Fantasy Baseball

I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal in the mid-90s. He asked me how I felt, having invented this phenomenon. I said that I now knew what J. Robert Oppenheimer felt like having invented the atomic bomb.

Some dude, two minutes and forty five seconds into the 30 for 30 documentary, Silly Little Game.

This dude was talking about inventing fantasy baseball.

I have 57-more minutes of this NEXT LEVEL navel gazing to go.


I’m starting a fantasy baseball league (well, this is actually the second one) for MLB fans on tumblr that drafts tomorrow night (4/3, tho I may change the date) at 10:00 eastern time!

– And there will be prizes (autographed prizes!) for the 1st AND 2nd place teams!!!!!

Seriously, I can’t stress it enough, I’d love to give some of this stuff away, all you have to do is message me (or holland42) if you want in!

So here's the deal, folks.

I am a girl. 

I am a girl who likes sports. 

I am a girl who likes sports and is relatively knowledgeable about some of them and at least literate in the others. This, my friends, does not make me a unicorn. This is not something I seek praise or admiration for, but it does tend to blow people’s minds (see: Richard the token “old dude” at my local bar, but he also told me I looked good that day, so win-win). I’m not totally sure why the 2013 “New Normal” covers Lena Dunham’s boobs  but not a girl knowing who the starting QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is, but whatever. 

That being said, I’ve joined a fantasy baseball league. The Mikes (one of whom will beat me up if I don’t say that he coined the Baby Bash nickname), owners of previously-referenced “local bar,” were putting up a league and coerced me into joining. It didn’t take much, I’m kind of grossly competitive, so agreeing to compete in an online version of one of my weaker sports against 11 dudes (who may or may not know way more than I do about the difference between RP and SP) was almost a no-brainer. And chronicle it all on tumblr, both to fulfill a need for regular writing and fill what seems to be almost a black hole-sized void on the internet of women competing in “real” fantasy sports (there is a, I think it’s porn)? Why not.

I did my research. I set up my spreadsheets. I showed up early.

And then it was time to draft.

So here we go, guys (and girls). Batter up.