Happy Hearths Warming, everypony!

2015 Christmas album is released! I’ve been working on these notes since this summer! Enjoy random MIDI :D

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This is both terrible and amazing at the same time.


Farewell Of Slavianka (Russian: Прощание славянки - Proshchanye Slavyanki) is a Russian patriotic march, written by the composer Vasily Agapkin in honour of the Bulgarian women bidding farewell to their husbands who left for the First Balkan War. The march premiered in Tambov in 1912 and was subsequently released as a single. Slavyanka means “Slavic woman”.

Perform: Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble.


Farewell of Slavianka - Unofficial anthem of Admiral Kolchak’s White Army

Film is ‘Gentlemen Officers: Save the Emperor (2008)’


Прощание Славянки (Farewell of Slavianka)


Farewell of Slavianka. My favorite march ever.


We all know that the Kaidanovskys are badass, name-taking sons of steel who kept the harshest shores safe for nearly a decade. So do you need to kick a project’s ass? Are you on a time crunch to finish that big paper? Want to finish that last mile of running? Get inspired and get in the jaeger to punch a bastard, because this fanmix has got you covered. Heavy electronic baselines accompanied by choirs and instrumental originations, this fanmix will have you marching well into the Siberian coastline for however many hours.
{Listen here}

The Dubstep Gun – Plyhymnia & Scout McMillan - In My Spirit – Rayden Remix - Keep Your Heads Above the Mayhem – Shiro Sagisu - Farewell to Slavianka – Viscera Pulp - Heat – Clark “Plazmataz” Powell - Recognizer (Astronaut Cult Club Edit) – Astronaut Cult Club - B Mashina [Dirty Remix] – Bodynerv - The Final Decision We All Must Make (Enigma Remix) – Enigma TNG