Mammo eventually wins Riyaz over, but at first he resents her presence and vehemently confronts her, and she leaves the house. They finally find her in Mumbai’s most striking mosque, Haji Ali. Erected in 1431, it houses the tomb of saint Haji Ali Shah, a merchant from Bukhara (now in Uzbekistan) who gave up his wealth and left for Mecca. His body was found on an inslet almost five-hundred meters off the coast, and the mosque was erected there in his memory. When high tides cover the narrow passageway leading to the mosque, it appears to float in the sea. Its beauty makes it a frequent film location, but here it also serves as a expressive metaphor for Mammo’s plight and the sense of isolation often felt by many Indian Muslims. 

Helio San MiguelWorld Film Locations: Mumbai

The signs as DDLJ characters

Aries: Chaudhary Baldev Singh (Amrish puri)

Taurus: Lajwanti (Farida Jalal)

Gemini: Ajit Singh (Satish Shah)

Cancer: Simrans grandmother

Leo: Raj

Virgo: Preeti SIngh

Libra: Simran

Scorpio: Sheena

Sagittarius: Kuljeet

Capricorn: Rajeshwari (Chutki)

Aquarius: Dharamvir Malhotra (Anupam Kher)

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