FarFaria Version 1.1 Available in the App Store

A new adventure awaits! Updates to FarFaria are now available in the iTunes App Store!

So what’s new to explore? 

  1. FarFaria can now easily share your child’s Favorites and what your child is currently reading in your Facebook Timeline! Activate this new feature in the settings area of FarFaria. Simply Login with Facebook!
  2. Helpful Tips have been provided on the inside cover of each story! Swipe and Tap to navigate through a story’s pages.  Rotate to easily see the beautiful full screen illustrations!
  3. We’ve made returning to your favorite land in FarFaria faster! Stories are now more quickly available to you and your young explorer!
  4. Other minor adjustments, including bug fixes and design enhancements, have been made to improve your travels through FarFaria!
To download the new version tap here while on your iPad or navigate to the Updates section of the App Store on your iPad.

An E-book that I illustrated by the name of Can’t Catch Caitlyn on Farfaria.com recently got published! Hurrah! Many thanks to their awesome team and hands off approach that gave me the freedom to stomp around aimlessly while trying to figure out how to go about the illustrations.

The project got prolonged because I was in the thick of college graduation stuff, and it feels strange posting now so much after the fact. Can’t Catch Caitlyn really had me working though some of my conflicts regarding the relationship between cartoons and illustration, what I value in line work, how should digital coloring be used etc. etc. Haha, basically I did everything that I don’t want to do in the future!  

Succinctly put, am proud the book got finished, but am more excited to show you where I’ve gone since. Stay tuned for the third story I’m Illustrating for them, due to come out in October. :)


A few pages of my illustrations from the short story “I Have” published May 2015 in the children’s book app, FarFaria.  " I Have" is the third book in the “Milo & Izzy” series that helps beginning readers learn their sight words.


I forgot to really push this, I didn’t realize you could look at sample pages! This is from the freelance children’s storybook I wrote for Farfaria app  Ben Franklin & The Kiteboard, it has such cute art (look at his little legs) done by mollystormjackson you should go check out their other work they do really nice stuff!

If you have any young siblings check out getting a Farfaria subscription for your ipad there’s over 800 stories on there it’s pretty neat and there’s a lot of great artists doing stuff for them. Pitching a few more simple stories soon since they’re curbing back on holiday themed assignments. But ya go check out Molly’s work!

Character studies for “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” the classic poem by Clement Moore that I have just finished illustrating for FarFaria a storybook app for the iPad. I’m turning in the final illustrations today, so it should be out in a week or two.

Copyright Vincent Desjardins 2012


Thank you to everyone who downloaded the app FarFaria and read the first Milo & Izzy story!  You helped put “I Can Be” on top of the Reader’s Choice list!  I am so happy, thank you!

The second book is available now, so please keep reading! Here are a few pages from the new book, “I Go.”  Check out the rest of the story here: https://www.farfaria.com/milo-and-izzy-i-go