Far Away...young love

Voglio scappare via di qua, andare lontano. Dove nessuno di loro possa trovarmi. Non mi piace stare qua. Non sto bene. Sto sempre male. I miei sorrisi sono finti, spenti.. Io sono stanca di vivere così. Voglio stare bene anch'io.🌙

C-Clown Far Away Young Love - Acoustic Ver.

Kpop lost an amazing and talented group.

I miss them so much


c-clown, infinite, vixx; scorpion dance and now kiss body touch… ~(•ε • ~) 

Xiumin: The Otherside

A/n: I started writing Chanyeol’s Far Away, Young Love but half way I suddenly got inspiration to write this one. i was planing to get back to the chanyeol and post it today too but lol finished this one at 1:47AM.  Hope you enjoy this one! #thirdexoficinarow!!

And I apologize if the beginning is laggy.

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As you were getting dressed, your doorbell rang. You stumbled to get your pants as you headed towards the door. Opening to reveal just who you were expecting. “Annyeong Xiuminah!! Can you wait in the living room a bit? I’m not ready yet.” “Huh? Oh. Oh ye-yeah. T-take your time _____-ah” he was nervous, it was the first time he’s been in at your house ever since you’ve been sick.  ”Hehe. He’s so cute.” You laughed to yourself on your way upstairs.

 Xiumin, he was a friend. You just met him not to long ago but you and him have gotten so close. Even though it was his first time agreeing to meet at your house, you’ve probably been to his house almost every day of the week. When you asked if he wanted to meet at your house for some reason he always insisted on you coming to his. Xiumin was so nice to you, every time something had to be decided, he always let you decide. He helped you with homework. He helped you run errands when you were busy and made you food when you were to lazy.

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Bad news for CROWNs!

It appears that the rumors have been true. Today, Yedang Entertainment has officially confirmed that the talented and relatively popular boy band (with very strong international fan base), C-CLOWN, has disbanded.

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I love kpop mashup, and I’m going to share my favourite <3

Doom Dada (T.O.P) + Hyde Remix (VIXX)   

Come Back Home (2NE1) + Overdose (EXO)  

Very Good (Block B) + Wolf (EXO)  

Turn It Up (T.O.P) +Growl (EXO)  

Rain Sound (B.A.P) + Far Away Young Love (C-Clown)  

My Boy (Sistar 19) + XOXO (EXO)  

Bubble Pop (HyunA) + Wolf (EXO)  

Voodoo Doll (VIXX ) + Ringa Linga (Taeyang)  

Something (Girl’s Day) + Alone (Sistar)  

Change (HyunA) + Shock (Beast)  

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C-CLOWN (씨클라운) ♪ Far away...Young love (멀어질까봐) Guitar Chords

Request for kooky-crushing! :) I don’t know anything about this group but this song is really good~ I feel so bad for the guy in the MV though haha…                      

C-CLOWN ♪ 멀어질까봐
Am Dm G C (C/B) E

Sometimes the lines end with the C/B and no E, but other times they don’t play the C/B (which I’m not even sure is completely accurate but it works haha), so hopefully you can figure it out by listening to the song!

3-weeks later edit:
AHHH I’ve been listening to this song a LOT since I did this request, and I found out about the acoustic guitar version which is super wonderful too~ This is such a good song omg I love it… Just wanted to say this haha :3 And I changed the chords a little bit too.