>Being held prisoner is so booooring. They haven’t brought out the “scaaaary” punishments or “treatments” or whatever yet, so your time in this cell has been incredibly dull. This lead to you doing some tinkering.

>Mostly with your own arm. You figure you’d play around with the settings, maybe finally getting around to changing the color scheme to gray instead of a bright red.

>And, apparently, stumble across a digital keyboard. Score. Now you don’t have to use the Voice-to-Text feature and risk getting caught again. Unless of course you do, which would probably be bad.

>You shrug off whatever might happen and focus on what is happening, and what’s happening is you using the random encounter feature on trollian.

MO: I do apologize if this randomly delivered message finds you at an inopportune time, but as it would happen, I am rather bored. Perhaps a conversation is in order here.