Far Away...young love

C-CLOWN (씨클라운) ♪ Far away...Young love (멀어질까봐) Guitar Chords

Request for kooky-crushing! :) I don’t know anything about this group but this song is really good~ I feel so bad for the guy in the MV though haha…                      

C-CLOWN ♪ 멀어질까봐
Am Dm G C (C/B) E

Sometimes the lines end with the C/B and no E, but other times they don’t play the C/B (which I’m not even sure is completely accurate but it works haha), so hopefully you can figure it out by listening to the song!

3-weeks later edit:
AHHH I’ve been listening to this song a LOT since I did this request, and I found out about the acoustic guitar version which is super wonderful too~ This is such a good song omg I love it… Just wanted to say this haha :3 And I changed the chords a little bit too.