and shrugged the touch off. “Keep an eye on them. Clara bit Matt again.”

“How did you… Fucking- Clara! Teeth!”

No, Len thought, he was never having kids.

(Years later, he ended up with a group of meta-human criminals with the maturity of kindergartners and exchanged a long-suffering look with Mick.)

County Fair Gothic

-the smell of fried foods fills the air. Foodstuffs of even the most exotic varieties can be obtained on Vendor’s Row, for the right price and if you know who to ask, although almost invariably deep fried and impaled on a stick

-someone told you the 4-H booth is the cheapest place to get milkshakes. the man in the back’s skin is an unusual texture. the girl at the window has eyes a shade of green you’ve never seen on a human before. you cant really say why you bough four milkshakes just for yourself.

-the Pig Boys are at it again. those rotten Pig Boys

-men in sleeveless flannel shirts, torn and muddy jeans and baseball caps mingle with people in garish neon colors and oddly asymmetric hair styles. they mutually ignore each others presence

-after the recent bout of avian disease, there is talk of tearing down the poultry barn and building a new Worm Barn in its place

-The machine is illuminated by multicolored lights as it slowly rises into the night air. it begins to rotate, slowly at first, then faster and faster, and as it picks up speed the air is filled with the sound of the children’s screams

-inside the 4-H building, there are vegetables on display larger than small children. succulent cactus growing from torn work boots. insects that twitch and struggle feebly against the pins holding them in their glass display cases. desserts that still look fresh and edible after a week in a plastic bag in the summer heat

-people wander through the dairy barn. they are unsure how they ended up here or what exactly a “cow” is but they seem eager to learn

-the children, dressed all in white, lead their animals in to the arena. they lead them in a circle around the Judge. they have been told to keep their eyes on the Judge, their animal, the other animals, and their parents at all times. don’t forget to smile. always keep her in the right position, relative to the Judge. one by one the Judge pulls them from a circle to place them in a row, in order of Most to Least Satisfactory. the winner gets a blue ribbon.

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Is there such a thing as Pokémon pet shops? Like breeders selling pokemon with less aggressive natures to people who want pokemon but don't catch them?

Sort of.

Breeders to raise specific Pokémon for specific purposes, including (but by no means limited to) service Pokémon, starter Pokémon, pet Pokémon, and fighting Pokémon (for advanced trainers).

HOWEVER…they are not sold in shops. People have really negative associations with stores that sell Pokémon (just review how Aether views people who use Pokémon for profit). Yet, the society cannot run without these breeders.

Breeders will sell their Pokémon on ranches, fairs, conventions, farms, backyards, etc. to avoid controversy. Many, many people point out the hypocrisy of this, since the only thing that changes is the location, but the status remains the same.

Life is unfair sometimes, even in the Pokémon world.