It’s heeeere! My first assignment for Star Wars has been announced!

I worked with the lovely Zoë Robinson on a new playable species and some various beasties that populate the treeworld of Arbooine.

This is a bigger version of my female Sathari, which was revealed in the book’s announcement article (linked). They’re kinda like if Tusken Raiders were budgie people with horrible beaky faces who live in giant tree-cities and shoot you. And in this game you can play as one! >:>

Ya see, when I was a teen, all I wanted to do in the world was design monsters and aliens for Star Wars and I basically got to do exactly that! :’D

I’ll be posting my other pieces once it’s released. Pre-order it at your local nerd store today, and enjoy your adventures on Planet Murderface <3


Another time lapse video :)