“There is so much to be thankful for, I know that. But, is it so wrong to be most thankful for Sephiroth?” Aerith knew that her words would draw questions from those she was speaking to, but that hadn’t scared her enough for her to draw back. ‘You were murdered in cold blood!’ their thoughts obvious by the expressions painted about their faces. In truth, she was– she had been murdered but none of that mattered anymore. Besides, she had never truly believed it was Sephiroth who ran her through all those years ago. To Aerith, he had been just as torn apart as the rest of them were.

In the Lifestream Aerith had willed it so strongly, her attachment to him was obvious and for some reason the Planet had listened and allowed both she and he to return once more. “Please, understand him too.” that was really all Aerith ever wanted. She wanted people to pull back the blinders from their eyes and look upon Sephiroth with an open mind. It had been what she’d chosen to do on her own and when Aerith had really seen Sephiroth with her heart and not through the same eyes as those who chastised him, a bond between the two had formed and there was nothing on the planet that could make the Cetra happier.

did you know that as a kid i once drew final fantasy 7 x crash bandicoot fanart?

since both are being remastered, this abomination keeps me awake at night