Little Les Mis™ Things

-the beginnings of the barricade songs
-Thenardier calling Cosette by the wrong name
-“Little he knows, little he sees”
-the three part counterpoint at the end of a heart full of love
-the three part counterpoint at the end of a heart full of love reprise/everyday
-“Thinks he’s quite a lover, but there’s not much there”
-when the “JAVERT!"s match up in the confrontation
-the feeling in your chest when everyone starts singing in the finale

-gavroche singing the women’s part of drink with me in the les mis movie

Mincing Mockingbird + Les Mis

No one seems to have done this yet, so I’m taking it upon myself. Warning: this is gonna be a long ass post.



















M. Thenardier:

Mme. Thenardier:

Les Misérables
  • Valjean: i stole fucking bread
  • Javert: five years
  • Valjean: i tried to check on my family you piece of shit
  • Javert: fourteen more
  • Valjean: im free
  • Javert: technically,,,, you're not,,,,, but ok,,,,
  • Bishop: hey u look like ur having trouble come over at my place
  • Valjean: fuck it
  • Valjean: *steals*
  • Javert: ffs you wouldn't be in jail if-
  • Bishop: no it's cool i gave him that shit
  • Javert: oh.
  • 20 years later or smth
  • Valjean: aye im mayor now
  • Fantine: i have a daughter you inconsiderate imbeciles
  • Fantine's boss and coworkers: fuck you
  • Fantine: i don't want to do this
  • Valjean: u don't have to
  • Valjean: hey kid u want some candy
  • Cosette: fuck yea
  • Thénardiers: you want her? go have her
  • 20 more years later i think
  • Éponine: i lowkey love you
  • Marius: im oblivious as shit. ooOO a HOT girl
  • Cosette: ooOO a HOT guy
  • Marius: hey, take me to her
  • Éponine: ok
  • Éponine: (kill me)
  • Enjolras: REVOLUTION
  • Grantaire: you're gonna get us killed, moron
  • Grantaire: (but you're my moron)
  • Les Amis de'lABC: we died.
  • Éponine: me too
  • Javert: sTOP R I G H T THERE
  • Valjean: *gives Javert guilt trip*
  • Javert: oh
  • Javert: oh shit
  • Javert: *kills himself*
  • A year later I think
  • Marius: all my friends are dead
  • Cosette: i love you
  • Marius: love u too
  • Valjean: im dying
  • Cosette: please,,,, god,,,, no,,,, enough people have DIED already
  • Fantine: hey old pal. ur awesome
  • Éponine: u protected my crush. ur awesome
  • Bishop: ur awesome
  • Everyone: we're all awesome!!

Y'know sometimes I go through a period where I forget how much I love the brick, and then one day I’ll suddenly be reminded and I just get filled with the pure joy and happiness that comes from Good Old Vicky’s Ridiculously Long Chapter Titles ™ and Javert’s Drama™ Queen personality and the amount of ExTrA™ contained In everything Enjolras says and I get overwhelmed by how much I mcFreaking LOVE this goddamn weirdass French novel written by a 19th century artsy Fuckboy


jean, javert and the great rebellion of 1832: prologue.

“It’s a complicated French novel
Everyone is dying or sad”

omg what if JVJ had left before fantine had died to go get cosette and he bargained her away from the thenardiers and just before he left he saw eponine and figured he didn’t want any kids to stay with the thenardiers so he asked to bargain for eponine and then he saw azelma and he got her and then he saw gavroche and he was just like “SHIT” and he took them all and then he got back to Fantine and she was like “oh yay you got cosette WHO ARE ALL THESE OTHER KIDS?!” and he was like “they’re so cute it was like a buy one get three sale” and then him and fantine raised all four of them and no one died this is the best story ever.

okay no one really talks about modern day fantine headcanons so here we go

  • fantine having 3 jobs and Makes time to take little cosette to her karate and dance lessons 
  • fantine snorts when she laughs (cosette also snorts when she laughs)
  • fantine dresses like a cool librarian 
  • when her hair gets too long, she gets it cut and donates the hair to charity 
  • fantine being the Best single mother and had cosette when she was young 

feel free to add some??

anonymous asked:

my dude can you post more of your dream les mis cast please


Dream Les Mis Cast Part 2

Close up portrait of sexy sad woman as Fantine

Young man in love making a wish isolated on gray background with red hearts above head as Marius

Closeup portrait of a pretty young woman smiling and looking sideways. High resolution image taken in studio. Isolated on pure white background with copy space as Cosette

Man down on his luck beseeching and imploring standing with his clothing in disarray and his hand outstretched in supplication, full length on white as Thenardier

Young woman looks at night in a dark alley around the corner as Eponine

Drunk and depressed hispanic man suffering a headache as Grantaire

Clever serious kid drinking vitamin smoothie juice in street cafe and looking. Toned closeup as Gavroche

Confident nerd boy holding geek glasses as Combeferre

mito ou verdade as Claquesous

part one here