Not So Friendly Les Mis Facts:

Fantine’s assault at the hands of Bamatabois is based on an experience of Victor Hugo: he came across a man harassing a prostitute, and when she rejected him, he shoved snow down her dress. She defended herself, and he called the police for her to be arrested. Hugo spoke up for her and had her set free.

Thus, Fantine was born. 

Beatles songs for characters in Victor Hugo's novel

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so fantine is a muggle, but she’s like super beautiful, and tholomyes is a wizard. and they date for a while, and fantine (who is obviously a smart person) figures out that he’s a wizard and then proceeds to find out more about magic. like she’s DYING of curiosity and he’s a douche who won’t tell her anything about the magical world, even though he claims to “‘love her”’ so then she leaves him because she doesn’t want to be with someone who isn’t honest to her 

but then she finds out she’s pregnant with twins. and enjolras and cosette are born. and like the idea that they might be magical doesnt even really occur to fantine for a long time, until one day enjolras and cosette are fighting over who gets the last pancake and cosette makes it magically float over to her plate. and then enjolras retaliates by magically making cosette’s orange juice fly up and hit her in the face. and then they both start tattling on each other to fantine

so then the next day, fantine tries to go to diagon alley, imagining that she can buy some books or something to help her understand more about magic so that she can help her children. but of course she can’t get in, because she’s a muggle. and sits down on the sidewalk for a while. and then a strange looking v tall wizard in a tattered and faded cloak- valjean - walks by and taps her shoulder and asks whats wrong

and she tells him about her life and enjolras and cosette and everything, and she begs him to let her into diagon alley because she really wants to know everything she can about magic so she can do the best for her children. and valjean smiles and kindly tells her that even if she goes in, she wont be able to buy anything, because all she has is muggle money. and she sighs and thanks him for listening and gets up to leave

but then like within seconds, he’s back, holding a bag overflowing with stuff. and she’s like “how did you do that so fast?” and he’s just like “i went in and bought stuff and then used a time turner to get back here. its no big deal.” and she laughs and tears up a little and hugs him and thanks him and then runs back home

and in the bag are things like mini broomsticks, the book 'the tales of beedle the bard’ and other books like that, and a few wizard history books and a book about hogwarts so that fantine knows what to expect when enjolras and cosette turn eleven 

and the next few years are difficult because its hard to raise two children who literally disappear and reappear somewhere else when they dont want to take a bath or go to sleep. but they’re really fun years and then enjolras and cosette get their hogwarts letters and fantine cries because she’s not going to get to see her babies everyday anymore 


les mis movie memefive deaths [4/5] jean valjean

Cosette and Marius fell on their knees, overwhelmed, choked with tears, each grasping one of Jean Valjean’s hands. Those noble hands moved no more. He had fallen back, the light from the candlesticks fell across him; his white face looked up toward heaven, he let Cosette and Marius cover his hands with kisses; he was dead.

The night was starless and very dark. Without any doubt, in the gloom, some mighty angel was standing, with outstretched wings, waiting for the soul.