This is like the 87th time I’ve started a new Stardew game but THIS TIME I’LL STICK WITH IT, I SWEAR.

Anyway here is my farmer. She likes to bake cookies and pink cakes, and gives them as gifts to everyone in town whenever she can. Her best friend is her cat. She doesn’t like combat or fighting and the mines kinda scare her. She thinks Krobus is cute, though.

She’s in love with Robin and doesn’t really like Demetrius, mostly because she’s jealous. She’s supposedly dating Maru and Sabrina and it’s kinda weird and awkward for everyone, but y’know. Sometimes you fall in love with married women and it’s painful so you date their children instead???

She’s a bit of a train wreck, but she’s a cute train wreck.

County Fair Gothic

-the smell of fried foods fills the air. Foodstuffs of even the most exotic varieties can be obtained on Vendor’s Row, for the right price and if you know who to ask, although almost invariably deep fried and impaled on a stick

-someone told you the 4-H booth is the cheapest place to get milkshakes. the man in the back’s skin is an unusual texture. the girl at the window has eyes a shade of green you’ve never seen on a human before. you cant really say why you bough four milkshakes just for yourself.

-the Pig Boys are at it again. those rotten Pig Boys

-men in sleeveless flannel shirts, torn and muddy jeans and baseball caps mingle with people in garish neon colors and oddly asymmetric hair styles. they mutually ignore each others presence

-after the recent bout of avian disease, there is talk of tearing down the poultry barn and building a new Worm Barn in its place

-The machine is illuminated by multicolored lights as it slowly rises into the night air. it begins to rotate, slowly at first, then faster and faster, and as it picks up speed the air is filled with the sound of the children’s screams

-inside the 4-H building, there are vegetables on display larger than small children. succulent cactus growing from torn work boots. insects that twitch and struggle feebly against the pins holding them in their glass display cases. desserts that still look fresh and edible after a week in a plastic bag in the summer heat

-people wander through the dairy barn. they are unsure how they ended up here or what exactly a “cow” is but they seem eager to learn

-the children, dressed all in white, lead their animals in to the arena. they lead them in a circle around the Judge. they have been told to keep their eyes on the Judge, their animal, the other animals, and their parents at all times. don’t forget to smile. always keep her in the right position, relative to the Judge. one by one the Judge pulls them from a circle to place them in a row, in order of Most to Least Satisfactory. the winner gets a blue ribbon.