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When did you design the new red Squib?

About two or so years ago before the initial end of the series pre-kickstarter! Everything is planned out pretty far in advance due to the serial nature of the show! Here’s the first drawing of Red I did ages ago:

The first design I did was a bit troublesome in animation; the round shape of the head a problem to turn around in space without some indicator of where they were looking. I ended up making some revisions years later now as we were working on “We Hab Da Problem”:

As you can see a bit of a cheek bump was added to help with Red’s gaze line. It made a big difference, since the cycloptic eye left it hard to tell what direction they were looking with the round face. Similarly I added the tentacle tuft in front to act almost as a “pupil”, generally pointing in the direction of where Red’s looking. I also ended up dropping longer, three fingered hands and cuted Red up a bit.

Red and Pumkin are meant to be visual foils/counterparts, so they share similar structures, though red is lankier, has semi-Gorrila arms to make them stand out separately.

Thanks for watching the show!!

reasons you should be watching Fox’s Lucifer
  • based on Neil Gaiman’s Lucifer from the Sandman/spinoff 
  • i’ll repeat that
  • based on Neil Gaiman’s character Lucifer
  • (Neil Gaiman
  • starring Hottie McHotStuff, aka Tom Ellis

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  • also the precious, no-nonsense cupcake that is Lauren German

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  • basic plot is that Lucifer got sick of hell and decided to move to Los Angeles 
  • because of course he did 
  • he owns a nightclub
  • because of course he does 
  • and he and Chloe (the before mentioned precious cupcake) solve crimes/bitch/banter together wonderfully
  • and that’s the gist 
  • other important things to note: 
  • asks serious questions about morality for a comedy show 
  • quickly switches from funny to scary without being jarring
  • bisexual!devil. or pansexual!devil. or hell, omnisexual!devil. point is he doesn’t have time for heteronormativity BS
  • badass Mazikeen 

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  • divorced single mother with full time job remains better than you 
  • daughter of said mother is adorable 

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  • snark
  • PUNS
  • attempts to play fetch with “small humans” 

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  • oh, and there are only three episodes out so far, so you can catch up like THAT. go on. you know you want to 
  • …that’s it
  • please watch this show
  • thank 
  • <3
Why Ali would make a great Uber A

The most important fact we need to notice here is that the biggest aim of Uber /A, so far, is to find out who killed Charlotte. We all know that Charlotte has become a big part of Ali’s life in the past five years and we all know that she wanted Charlotte out more than anyone else… Even Jason didn’t agree that she should be released just yet. We could tell that Alison was very excited and very happy when Charlotte got released (in the scene when she was setting up those purple roses and she got really excited when she heard the car pull up outside). When Charlotte died, she was probably devastated when Charlotte went missing, and therefore wants to know who is responsible. So, therefore we have a motive for being Uber A, a huge motive. She wants to know who is responsible for Charlotte’s death. 

Another thing that makes me a bit suspicious of Ali is that she didn’t ring the police when she found out Charlotte was missing. She rung Hanna and she had to be persuaded by Hanna and Dr Rollins to actually ring the police. Now, I don’t know if you guys would agree, but if that were me I would have called the police straight away. Charlotte has just been released and she knows that there are a lot of people in Rosewood that don’t want her to be released. She also knows exactly what Charlotte did in her past, so with both of these things combined, you’d thing that she would have called the police straight away. But no. She also knows that the liars and Mona don’t want her to be released. Of course, Aria actually stated this but she had to really, really convince the other girls to lie for her and say that they weren’t still afraid of Charlotte, when actually they probably still are.

What puts suspicion on Alison again is the dinner party they were all at. When she was saying that speech it seemed like she had it prepared. She seemed comfortable in predicting that Hanna knew more than what she did and she seemed comfortable in blaming Aria for doing something, asking why she was so quick in going back to Boston.

She is also, as I have mentioned a load of times before, a master manipulator. She knows exactly how to manipulate all of these girls, lets be honest, it’s what she’s been doing throughout their teenage years. Yeah, she’s all nice now and Queen Ali can’t do anything wrong. She’s a bitch and she hasn’t changed. We can tell this is when she has the cheek to ask the girls to lie for her. She wants them to lie and say that they aren’t afraid of Charlotte any more, not because it would help them but because its something that Ali wants. Ali is selfish. The worst thing is that the girls fell for it, so Ali is manipulating people again. Doing what she’s best as. We all know a great puppet master and the perfect ability for A to have is manipulation, getting the girls to do exactly what they want and that’s what she’s best at.

Alison doesn’t care if people get hurt along the way to getting what she wants. This is a perfect trait for A to have. 

She also knows exactly how the A game works…

So basically… Ali as A makes sense because:

  • She’s the person that would want to find out who killed her sister
  • She didn’t call the police as soon as she found out something that could be serious
  • She’s not afraid of controversy and laying the blame on people
  • She’s master manipulator, getting people to do what she wants all the time
  • She won’t let anything get in her way… If she aims to find something then she will
  • She knows the A game well.

It’s a part of growing up, you know? Selling the comic book collection and… getting serious.

The Magicians [S01E01] // 2016

(a gifset a day 2016, 41/365: quentin coldwater, party animal)

Everyone’s salt about shows like spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents is so funny to me like obviously you don’t like it anymore, you’re far out of the demographic, and they obviously don’t affect your lives in any way, but the fact that kids are still watching and enjoying these shows’ newer seasons is somehow enough to piss you off and never stop talking about it

Cook Out: Listen Up, Fuckers

I bet most of you don’t know of a little fast food chain in a few of the southern states called Cook Out. It’s a small chain of 100+ stores that started in Greensboro, North Carolina. Growing up in Charlotte, NC I never saw one of these until I was living on my own in 2009 (I had seen one an hour away in Salem, NC), and even then there was only one in Charlotte and it was on the edge of town, far out of my reach. But then one opened up right near my house. Pictured below is an example of what these dens of the gods look like


Cook Out is not your normal fast food joint. I mean, SURE, most of their food AIN’T PRETTY, but it’s PRETTY GOD DAMN DELICIOUS. They’ve got the grill set up inside and everything that comes out of their kitchen tastes JUST like you were eating a someone’s backyard neighborhood barbecue. (Fun Fact, the first Cook Out that I went to was a building that had once been a fast food joint named Backyard BBQ that shut down because they were serving uncooked meat. I got a maggot burger the ONE time I went there. Cook Out SHAMED them by serving godly food). 


SERIOUSLY THOUGH. LOOK AT THIS NONSENSE. Their burgers are AMAZING, and you added tons of incredible toppings for under a dollar. I loved the Cook Out Style and Steak Style burgers. Hush Puppies to die for, char grilled Footlong Hot Dogs, INSANE BBQ? Their SHAKES? Oh my god. But seriously, the BEST part, aside from them being open until 4 AM EVERY NIGHT is how CHEAP Cook Out is! Their combo is the best because they FILL YOU UP for under FIVE DOLLARS. LOOK AT THIS. LOOK AT THIS MOTHERFUCKING NONSENSE.

For under $5 you had a BIG burger, two sides that I PROMISE filled you up, and a drink. PLUS? This was NORTH CAROLINA, BABY! They had a soda worth dying for, CHEERWINE. THE MOST HEAVENLY OF CHERRY BEVERAGES.

I could live and die by Cook Out. It got me through my most destitute of months. I’d get off work, go across the street, and get a BUCKET of food for $15. I mean, sure, I shouldn’t have been eating that much but can you BLAME me? I miss it SO much and the food was SO very good. If any of you ever pass one of these, I HIGHLY suggest you go and experience it for yourself. 

Today I am leading two very import, high stress meetings (one with people who will inevitably make fun of my business partners while I try to negotiate change requests and the other with the dreaded ex-tech analyst). I’ve stuffed some images of my favorite animals in my queue and I probably won’t resurface until the workday is over. 

I feel like all you guys have been doing lately (at least since my November surgery) is sending well-wishes and positive vibes and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. 

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This may have been asked already, but who is your favorite character that Aaron has ever played?

Kyle from Premium Rush. By far his most fleshed out character.

lol jk, probably Gabe from n2n or Enjolras since that character was one that pushed me over to the point where i figured i was in it for the long run hahaha. Although I did like his Danny Tvuko! 

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If you want to learn about intersex issues talk to an intersex person who is NOT A TERF. I do not care what the issue is, I don't care how far "out of your lane" you think you are, if you listen to TERFS you are not an ally to trans people. While you're saying "sorry you had a bad day uwu" they're killing us. This is not about "problematic" tumblr discourse, this is literally life and death. Do not listen to terfs, ever, period.

First things first:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry that my tone made you feel abandoned. I’m sorry that I gave them a platform by conversing with them. I’m sorry that my morbid curiosity about what part of the basic science facts I was laying down constituted “misinformation” made it seem like I was going to listen to whatever poison they had in response.

I’m sorry that by backing down I have made you feel abandoned, or like I care more about this person’s bad day than I do about trans lives.

Secondly, I tried to put a finer point on it, but now I will be blunt: that person’s blog is full of self-harm and suicidal posts. If they were just feeling sad, I would not have changed my tone. They are also by their own account mentally ill.

I will completely understand if you’re not sorry for them. No trans person should have to be. It is not an excuse for their words. It does not change how damaging transphobia and transmisogyny are.

But as a cis, dyadic, neurotypical person, I felt more than just outside my lane.


I think I can do both. I think I can apologize for messing up even to awful people, and then move on most of the time. It usually works pretty well.

It didn’t this time, for myriad reasons. :\ Instead the conversation ground to an awkward halt and I wound up reblogging a TWEF multiple times and seemingly* respected their input, and I can’t imagine how awful that was to watch.

* please believe me when I reiterate the morbid curiosity. I wanted to read more of actuallyintersex’s writing, not take lessons from this terrible person.

I’ve actually already gotten very helpful input, from non-TWEF sources.

But again, and I can’t stress this enough: I’m sorry.

#suicide mention tw
#self harm mention tw

Seriously considering chopping all my hair off again. It’s finally past my shoulders but I can’t do anything with it but put it in a bun on the top of my head and I feel like I look messy and lazy all the time. 

I do not feel cute. 

Someone talk me out of this. It took me two years to grow it out this far and five months ago I spent $300 getting it dyed. 

AAA So Many Milestones Hit!

My drawing of Suzy has by far beat out any Twitter post ever with ~100 RTs and ~700 Likes!

While on Tumblr it is my first drawing to ever reach over 1,000 notes! ; w ; Normally my fanart, even when reblogged by that person or popular blogs, never has reached over 750! So that means a lot to me

I reached over 100 followers on Twitter and just now 200 followers on Tumblr!

This is all actually a really big surprise to me and all this support makes me really happy. Every little bit of it really means a lot so I just wanna say: