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Just found your blog and I'm astounded by this Cosmere? thing you've got going. What is it? What's going on? Have I stepped into a new fandom or some seriously kickass original work?! And all because I tripped over your Aaveros pic!! LIFE IS TURMOIL!!

Hey, thanks so much for the interest =)

So, COSMERE is an expanding fictional universe where BRANDON SANDERSON’s adult epic fantasy works take place. (It’s marked by an ongoing timeline, even with a space opera set in future in plan.)

The universe consists of three realms (physical, cognitive and spiritual). There was a godlike being or force, somehow shattered into sixteen pieces, which were seized respectively by sixteen individuals, making them gods. They came to different planets and magic is derived from their power. So our story begins!

Cosmere is a bit like a fictional MCU with conflicts in cosmic level and characters/groups traveling between planets. Books are connected by a grand background lore but can be read standalone. “It’s more of a, ‘What if you could watch the world of something like Star Trek develop, by seeing individual engaging stories from various planets, then slowly watching them merge into a larger universe.’”

Already-published stories include:

Long form

  • The Stormlight Archive (Ongoing, 10 books in plan) - Author’s opus magnum (My personal fav)
  • Mistborn (Ongoing, several trilogies in plan) - Beginner’s choice (First trilogy)
  • Elantris (Standalone for now) - Author’s debut
  • Warbreaker (Standalone for now) - Beginner’s choice
  • White Sand (Graphic novel of 3 volumes)

Short form

  • The Emperor’s Soul (Hugo Award winner) - Beginner’s choice (My personal fav)
  • Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
  • Sixth of the Dusk

Here is a handy intro of all the works mentioned above by @gawain-in-green .

Check following points:

For readers and theorists

  • No long waiting between books √
  • Neat prose making you stay up all night to read √
  • Beautiful maps, tablets and art to accompany your read √
  • Innovative, detailed and believable world-building √
  • Self-consistent, explainable magic systems, well integrated into plot and character development √
  • Various species away from fantasy cliches √
  • Strong foreshadowing and plot twists giving you tons of WTF moments (which is called Sanderson-Avalanche) √
  • Deep insight into science & magic, religion, philosophy and culture √
  • Highly relatable characters √
  • Excellent representations of women characters and POC characters √

For fandom folks

  • Efficient official team and their support of non-commercial fan contents √
  • Nice fandom atmosphere without shits happening √
  • Friendly to science/language/art people, game players and anime lovers √
  • Characters are so very gay √
  • The book of endless memes √

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It’s one of the most ambitious fantasy series ever, presented by the genre’s most Awesome author who writes faster than you read and always has a way to surprise and impress you! I whole-heartedly recommend anyone who is interested in speculative works to try these books!

Harmony bless you all.

(Warning: Books are long but you’ll hope they get longer.)